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"noone expects the bread acquisition"

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  1. N-ToxRP

    BeanZ WAR

    47 dont make me summon the god, the myth the legend @Bensto10
  2. N-ToxRP

    Emotes Are Back

    Good detective work Onion baby
  3. N-ToxRP

    Louie the slave master

    that was one of the funniest things ive ever witnessed in my entire time playing on this server
  4. N-ToxRP

    Err... Apparently the citywide Public Address System works now...

    I was RPing out playing "Every Record Label Sucks Dick" through an MP3 player into the PA System a week or three ago
  5. N-ToxRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Ditto that, Im guessing itll happen at least another couple times
  6. N-ToxRP

    BeanZ WAR

  7. N-ToxRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    My character genuinly likes you. Sorry for gunning you down in that firefight
  8. N-ToxRP

    Reading Reports

    Yeah I read em all the time. its my main past time
  9. N-ToxRP


    Eddie presses down the PTT with a strained voice. "Sounds like the kid might not know where he is." "I doubt he speaks the language." "Kid do you have any landmarks? A big city? Small town?" Eddie releases the PTT.
  10. N-ToxRP

    RP Ouija Board

    Goodbye ”I like to eat corn bread mix!” me too boys, me too
  11. N-ToxRP

    RP Ouija Board

  12. N-ToxRP

    Open message to all.

    Eddie unclips his radio from his belt and replies to the chatter with his New York accent. ”I’m sure there’s lots of people who need that kind of work, especially those little settlements and camps.” Eddie sighs and leans back against the wall. ”I would ask around Kabanino, or whatever town becomes the next bustling trade center.” Eddie releases the PTT.
  13. N-ToxRP

    Bullet stun lock

    I truly hope you’re talking about the joke daddy Roland. It’s such an awful mechanism both realistically and from a basic gameplay stand point. It gives whoever has the better ping a better chance to survive. It’s annoying, rage inducing, and makes firefights feel like Dark Souls PVP.
  14. N-ToxRP

    Bullet stun lock

    +1 for days I hate this mechanic more than country singers who rap.
  15. N-ToxRP

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    had a nice little interaction with @Cipher I think. I enjoyed the chat :3