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  1. The Carlone's

    The Carlone's retreat to home base to plan.
  2. Justice [Open. Freq.]

    *Michael listens in before pressing the PTT* We did not intend for that to become a firefight or even a large disturbance. Only a message. Do not steal from the people of Kovar's Market, The Bar, or any other great place left standing. To clarify this man did not just steal from Kovar's, we had caught him stealing, roughed him up a bit and let him go. He followed us to our home and attempted to steal more. We'll be watching. *Michael releases the PTT*
  3. Justice [Open. Freq.]

    *Michael presses his M1911 again a man who is tied and gagged in the head and presses the PTT* To anyone and everyone present at tonight's execution in Cherno, let this be a message. Do not fuck with the Carlone Family, those men who opened fire on us got what they deserved for interfering with justice. Fredrick Goldenburg is dead, anyone who tries to follow in his footsteps will be dealt with accordingly. Remember the name. Michael Marcano, and the Carlones. *He fires the M1911, killing the man before the PTT is released*
  4. Fredrick Goldenburg

    Fredrick worked as a reporter for the most part, did some muscle work for a shipping company in Texas but decided he didn't like that type of work. He would always strive for for something with more purpose, something that would help the public. So he became a reporter for the Valence Gazette. He had a successful run as a reporter, being one of the first on scene at the 9/11 tragedy, and working with detectives on the serial kidnapping's happening all around South Carolina, although never turning up with anything, it was a feat not the less. One day in 2017, he received a call from his informant about strange happenings in Chernarus and wondering if he wanted to investigate, obviously he accepted the offer. His contact met him in Sochi, Russia. The informant smuggled Fredrick into Chernarus, once inside he realized what a tragedy had happened. Now he roams the lands, looking for information and friendship
  5. everyone needs a password to join
  6. The execution

  7. The farm [open frequency]

    *Michael presses the PTT* That's good to hear, we appreciate when people do business. We'll be seeing you. *He releases the PTT*
  8. The farm [open frequency]

    *Michael takes his radio off of his belt and presses the PTT, speaking in his New York accent* Hey there pal, me and my boys might stop around there soon, expect us. We'll be wearin suits, at least the people that matter will. Keep your ear to the ground. *He releases the PTT and lights a cigarette, dropping his radio onto the floor of the tent*
  9. The Carlone Family (recruiting)

    Its taken a bit on the footage, ive been having issues with my computer.
  10. The Carlone Family (recruiting)

    I'll keep this in mind, and work on it a bit in the spare time I have since I am banned until I provide footage
  11. The Carlone Family (recruiting)

    I would would like a nice example on what kind of depth and ic objectives you think would be good
  12. The Carlone Family (recruiting)

    well ok then, I will do my best to fix this. Thank you for telling me.
  13. Frank... [Open Freq.]

    *Frank hears Michael's voice and runs to his radio, almost collapsing the tent as he ran* *He grabs it and presses down the PTT* Michael! Good to hear from you pal! I can not confirm or deny those accusations but I will say this, theres no proof of anything so why believe it? *Frank chuckles* One of these days we'll meet in person and I'll explain all of this to you, but for now, I'll contact you when I need you. And remember, Frank Dominic is never who he seems, whether it be good or a man who haunts your dreams. *Another laugh is heard from him before the PTT is released*
  14. Frank... [Open Freq.]

    *Michael stands outside Kovars Market and pulls his radio from his jacket and presses the PTT* Frank, I don't know what the fuck you did but NATO is after you. They said something about kidnapping or something... *He sighs and looks to the water* They want you to meet them. If you did what they said you did, you're one sick son of a bitch and I hope they skin you alive. If not, be careful out there friend. *He releases the PTT and puts the radio back into his coat*