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  1. Jason was formerly a simple retail worker in Birmingham, England. He had worked in multiple retail stores but was often fired for stealing, mistreatment of staff and general dodgy actions. He was part of a very rough crowd as a child and had been involved in many street fights and robberies. His parents were very distant and didn’t take sufficient care of him; this led to him being a very independent person. His grades at school never reflected this personality though, he was always relatively intelligent and was classed as the brains of his group. In the summer of 2006 Jason met a new group of friends that were a better influence on him, he began to brighten up and his “young offender” character began to deteriorate. During the year 2007 Jason began to work on rounding himself as a better person all together, he cleared his CV and started fresh with average qualifications from his school and began searching for jobs. The first job Jason managed to get was in administration in an office block. He made some new friends with his humorous attitude and his new personality began to fall into place. After working for 2 years in this job he was promoted into a management role and worked above many people in the business. He stayed in management until late 2009 when he finally left the job in search of something bigger. An age-old aspiration of Jason was medicine, he was always interested in medicine, surgery and general health and doctoring; because of this he used the money he had saved from his previous job to start a degree in medicinal science at the University of Warwick while he lived in Leamington Spa. After finally receiving his award in July 2014, he went in search of a leading medicinal role using his management experience in previous life. After weeks of searching, applying and countless interviews Jason was accepted into the World Health Organization. He was stationed in biological diseases and infections. Jason worked on a few low-importance projects but was soon noticed as being very good at what he did. In October 2014 news began to leak of the outbreak in Chernarus, Jason was greatly interested in researching the outbreak and insisted on being allowed to travel to the the militarised zones. He and many other Medical Research Specialists were stationed in the northern towns of Chernarus and began conducting experiments on the infected. Jason never made any break-throughs with his research and the operation was postponed. After the infection overwhelmed the northern cities, Jason fled into the wilderness and used his skills he had learned to keep himself alive.
  2. Victor Nikolaiev was born into a rough, abusive family in the apartment buildings of Novaya Petrovka in 1991. He was beaten, shouted at and generally neglected in his late childhood and early teenage years. He grew up with a rough crowd; selling drugs, getting into fights and vandalising local buildings. At the age of 17 Victor used the money he had earned through dealing drugs to buy his own small house in the nearby town of Topolniki. While living there he continued his sales of low level narcotics but eventually moved onto harder, more expensive drugs. At this point he began to develop an alias that began to seep out into the area; he was known as Dot, this came to be because his sales were always measured, carried out and paid for immaculately, or “on the dot” as some might say. He became one of the most reliable dealers in north-west Chernarus and never failed to satisfy his customers. As Victors name spread wide across South Zagoria he realised he needed to start hiring some pawns to help him with his work. He hired six trusted friends to help distribute his products. As his empire began to grow, more and more people were hired, middle-men were introduced and Victor even had people to do his talking for him. He became the boss. One week, one of Victor’s middle-men approached him with a note, it read: “I wish to meet you – Roof of Petrovka secondary school – Friday at 10pm” the middle-man explained that the man who delivered this note seemed non-threatening but was very eager to meet Victor. Victor decided he would meet the man, but bring his three best fighting men with him. On the Friday of that week Victor approached the school and saw a lone man standing firm on the top of the school. He was wearing a black suit and was smoking a cigarette. Two of Victor’s men made their way up the service ladder while Victor, followed by the third man made their way up behind them. Upon reaching the roof, Victor was greeted by the mysterious man then offered one of the cigarettes he had (They certainly seemed of an expensive taste). The man explained that his name was Milan, and he had been watching Victor for some time. He had taken a shine to the way his business worked and how successful it had been. They talked for some time, while the three guards kept a close watch. Milan eventually came out with his offer, a partnership with the Bilek family. Victor had heard only rumours of the family and was unsure to begin with. He demanded a meet with some more members of the group. The meeting was arranged; however, Victor was inclined to bring only himself and his clothes. The following night, Victor made his way back to the same spot, and after some talk with the other members and an agreement. Victor agreed to spawn a partnership between his empire, and the Bilek family, on the condition that the family were entitled to 15% of his earnings. Victor and The Bilek family were partnered all the way until just before the outbreak. During the evacuation and widespread panic Victor and his men stood firm, not expecting the following turmoil. During the panic Victor was contacted by the Bilek Family, they were informing him about the missing daughter and asking for his help in the search. Victor agreed to set off with himself and his men to Novomitrovsk to rendezvous with the Bilek search party. On the way to the city some of Victors men got lost after splitting up in search of supplies, another two coincidentally met up with some old friends and family and respectfully broke off from the group. This left only Victor and two of his men left.
  3. Murphy Atkinson was born in Riverside, California on the 21st of July 1988. He was raised by his mother, Betty, and father, Bruce, in a stable household in Riverside. Murphy was an intelligent child, always achieving high grades in his English, Maths and History. He never had problems with social interaction, nor any problems with distractions. In 2002 His mother fell pregnant and Murphy found out after some time that he would have a baby brother. However, a tragic turn of events threatened this idea. In 2003 Murphy's mother passed away due to a heart attack. The heart attack was a complete surprise and Murphy and his father had no idea it was coming. The baby was luckily saved as his mother passed as the baby was coming to its final stages of growth. The baby barely survived and lived with mental and physical deformities due to his traumatic birth. This baby was named Gary. After some time Murphy still could not get over the abrupt loss of his Mother and his mental stability began to deteriorate. He began to hear voices in his head and often drew odd symbols on himself and his bedroom walls. Murphy kept to himself and had little interest in his family. The voices in his head began to take over and he started committing crimes regularly after being instructed by the voices. He would steal things from shops, attack people at school that he disliked, and vandalised local landmarks with the strange symbols he had come up with. Murphy's father had no clue how to deal with the problem and referred his son to try and get mental help. Murphy immediately opposed this idea and had a large argument with his father. The argument led to Bruce kicking Murphy out of the house as he had had enough of his son’s state. Murphy was forced to live in squats for some time, he would sleep in forests, on the streets or on roofs. During this time of being completely alone the voices got worse, he would hear multiple different people in his head, all telling him different things. During the summer of 2004 Murphy was asleep on the street in the town when a man approached him and offered him some food. Murphy's terrible mental state led him to shout at this man, he continued to scream at him and threatened him violently. Murphy ended up attacking the man, he left him with scratches on his face and multiple bruises from punches and kicks Murphy had given him. When a passer-by called the police. Murphy was taken in, interviewed and after some time, he was declared insane. Murphy was sentenced to 8 years in a rehabilitation prison in Arizona, with a possibilty of early parole if his condition improved. During his time in prison Murphy spent his cell time writing and drawing. The prison guards never questioned what he was writing about as it kept him occupied. He would sit and write for hours on end, talking to himself and editing this huge book he was producing. Murphy worked tirelessly writing his book, sometimes sneaking it into his rehab sessions just to work on it further. The guards discussed removing it from his possesion as it was starting to detach him from his sessions however they figured it would be counter-productive to his rehabilitation. The guards allowed him to continue. In December 2011, 6 months before Murphy was free from the prison, he finished writing. There were well over 100 pages of A4 paper completely packed with writing, drawings and symbols. On one page was just two words, Quod Semita. When the guards saw this, they found out that it was Latin for 'The Path'. They searched for any kind of book or web page related to this, but to no avail. Murphy had made this entire thing up. While Murphy slept one night the guards agreed to look at the book to try and conclude what it meant. They found it to be some kind of belief that Murphy had, the entire book was full of references to supposed 'Supreme Beings' and 'Spirits' that Murphy had spoken to. The guards could make no sense of the symbols they had found nor the strange drawings that were on every other page. In May 2012. It was decided that Murphy required some specialist help with his condition. The book he had written had frightened the guards and they decided that the rehabilitation had not worked and that he required a higher level of mental help. After speaking with the head of the Rehab wing, they were referred to a Russian doctor that specialised in Murphy's style of mental state, Dr. Victor Nikolaev. He was referred to this doctor and after much talk with the state police department. It was made compulsory for him to visit this doctor and he was given a free flight to Russia to see this doctor twice a week. Murphy made no attempt to defy this option as long as he was allowed to keep his book. The police were fine with this and he was allowed to keep it with him. After arriving in southern Russia Murphy was given his meeting schedule with the doctor. He stayed in a cheap hostel close to the clinic and when he wasn't in his sessions, he stayed at home. After his first session with Victor, Murphy had showed no signs of interest. His condition had certainly improved since Rehab, the voices had gone. However, he became obsessed with his book. He constantly mentioned 'Quod Semita' in his sessions and repeatedly attempted to interest Victor in reading the book. During Murphy's sixth session, Victor finally agreed to read the book. Murphy gave him the copy and allowed him to keep it until he had finished. Murphy asked Victor during the next session whether he had finished reading the book yet. Victor had read the book but wanted to do some further research into where the whole idea had come from. He told Murphy that he was still reading it and will return it in either their next session, or the one after that. After two weeks Murphy began to realise that Victor wanted more with his book than just to read it, he confronted Victor during their tenth session and Victor admitted that he had been doing further research into the book. Murphy was outraged and lost all trust with the doctor. He demanded that the book was returned to him at their next session or else he assured there would be consequences. Victor returned the book to Murphy during their eleventh session and Murphy apologised for threatening him. When Murphy arrived home that evening he decided to read through his book and check to see if Victor had caused any damage to his book, after looking through the pages he noticed something was different. The pages seemed less worn and discoloured from so much time in his cell back in Arizona. After looking through the book further he found it to be a copy. Victor had taken a copy of his book and kept the original. During their next session Murphy confronted Victor and when he admitted to it Murphy lost his shit and attacked him. He strangled the doctor and left him in his clinic, dead. When the body was found Murphy was found to be the prime suspect as Doctor Nikolaev had no other active patients at the time. This was the last straw for Murphy and he was arrested by Russian Police and was sentenced to life in prison at the maximum security prison off the coast of Chernarus. Murphy was kept as one of the prisons most mentally unstable convicts and was watched very carefully. When the outbreak came, he changed drastically. He kept the book very close to him but his condition began to improve after realising he needed to make friends to stay alive.
  4. I unfortunately cannot comment as I was preoccupied with my RP and wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings. All I am aware of and witnessed myself, was hearing shouting then a gunshot then seeing Jack dead. I asked about his kill rights which I understand may have not been my right to ask but I was confused and gave no further comment. I would also like to apologise to the admins and the PAU for using OOC in voice chat. I had some major issues with my keyboard and only a few of my keys were functioning (Not sure if this was a DayZ Compatability issue or an issue with my peripherals. After excessive fiddling with the cables and trying different ports I managed to have it working again. I only resorted to using voice chat because that was one of the few keys that was working and I did not want the captors to think I was ignoring them. After the issue was sorted I apologised and we continued with the roleplay.
  5. *Pushes PTT* I wasn't sure if you agreed with the time and location of this meeting. I am currently outside. *Releases PTT*
  6. *Pushes PTT* Hello I am the man in charge of diplomatic discussions for the League of Gentlemen, appointed by Jack himself. Unfortunately Jack will not be able to attend this meeting due to being away to see a contact in the mountains; because of this I have been appointed leadership in this meeting on our behalf. I wish to hold the meeting in the single story pub in Lopatino as I see it as a neutral place where we can just sit and talk like men. I am not yet familiar with the time-zones in Chernarus so I will base timing off of GMT. I feel that the best time to hold the meeting will be towards the evening, maybe around 9:00pm? If this doesn't suit you and your group I'm sure we can arrange another time. I hope that we can come to a reasonable conclusion to this problem. I would like to state again that we are not a hostile group and do not want things to turn sour during this meeting. I hope all of this can go well. *Releases PTT*