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  1. Jerry Smith

    Doug grew up in Portland Main, did alright in high school and made it out of college with a degree in psychology. Doug always loved nature and his best memories are those camping with his father. His greatest love, however, is people. He is fascinated in why people will do certain things and under what circumstances they will do certain things, as well as other people's cultures and ideas. When Doug turned 26 he had saved enough money from his job as a physiologist and on his birthday he set out for a trip around the world. He visited many places, mostly throughout Europe, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Naples, etc. but most importantly, the region of Chernarus. He was in Chernarus during the outbreak, and by the time he got back to Novigrad, all the international terminals were shut down. Ever since the outbreak, Doug has been living off the land in a means to survive the harsh environment of Chernarus.