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  1. BanksRP 2


    If you can get logs for them sure.
  2. BanksRP 2


    howdy doody gamer
  3. BanksRP 2

    Community Tribalism, from the perspective of a Campfire Text RPer

    Honestly I couldnt be fucked to read the whole thing sorry Mace. But, the vibe I got was that you believe campfire RPers are mocked as a whole. Which is true. But theres a lot of spite and jokes that come from the other side as well. All is fine in my eyes, its just some people get salty and take it too far.
  4. BanksRP 2

    Force PK's in public executions.

    quite close minded. especially for something that makes so much sense in RP. But you do you I suppose. If handled on a case by case basis and for public executions, yeah +1 all the way tbh
  5. BanksRP 2

    Stay Classy DayZRP [Don't Tell My Wife!]

    sending pm as we speak
  6. BanksRP 2

    Stay Classy DayZRP [Don't Tell My Wife!]

    based on search history rip funny regardless
  7. BanksRP 2

    Addiction Mechanic

    its better left up to just be roleplayed. Its just adding more useless tweaks that might cause problems. Its better to not until the game is fully stable
  8. BanksRP 2

    Addiction Mechanic

    If it was done just to get rid of it yeah thats nvfl, but I kill myself all the time to change characters. People kill themselves because they got a bad spawn. Kuru is a game mechanic, not implemented by us. Its different.
  9. BanksRP 2

    Addiction Mechanic

    I dont appreciate the low key flame. People will just kill themselves to get rid of it. Just like people did and do with sickness.
  10. BanksRP 2

    Addiction Mechanic

    i like mods but this are pointless, you can just RP this out. we dont need a mechanic for it
  11. BanksRP 2


    aiming at wall xd nice aimbot jk lol
  12. BanksRP 2

    Hello From Canada

    Howdy doody! I live in the Great Value version of Canada! Minnesota! welcome to the community
  13. BanksRP 2

    Bringing the Main Teamspeak Server Back

    biased poll options, thought there was already a thread about this? I want it back but because of those bias options... ehhh
  14. BanksRP 2

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  15. BanksRP 2

    Go back to old Premium Rank Names.

    yeah sure im down man, I like the other names better, it feels like Im on a fuckin minecraft server with this shit