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  1. yeah but its really annoys me and i want to do punch the wall on my left. You and i have crossed our paths like this and same click sound First time we met, we are in the cruch and you have red pea coat with shotgun, same tsk tsk tsk tsk noice
  2. Thank you guys for the chaotic things you have done to me . But the when the red capped guy with click sound, noise makes me irritate, thats all
  3. @Zilly Yes, I would like to be closed. Thank you.
  4. Server and location: S1 Devils castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-30, 20:37 Your in game name: Khan Blackwall Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: no idea Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/ screenshot) : n/a Detailed description of the events: I was at the entrance of Devil's Castle. Two individuals with me and I have no affiliations with them. Once I started to move, one guy with full ghille suit came out of the castle corner and started to shoot me, I jumped, landed on a rock and he still shot me to death.
  5. -Khan presses the PTT "Hello There. ..*static*.. Fisher. My name is Khan..*static*..Wall. Im not ..*static*.. doctor myself but want to learn some medical teachings..I don't know when i get there but..*static*..stay alive.. " -Releases the PTT
  6. *Khan presses the PTT* .- .-. . / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-.. --- -. . / - .- -. -.-- .- *Khan releases the PTT button*
  7. *Khan was resting in a building in a Severograd and looking his radio and suddenly he found a transmit,listens broadcast.* Hello.This is Khan.I need a little bit rest over there and chat about what going on in this shores of hell.I have a little bit medical supplies on me, I want to give one or two for sake of humanity. Stay safe. Khan. Out.
  8. *Khan was sitting in a cabin in woods,and he was think about the using his radio first time.He was looking at to ceiling,takes his radio and presses the PTT with deep sound.* This is Khan.Anyone out there to who survived,Hello. After many hours,I was searching a single soul to talk,i didn't find any. So this is my last hope to find someone to talk,without any threat. The time is passing by and i couldn't follow. It's like rain drops,you couldn't follow but,you live in it with knowing it. I don't know where i was. I am in a cabin that warms me at night and provides protection from,these things that all aggresive to human,i hope. I hear the voices of the aggresives. I was killed my neighbors back at Kamenka, where all the thing is started. Even in dark times,we cannot relinquish the things that makes us human. Any one who listen to this,stay safe out there. Khan. Out. *Khan released the PTT button and lights a cigarette.*
  9. -Background - Khan Blackwall was born in Istanbul , Turkey. He had a good childhood.He always wanted to be a free spirit.After 13th birthday everything is changed.Life has no meaning to him,just his blackened thoughts to survive the system of old times.His university adventures is makes him more tough to society,makes him more lonely than ever.His former girlfriend makes him happy a little bit time.After she broke up with him,he turned to lone wolf ,searching inner peace. In 2011 he decided to change his home country and never come back.He has his friends when he changed the country.His best friend was a tour guide and he is not with him when Khan collapsed morally at most.But he understand the situation and he accepted his loner life again.He settled Ukraine first.after 4-5 months he needs to go back for his parents to Istanbul.They needed him for theirs health problems.Parents need to move in to Izmir for economical problems,he accepted to go with them.In Izmir he has more morale than Istanbul.He goes to second university for his spare time.He became sculptor...He don't belive in religions.He left his faith back in when he fifteen years old.Only spiritual things makes him exciting. -"Casto ne lapio est sterium manto"- He always think the idea of going back to Ukraine and find some soul mate to settle in.He landed Ukraine in 2015.Luckily he found some female soul mate,and he thinks this girl is going to be his wife after all.One day at the metro,She said to him these words,"lets move to Chernorus , I want to live in Chernogorsk ,small town like this makes our love great." After they moved to Chernogorsk,she left him for no reason, she did not want to tell him.He was got back where he start,again. -"Even in dark times,we cannot relinquish the things that makes us human." After his soul mate gone forever,he thinks that,he promise to himself that " never forget the past,but don't live it either." He began to live solitude life in Kamenka. He has good neighbors and he became happy with good morale.After the May 7th 2017 event , he stay indoors in most of his time.Only get outside for alcohol,smokes and groceries.Few weeks later, he knew that something bad is coming.His journey of survival begins.
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