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  1. Growing up in America, Jerry Smith lived with his mother but was close with his father who he met when he was 10. His father was Chernarussian and would often take him on hunting trips in Chernarus. Jerry enlisted in the military when he graduated from high school to receive the benefit of free college education. From his service he learned a lot of lessons, namely how to use an assault rifle and survive in the most treacherous of situations. After his service was over, Jerry made up for his missing of the annual hunting trip with his father by having one big hunting trip to the region of South Zagoria known for their plentiful game. It was during this trip that the outbreak happened, and Jerry's father was one of the first to be affected. After this, Jerry quickly retreated into the forest for more than a year living off of hunting. With the recent complete loss of ammo after using it all, Jerry was forced to return to civilization and quickly realized it was just as treacherous as ever.
  2. Thank you @Ducky @Tander @birduarent @Clarence @Thrash @Ming @Specky @Raven06 @Vulf @Stannis @Xavier @Charles for a great RP experience. Great characters, very nerve racking and exciting. 10/10 RP would be held hostage again.
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