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  1. James Ryan is an Irishman that has lived through a lot. At the age of 27, James has seen it all. As a young child, his father died of lung cancer due to being a heavy alcoholic. His mother, for a year after struggled with James and his 2 brothers until she couldn’t anymore and was forced to orphan them. James, against this decision and not understanding the circumstances fled, as he had done so much up to this point from stealing to survive and praying not to be caught. Eventually James, after a lot of struggle managed to get a job as a construction worker. Days would be spent working tirelessly on buildings, taking occasional breaks talking with his co-workers. The worker, too repetitive and strenuous, James decided to move somewhere else, somewhere peaceful to have a family and survive. Through some research James found Chernarus. On a whim and a prayer, James decided to move to a small town by the name of Novy Sobor, or as the citizens called it "Новый Собор" Arriving in 2015, learning about the local history and taking time to learn Russian James settled in nicely. That is until the outbreak. It came as a surprise, what started off as rumours in the early morning of trouble in Severograd quickly escalated to fear and chaos over what was happening. James, now desperately seeking to restore peace to his home is convinced there has to be a way to stop the outbreak, one way or another.
  2. First time being a victim of HostileRP, good fun and interesting experience. GreatRP from @2Eazy and @C-J
  3. Yeah, I saw the notification and read the post. Its fine though, I've got a month in the meantime
  4. Thank you Cant wait to get involved more.
  5. Thanks! Read through them already <3
  6. Yep, born in Tipperary and lived here my whole life.
  7. Hello DayZRP community, I have recenetly applied my whitelist and I am excited to hopefully have the chance to play on this server with this community. Planning on spending a nice bit of time on theese forums so I figured id introduce myself now. Im Irish, Im 23 and really enjoy RP. My character will be called Yakov Volkov, who has had a long life and then got thrown into the middle of the outbreak. Hoping to be playing with all of you soon.