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  1. Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-07-19 Aprox. 2:30AM Your in game name: Jacob Aldridge Names of allies involved: Kyle Shaw( @Reaper) Name of suspect/s: The Seamen, Random others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Enemy offroad hatchback Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Myself and reaper were in the camp, we had heard one of our friends get initiated on. Shortly after we got into camp, 5 or 6 people arrived at the camp. They came up to us and started being hostile and asking what we were doing, we told them we were looking for our friend, We then went into the school and started looking in classrooms, they followed us up and started asking what we were doing. We again explained that our friend was missing, and told them that he was last seen in the school, They asked if we were part of the people that ran the camp which we responded no. They kept acting hostile towards then they initiated. After a bit of us sitting in the hallway, they were asking us questions, Then they sent us off with Joffery and another guy, not sure who he was but i don't think he was part of the seamen. After a bit of running around, they made us walk into a pond up to our chest and then get out, did some other RP and sent us on our way. They left us with no bandages or anything to start a fire with, as soon as we started running we got cold, and then were attacked by infected, I think reaper died first, then i went uncon and died shortly after. We did attempt to talk it out with them over teamspeak and they admitted that they didn't give us anything when we left. I am fairly sure Jamie and Sleepyhead overheard the conversation as well, I just feel like they should have left us with bandages atleast. In the Screenshot below i had removed my jacket hoping that it would stop me from freezing
  2. Jacob would be sat next to a fire, hearing the broadcast he would grab his radio *He presses the PTT* Mountain Leader I copy, if you're in the area move to grid 069, 039. I'll meet you there in 2 hours, Maintain radio silence until you get there. Over. *He releases the PTT*
  3. Since it went to the blue screen, DayZ is also uninstalled now lol
  4. After reading this, I decided to try an log into the game since I haven't been on for a few days. Soon as I hit play game my pc went to blue screen of death
  5. jacob67121

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    No, pretty sure a couple of the guys went to Vavilovo but then came back to the church.
  6. jacob67121

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    Yes, some of us broke off from the church and secured the hill, but they had already got back in the car and gone.
  7. jacob67121

    S1: KoS in Lopatino-6/19/18 6:25 U.S EAST

    Jacob's POV: We were all standing in Lopatino talking to some guy's one of them were locked in the double red. I was in a house when the car drove by, then i heard a shot and someone said he was dead. I didn't see him get shot or the shooter.
  8. jacob67121

    The Pack (IC Recruitment)

    Looks good, Hope to see you guy's in game some time.
  9. Jacob was born in Missouri to parents, Susan and James. They had moved to the United States to work, Jake grew up in a nice house in a rural town in Missouri. He had good grades and after High School he went to University in England to become a doctor, Because of his parents he was a dual citizen. After university he gave up his American citizenship to become a military doctor, After serving for a few years, he was deployed to Chernarus with the Royal Armoured Corps, Their FOB was destroyed and they were trapped in a school. After the food ran out, they resorted to eating the teachers, when they were finally found, they were the only survivors.
  10. Of course dude. The meme team doesn't die, I'll just have to get @Kitsunicans some better soundboard effects so he can try to take your place
  11. Jacob sitting down in a small house, would grab his radio and push the PTT "Ah yeah, good fun dude. Just made some new friends." He'd wait for a second while he listened to Henry. "Only sampling the goods? You almost used all of it." He'd release the PTT
  12. Jacob would grab his radio, pressing the PTT You'd hear gunshots in the background "Jesus fucking Christ these guys don't give up. look Foster stash the shit at the place and leave it there" A few more gunshots can be heard "I'll be back around later, just ran into a bit of trouble." You hear a gun being loaded then some shots go off before the broadcast ends
  13. Hearing the broadcast, Jacob would pick up his radio and press the PTT "Hey Foster, get that shit over to the site asap, I wanna test it make sure it's good" He pauses for a moment to check something "And don't let Henry touch it, I don't want a repeat of last time" He releases the PTT and begins looking through his notes
  14. Yeah don't worry we will only whip them once a day.
  15. jacob67121

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    Looks good and should be fun, good job guy's.