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  1. Awesome to hear, I love the way you play Lucius, something about it just feels right "Nobody likes a traitor"
  2. Loved your roleplay!

    1. N-Tox


      Same my dude

    2. Eagle



  3. My pfp is literally just me creating internal conflicts with people's groups

  4. Great RP with @jangoskull, @TateRinefield and whoever else was there didn't catch everyone's name.
  5. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    *Calvin presses down the PTT* I'll say this, the main point of this transmission was not to emphasize the creation of a weapon, more to rally people to work together in one strong force. While the use of such a weapon would indeed take a long time. It's not the main priority, it's to create a safe place to plan ahead from. So I ask one, more, time. Anyone interested in working to clear this world of this plague, find me. I want to make a community where everyone has something to do, everyone is equal, and everyone is supplied. *He leans back and releases the PTT*
  6. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    *Calvin hastily presses down the PTT* Would list off those levels please? If you're such the critic. *He releases the PTT*
  7. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    *Calvin presses down the PTT* As it sits I have no enemies, I think that we should mount against any force that should arise. I don't need fighters, I don't need anyone. I want to form something where everyone has a position, everyone means something. Everyone works together to keep everyone safe. And that requires some sort of advances weaponry to protect ourselves. And I have let go, I let go weeks ago. My hope that she was around died when my belief in the government died. *He releases the PTT* *Calvin recognizes the riddles and presses down the PTT* Time is precious, and why waste it. What is fragile when given to someone? Well it's something you need to give me. I believe in this. You should too. *He releases the PTT*
  8. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    *Calvin presses down the PTT* I'm pretty sure the government around here is pretty dead, wandering the streets somewhere eating off the flesh of others. I've given up on my previous hope that everything will be fine, that everything will be settled and I can go back to the states to see my mother again, to hug her in my arms and tell her I love her. That's not happening, at least not any time soon, so we need to take things into our own hands. *He releases the PTT and sighs, regaining his composure*
  9. If Theres A Will Theres A Way (Open Freq.)

    *Calvin leans against the tree and looks down into the city again* We have to get rid of any 'opposing forces' that might interfere with the operations. Plus, one hell of a bargaining chip it would be to have that kind of power. Anything that's stupid enough to fuck with you, would get put down pretty quickly. Either way, weaponized or not, there's gotta be some use we can put these things to before we eradicate em. *He releases the PTT and scratches his face*
  10. *Calvin stretches, looking over the city of Severograd spread out in front of him, he pulls a radio from his belt, flips the antenna up and presses down the PTT* Hey there fine people of the country, this world seems to be coming to some sort of end, or at least we're nearing it. But if we can pull ourselves together, we can get through this! There's bound to be a way to fix all this, whether it be obtaining some sort of cure or stomping these fucking things into the ground... We. Can. Do this. Which is why, I need some help, I'm looking to wrangle a couple of these things and maybe use them for something, better... I believe we can weaponize these rotting corpses, I mean hell, if we can, then we've got one hell of an arsenal on our side. Which could be used for any number of things. Think about it. Why be an insignificant pile of garbage who's only helping themselves, when you could become the hero of this land, whether it be by killing the enemies or by making peace. If this works out you do not wanna be left in the dust and out of the New Society. I think we can make some kind of bullet, with the infection safely inside, waiting for your enemies. Those sorry sacks won't see it coming till they're already turning grey. In short, this could be the turning point in the way we do things, we can be the pioneers of the new world. Don't sit back and watch, help, create, and save. If anyone hearing this would like to take this to the next level, either contact me on this frequency or find me in severograd, I hang around there a lot. The name's Calvin. You'll learn to know it well. *He releases the PTT and slides the antenna back down and clips it back to his belt. He grins into the sunlight and speaks to himself* This... is gonna be good.
  11. Ken Is Not Dead (Open Frequency)

    *Calvin listens for a moment before stretching and pressing down the PTT* Christ's giant dick, haven't heard of someone surviving a shot to the head since some asshole down in Jersey. Good to hear your still in the land of the living, or at least on the side of the living. *He releases the PTT*
  12. *Calvin presses down the PTT* I believe the quote was "die with the rest" if you don't pay the tax. Hell take it from me pal, killing people if they don't want to join you is not the way to go. If anything, offer them something to begin with, once they're in, that's when you put the boot down hard. *He releases the PTT and sits back in his chair, flicking a bug off of his leather jacket*
  13. lol. This is gonna be good shit Im gonna put this in green text format cause meme >be playing my second character of the new lore >quickly became my main because he was fun >would hang around the UN camp in Kabanino >was really fun and charismatic character >met @Lyca in game and was friends >spied on the vdv together >got a nice mug of soup from some guy >was setting up some dank rp >one day I go to stary sobor with some random people and what I think was five aces >run into some guys and (who i think was five aces tells us he doesnt wannt talk to these guys) >some other guy that was there and I decided to leave as well, seeing as the guys had pretty big guns >we started running away and the guys chased us >somehow got to vybor or some shit, they catch of with us and initiate on me >I comply but my friend runs off and gets merced >five aces is gone >runlikethewindbulleye.jpg >They beat me up and take my cigarettes because we didnt want to talk to them >They are about to let me go and they give me an apple >idontwantanapple >I throw the apple into a field >they tell me to pick it up >I dont >they say if I dont pick it up theyll shoot me >I said no >they spray me down and I decide to perma the character >tfw italian mobster gets killed over an apple
  14. Time.(Open Transmission)

    *Calvin grins to himself, feeling a new source of motivation surging through him due to the soon to be ally. He presses down the PTT with two fingers* I have something I need help with. Not a use for you, but maybe something you'll take a sort of pleasure in. Although I don't know the types of things you get into. Either way we need to meet. I'll have one of two things for you soon. A secure frequency, or a place to meet. I'll be in contact, talk to you later. *He pauses for a second* Fire. *He releases the PTT and gazes out the window*