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  1. Michael Hawkeye was an outdoor enthusiast and loved traveling all over documenting as much as he could. He planned to take a month long trip to Chernarus to make a complete documentation of as much as he could find in the Cherno landscape. Being a ex-paratrooper Michael had learned a lot of common sense skills in case of war and was a very well trained shooter. Having never seen real combat he was in for a real test once the outbreak occurred during his trip. As tensions were rising between Chernarus and Russia, Michael became worried and wondered if going home was a good option for him. After a call home and some contemplating he decided that he would stay for the rest of his trip, this was only a week in. Little did he know that the phone call he last made would be the last phone call he would ever make. A week later he lost all of his personal items and was left off with only his clothes.