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  1. John Shifty

    --INTRODUCTION-- John was born in a small town named Napa, California. He spent most of his life in Napa, as it was a small town, many of the citizens had known each other, so a lot of people were friends with many other people. John, on the other hand, liked keeping to a small group, he had a very normal life, went to school everyday, went home, and did homework. He tried hanging out with his father as they never really had much time to, because of his job. He was always away from home. His mother, on the other hand, worked from home. She loved John, and loved taking care of him. She worked on the computer while he was away at school, or at friends. Because of his father’s job, they ended up moving to a small country called Chernarus. They had moved to a city called Svetlojarsk, Where John was to finish his last year of high school. It was hard making friends for John, as he didn’t speak Chernarussian, but he did his best, meeting and hanging out with the few people that had spoken English. After a couple of months in school, he had found the small group of friends he wanted, and had even met somebody, who with time, had become his girlfriend. Her name was Anna. John was having a great year, and had an enjoyable time living in Chernarus, though unfortunately, nobody could have ever guessed what awaited his future. --FIRST WEEK-- I remember waking up to my alarm clock, only being half awake, I turned it off, and walked into the kitchen, my mom had made breakfast for me. Jokingly, asked “What’d I do to deserve this?” she smiled, “School day has been canceled, they told me most of the students were home sick, today.” I shrugged it off, as I actually like when they cancel school, I get to stay home, relax, and be lazy. Of course, she reminded me of all the homework I’ll have tomorrow, to make up for today. But all I was wanting to do is live in the moment. After I was done eating, I go to clear my plate. As I walk over to the kitchen sink, I see an ambulance and police car waiting outside of my neighbors house. The garden in their front yard looked as though it hasn’t been watered in a week.“They haven’t left the house in two days.” My mother told me, as she noticed me glance at the house. They’re good neighbors, older couple, they are. Relatively good friends with my mom, as well. So I presumed she called them because she was worried. “Hey, I’m gonna go stop by the market real quick, I’ll be home soon. Love ya, ma.” I said as I walked out the front door “Be home soon!” I hear, as I close the door behind me. She’s always the mother to care, and get worried easily, so I always do I best to make sure she know’s I’m okay. I walk out onto the curb, “It’s quite cold, today.” I think to myself, while glancing at the police officers knocking on the door. I only went to our local market for some flowers, and a small card, as it is Anna’s birthday, today. While searching, I find a card with a small dog on it, she loves dogs, so I decided that’s the one. I pick out some white orchids for her. As well as a pink cap, as I know she loves hats. I walk over to the counter, where an old woman stands behind, I hand her the card, and the flowers. As I go to pull out some cash from my pocket, we hear sirens rushing down the street. “People getting into more trouble, I see.” The old woman says, in rather broken English. “Make sure you’re not getting into that.” She added. “No, no, of course not.” I quickly respond.As I walk out of the market, I realize the sirens headed in the direction of my house. I think back to the police officers standing outside of the neighbors yard. I wave the old woman a goodbye, before walking out. I reached Anna’s house, slowly walking up to the front porch, I knock on the door. I hear walking inside, and before I know it, the door opens. Anna’s father walks out, we haven’t met before, but she speaks fondly of him. “Hey, who are you?” He asks. “I’m John, Your daughter’s boyfriend. I said, with a smile. “I’ve brought something for Anna, if that’s alright. I add. “Oh, yes, of course! Right this way, come.” I follow him in, it’s a nice house. He leads me to the dining room table, “She’s out right now, I hope you don’t mind.” He says, while taking a sip of water from the mug sitting on the table. “No, not at all.” I said, I hand him the items from the market, where he then placed them on the table. “Well, I believe I have to head out, unfortunately.” I said, reaching out my hand. “Yes, of course, you kids are busy, nowadays.” He shakes my hand and smiles. I walk out into the cold breeze, where I look at a military truck passing by. --TWO HOURS LATER-- I wake up, in the middle of a road, a broken down car just feet away. Seems like a car crash? As I get on my feet, quickly checking for any injuries. “I’m okay.” I think to myself. I glance at the car, I notice the drivers side door is open, and nobody’s inside. Broken glass shattered all around the car. “How’d this happen?” I question myself, as I have no recollection of how I got here. I finally notice that nobody’s around, I look back at the car before I head in the direction I believe to be home. “Hey, mom!” I yell, as I open the front door, I walk over to the kitchen, empty. “Mom, are you home?” I start walking over to the hallway leading to her bedroom, as I make my way down the hall, I hear two gunshots just from outside. I quickly duck down, as I’m right by the hallway’s window. I peak my head over to see, a police officer running down the sidewalk, seemingly away from the shots. I hear gunshots in the distance, and more police officers rushing off, there must of been at least three other officers. I quickly go over to my bedroom, open my closet, I grab some clothing, and shove it into my backpack. I take a final look out of my bedroom window, nobody’s out there anymore, but there’s gunfire in the distance. As silently as I could, I move over to the back door that’s connected to the kitchen, I open the door and leave. I start walking towards Anna’s house, it’s only a couple blocks down. Once I reach the house, I notice the door is wide open. I move up the porch slowly, calling out for Anna and her father. No answer. I reach the doorway, everything looks in place, nothing out of the ordinary from a couple hours ago. I walk in towards the table of which I handed her father the gifts. They’re still on the table, I pick up the hat, before calling out again. “Anna, are you here?” No response. I check all the rooms, to no luck they aren’t there. --FOUR DAYS LATER-- John sat there, pistol in hand, he looks over the city. Just a couple days ago the city was thriving. Now it’s empty, full of infected, things that were once human. It’ll be a tough journey.
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  6. Aldo Schmidt

    --WORK IN PROGRESS-- --INTRODUCTION-- Aldo was born in Stuttgart, Germany. His father, Carl Schmidt, was a construction worker, so he was never really home. His mother on the other hand, Greta Schmidt, worked from home, she was a writer. His father had moved them to the United States shortly after Aldo was born for financial reasons. His family had little money, so Aldo oftentimes resorted to stealing. At the age of 15, Aldo was already involved in robbery and thievery, he didn’t have many friends in school, as he mainly kept to himself. Unfortunately, Carl’s job had them move to a small country called Chernarus. Aldo was to finish his last year of highschool there, where he would study to become an Architect. He knew it was going to be a rough move, and making friends was not easy for Aldo. But he never had guessed what journey awaited him. --DAY ONE-- I wake up, eyes trying to get used to the daylight shining through my window, sound of a helicopter overhead. My mother comes knocking on the door. “Aldo, time to get ready.” She says in her cheerful voice. I sit up in bed, looking at my alarm clock. It reads 8:32 A.M. I stand up and move towards my dresser where I quickly pull on some pants and a T-shirt. I go to open my door which is right beside it, I hear her turning on the TV. I walk out, while moving to the kitchen for something to eat, I glance at the screen. “What’s on the news today?” I ask, quite curious. “More about this new disease they’ve discovered.” I shrug it off, as people usually overhype things like this. I grab some bread from the cupboard, and some butter from the fridge. As I’m making some toast, we hear another helicopter fly overhead. “That’s the third one in 15 minutes.” She tells me. “Any reason why?” I ask, as usually our area is really quite when it comes to helicopters and planes. “On the news they said that soldiers were being transported to the northern parts of the country, something for the disease, I believe.”