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  1. Tyler Wong is a young and upcoming entrepreneur that created a business around candied bacon which is maple syrup and brown sugar glazed onto a piece of bacon. Tyler sold his product all around Chernarus and was even planning on expanding his business. But soon his dreams were gone as a Infection took hold of the area. Tyler based out of Dubrovka was at his production plant when he found out about the infection. Tyler with what he could grab tried escaping Chernarus as he knew that the military wouldn't let him leave in a matter of time. But when the time arrived to leave he knew it was too late it would've been suicide to try to escape. Tyler knew he would not be able to get out of chernarus so with the resources he had he tried helping the refugees of chenarus by giving what he had of his product (Candied Bacon) to ease their hunger through the hard times to come. Sadly Tyler knew that this Infection would not stop so he hunkered down and awaited the hard times to come.