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      Not sure exactly. But they let me back lol

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      I am.. SO confused.

  2. Well then.

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      Don't Jake. You're better than them.

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      Please. ANYONE is better than me.

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      Gotta self deprecate myself so nobody else does

      Wait why is he ba- what the fuck

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      Don't know what you're talking about

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      Nothing? Love ya Jake.

  3. Svenne, RIP brother. You will be missed, It's sad to see one of the only good staff left leave the community. Good luck with wherever you end up and don't forget to come see us is ts.
  4. Welcome back brother @DeaconRP 

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      They took my rights to post updates BUT THEY DIDN'T TAKE MY FREEDOM!!


  5. We lost a martyr today RIP my brother 

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      What he do?

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      He posted a status update

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      ISIS Team GIF - ISIS Team America GIFs

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      Did we?

  6. you need to go to the rules page and accept the new rules
  7. looks good. might drop by stary at some point and say hello.
  8. JakeRP

    134.56 MHz

    *Hearing the broadcast, Jacob would grab his radio and press the PTT* Perhaps you might like to not broadcast that you're NATO over an open frequency. People don't take too kindly to that sort of thing. *He'd pause for a moment before continuing* Contact me on a more private frequency and we'll talk. And for the love of god stop saying your name on the radio. *He releases the PTT and puts his radio back in his bag.*
  9. damn, Spikes driving was right up there with dale earnhardt jr that day. I think i might enter him in the next nascar race
  10. *Spike hears the transmission he grabs the radio and presses the PTT* We are willing to negotiate for the release of the hostages *He releases the PTT*
  11. *Spike sits in his families camp, he picks up his radio and presses the PTT* This is a message for those red fucks that have claimed they own Severograd. *He pauses for moment* My family has officially claimed all rights to the land of Chernarus, My da has taken the title of King, First we demand you turn over all your lands immediately, Secondly we demand that you kneel before us and kiss our boots. Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in your death. *He releases the PTT and goes back to drinking* *He quickly grabs the radio again and presses the PTT* Almost forgot, we would like to grant the lady known as Quinn the title Queen of Chernarus if she chooses to accept. Have a nice day. *He puts the radio down and continues listening to da's fiddle playing*
  12. JakeRP

    Why don't you get in game?

    I mean the server pop would go up if people would stop complaining on the forums and actually play the server.
  13. My POV Myself, @Kitsunicans, @Harrison15B, and @Svenne were all in Severograd Roleplaying, After a while a truck roles into town, someone recognizes the vehicle and says they believe it's the black roses, they start chasing after, i decide to follow kitsunicans. Shots start going off at infected, I then turned around and started running back towards town. End POV In fairness, I was unaware that any shots had been fired at the truck until i got home from work this morning.
  14. Yeah I removed the jacket cause it was ruined from getting hit, and i was soaked through. ANd after i removed it the i am rapidly cooling off messages stopped, or was blocked by the i am bleeding messages
  15. Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-07-19 Aprox. 2:30AM Your in game name: Jacob Aldridge Names of allies involved: Kyle Shaw( @Reaper) Name of suspect/s: The Seamen, Random others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Enemy offroad hatchback Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Myself and reaper were in the camp, we had heard one of our friends get initiated on. Shortly after we got into camp, 5 or 6 people arrived at the camp. They came up to us and started being hostile and asking what we were doing, we told them we were looking for our friend, We then went into the school and started looking in classrooms, they followed us up and started asking what we were doing. We again explained that our friend was missing, and told them that he was last seen in the school, They asked if we were part of the people that ran the camp which we responded no. They kept acting hostile towards then they initiated. After a bit of us sitting in the hallway, they were asking us questions, Then they sent us off with Joffery and another guy, not sure who he was but i don't think he was part of the seamen. After a bit of running around, they made us walk into a pond up to our chest and then get out, did some other RP and sent us on our way. They left us with no bandages or anything to start a fire with, as soon as we started running we got cold, and then were attacked by infected, I think reaper died first, then i went uncon and died shortly after. We did attempt to talk it out with them over teamspeak and they admitted that they didn't give us anything when we left. I am fairly sure Jamie and Sleepyhead overheard the conversation as well, I just feel like they should have left us with bandages atleast. In the Screenshot below i had removed my jacket hoping that it would stop me from freezing