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  1. hair sniffer and underage drug dealer checking in @Brayces
  2. -Heavy WIP- Kilm Burb is a takistani man, who was selling narcotics in Chernarus when the infection spread. He was stranded in Chernarus. He does not really regard the lives of anyone else. If it makes him money or dope, he is happy. However, Kilm does have soft spot in his heart for fellow takistani trappers, these men are fairly rare in the wooded hills of South Zagoria. You will find him in camps, attempting to either sell narcotics or get some out of somebody. This man is definitely a troublemaker, and it would be best to avoid him.
  3. Scream

    Top 5 DayZRP Moments Of The Month

    Why is this post saying I was mentioned @Spartan
  4. Scream


    oh boy. last night was definitely interesting. what happened after i was shot @RogueSolace
  5. Stanislav Volkov was a CDF soldier for around 3 years, mostly stationed at the Vybor Military Base in South Zagoria. His family, a wife, a daughter, and 2 sons. Stanislav was home, with his dearest and children, when he was alerted of a happening in the Black Mountains. He was shipped out to these areas, and was not fed much information as he was a low ranking soldier. Within no time, the storage facility was blown up by the Russian Forces. Volkov was then moved with his original Vybor unit to South Zagoria to maintain a border. This is where he, along with his comrades, would make a stand against the infected hordes in the next weeks.
  6. Scream

    Spartans media thread

    ahahahahahaha. yeah, this is me. I saw you in the distance from the hill on your right, figured your ran down before i could get over there. Funny interaction!
  7. My name is Chance Sutton, and I am a Journalist. Or, at least I was, until this shit hit. My first excursion to Chernarus was in 2009, to report on the civil war and the unrest it brought to both politics and homes. Then, I was shipped out again to Chernarus in the summer of 2017 to report on a new outbreak. Nobody realized how infectious this strain was, but sadly knowing wouldn't have helped much. Myself, alone, was stranded in the town Kamyshovo with nothing but the clothes on my back. This is the story of Chance.
  8. Chance, acid rapper.

    1. ShanePVP


      Soccer, hacky sacker

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      cocky khaki jacket jacker

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      Can't say the next line ;) 

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