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  1. I will start my POV at the time of which I reached the house where the hostage situation was taken place. I'll be saying injured although when I say that I mean killed, mainly for RP reasons, as nobody perma killed their characters, though in-game, we died. I was watching over the house, Tony Costello, Tommy Agathon, and Brody (forget the last name) were speaking with Eden Ripley and her associates, I decided to move down and join my friends. I'm a quiet person OOC and IC, so I was just standing there listening to everybody's conversations for about 5 - 10 minutes before Tony initiates, or, becomes hostile, with the other people (Eden and her friends). So that's when everyone puts their hands up and we move them inside, as we're moving them inside, Eden writes (Not exact quote) // that she needs to go AFK for her dad. So I decided to watch her incase she comes back and pulls something. About 15-20 minutes go by before a hostage pulls a weapon and injures (kills) Tony and Brody, before being injured (killed) himself. During that quick shoot out, a hostage is caught in the crossfire and unfortunately gunned down. I quickly check the bodies for something to tie up the lady outside, as I knew we'd need to focus on the hostages inside and make sure they don't pull anything as well. I finally find some cuffs and tie Eden up with them. As I move into the house, Tommy and I discuss what we can do with the remaining hostages, contemplating letting them go or keep them in the house. That's when Eden, (not knowing we died) alone, initiates on us from outside and to my understanding, runs away. (If she did somehow know about the deaths inside the building without using OOC information, then the executions from the next day would have been made invalid. If she did not know about the deaths, then she had bad RP and NVFL for trying to hold the entire house up). That's when we quickly move upstairs, leaving the hostages downstairs by themselves. I then decide to move downstairs again to check on the hostages where I was then shot and injured (killed) by one. --Fast forward a couple in-game days-- We set up a meeting with Eden Ripley in Gorka. We know we're outnumbered, and know to not trust Eden, therefore, believe something will happen, and will not end in our favor. After a while of waiting, Eden finally showed up to our meeting spot. A small bunker like building by lumber mill, we called it the "Safe House" after a while of speaking, the conversation turning hostile, and rude comments by both sides. Eden told us she needed to use a bathroom break, where she then walked outside, and seconds later, hear people from all sides yelling at us to put our hands up. Mary comes into the doorway with her hands up, and I tell Tony to put his hands up, as it'd be the safe thing to do. Sam (as he was making sure nothing would happen from the inside, therefore was apart of the meeting) put his hands up as well. We all move outside where we're forced against a wall and stripped of our back packs after they are cut loose. After minutes of interrogating us and taking our weapons, that's when Eden puts her hands down and joins them. They finally told us to start walking south, and to count to a hundred. NOTE : To my understanding, Sam was killed during the walk, I do not know why. Back to the POV. After about 5 minutes of counting and walking, they stop us in the woods, where they separate Tony and I (about twenty meters or so) I'm not quite sure what they were doing with Tony. I was interrogated about our third friend (at the time he was offline) that was in the failed robber from a few days prior. I told him what I knew IC, and that I didn't know much. They made me tell them a couple of fantasy, made up, stories. About 5 minutes of telling fantasy stories, someone decided to bash my knee in with a bat, before bringing me up to Tony and Eden. Eden immediately went to line me up, having Tony look at me, and finally told me to say my last words. After I spoke, she put an arrow into my chest, and my vision went black. That sums up my POV of the situation, if you need any information, I'll add it in here.
  2. Shifty1441

    S1: Bad RP/Metagaming/Invalid Kill, Gorka - 7/29/2017 / 10:10

    My POV starts when we heard through the radio about Sam being cold / hypothermic. I was in the Church overlooking the house, when we had heard on the radio that he was cold. Tommy and Tony decided to move up towards the house while I flanked around and positioned myself up top the hill facing the front door of the house. I had view of part of the hallway and a small bit of the room on the first floor. I didn't fully know what was going on as I was far away and couldn't hear VOIP, although, I moved towards the house from the hill only about 5-10 minutes before the initiation. During which both parties were speaking to one another. Right as we initiate, everyone puts their hands up, including Eden, who also types that she has to go AFK for a couple of minutes. We moved everyone into the house, that's when Tony and Brody keep watch of the hostages, while Tommy and I waited outside for Eden. We frisk a hostage for duct tape, where they say we don't find any. Tommy checks some barns for something to tie up Eden, I don't believe he found any, so he returned to the house. That's when a hostage pulls a weapon and kills Tony and Brody, but dies as well. Tommy and I quickly move into the room to secure it and make sure the remaining hostages are safe, unfortunately due to crossfire, one of the hostages died. I check the bodies for something to tie them up, I find only one pair of handcuffs, which I use on Eden incase she returns. Immediately after I tie Eden up, I enter the house again. We go to speak with the hostages and think of what to do with them, that's when Eden yells at us to put our hands up, I believe she had begun breaking loose from the cuffs right as I entered the house or she would not have been able to leave them so easily. I have proof showing she was indeed at the computer for most of the time, and although not able to speak, she should have been able to move. But I believe it's strange she returns right when it's in her favor. Back to the POV, Tommy and I move to the second floor of the house when we hear her telling us to drop our weapons and put our hands up (the front door was open and didn't want to risk closing it). So I move down the staircase peeking the front door, when I notice the door to the room is closed, so I quickly move in with my gun raised, I see one hostage sitting still and another moving across the room with a gun on their back. I get shot from inside the room almost instantly and return fire to where it was (the hostage moving around, as his gun was not in their hands on my screen, though on his back) That is my POV, if you need me to explain anything in more detail, I will. Sorry for any confusing parts in it, I haven't had much sleep lately. If you need proof of Eden being at the computer for most or all of the situation, I have it. I do believe she lied in one of the messages, but I could be wrong.
  3. Shifty1441

    S1: Bad RP/Metagaming/Invalid Kill, Gorka - 7/29/2017 / 10:10

    I'll write my POV when I can. It'll be today, of course, but I need to get some rest as I haven't had any for a couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. We were in a fight with a group of people. During the fire fight, we flanked around a hill to get a better shot on two people at Fire station. Once we got to a better position with eyes on the targets, we opened fire. Unfortunately (Discussed in TS) while we flanked, the two enemy players moved locations while two people moved up Fire station and were killed. Of course we realized the mistake when they came into TS, to file the report.