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  1. BanksRP 2

    Hello From Canada

    Howdy doody! I live in the Great Value version of Canada! Minnesota! welcome to the community
  2. BanksRP 2

    Bringing the MainTeamspeak Server Back

    biased poll options, thought there was already a thread about this? I want it back but because of those bias options... ehhh
  3. BanksRP 2

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  4. BanksRP 2

    Go back to old Premium Rank Names.

    yeah sure im down man, I like the other names better, it feels like Im on a fuckin minecraft server with this shit
  5. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    While I still strongly disagree with your stance, I understand it much better thank you. The server has always been PVP ridden. Thats just what happened and continues happening. I don't think you fully understand the history and current state of the server.
  6. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    Ill just clarify that I'm not against traders keeping stocks of gear because that makes sense. But there are people who hoard unfathomable amounts of gear in the middle of the woods and never use it. This is the shit I take issue with, even tho I used to do the same thing in 62
  7. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    ?? what again again ?? With persistence wipes it really isnt hard to gear up. Persistence wipes will also not wipe your inventory. It will change nothing except improving server performance and helping the gear economy. Yeah maybe you have to remake your base every month but a month or two is a long time. youd be surprised
  8. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    Oh nah man I'll go PVP anyway. But Ill just rob people for rifles and make people salty for robbing them constantly, because thats what happens. And it doesnt even need to be every month, maybe every two. Persistence wipes will also help server performance.
  9. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    Something that might combat this is the ability for settlements to be kept in tact by staff, by replacing walls after each wipe. You might be right about fueling PVP, but PVP will happen anyway, I will rob you for your weapons if I cant find them normally. Some of this is a fair point. But if I cant find rifles because you have them hoarded in your backpack, as mentioned, I will rob you. Every time I see you, I will rob you because I know your character hoards shit. The game needs to be fun for people to play on the server. That is an undeniable fact. We might be here to roleplay but there needs to be something fun about the game, and when theres no gear to fuel that because its all locked up in your base, it will cause Hostile Roleplay to dwindle and the server will stagnate. (obviously worst case scenario) Also, how is it against what the server represents? Keeping the game playable? Fueling hostile roleplay? What are you on about man? Again, what? There will be more loot if there is persistence wipes that happen? I will also point to what I mentioned above, getting staff to fuel settlements with base building.
  10. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    facts, I literally have not seen an assault rifle that I found spawned in weeks
  11. BanksRP 2

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    I havnt been on in a couple days so Im not sure how the loot economy is doing, and its actually funny cause I advocated for not doing this exact thing a while ago... but I think we should reinstate timed persistence wipes. Last I was online, loot economy has been and is fucked to hell. I've seen people horde insane amounts of shit that theyll never use and it kinda just forces me to rob people for shit even if I didnt want to.
  12. BanksRP 2

    Courier bag improvement

    nah homie, we have enough rainbow shit in this game already
  13. BanksRP 2

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    honestly as much as I love teamspeak, its more for the staff to moderate. now if only N-ToxRP was staff but I mean, if we can manage it, sure
  14. BanksRP 2

    I'd like to nominate myself for character of the year :D

    me too man me too
  15. BanksRP 2

    N-Tox's shitty GIF avatars (REQUESTS OPEN)

    no problem my guy