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  1. Dots and Dashes [Secure Comms] 11.7Mhz

    .... .- ...- . / .-.. --- - ... / --- ..-. / .. -. - . .-.. / ..-. --- .-. / -.-- --- ..- / .-- .... . -. / -.-- --- ..- / --. . - / -... .- -.-. -.- --..-- / -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. - .-.. -.-- / --- ..- - / --- ..-. / - .... . / .- .-. . .- / .. -. / .... .. -.. .. -. --. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / .-. . --. .-. --- ..- .--. / .-- .... . -. / .. / -.-. .- -. .-.-.- / .--- .- / --- ..- -
  2. Spike O'Leary

    Spike was born along with his brother Paddy in a Serbian trailer park. They left the trailer park with the rest of the O'Leary family to look for the next mother of Spike's future siblings. While in Chernarus The trip was cut short when his family got stuck during the outbreak, unable to leave because of border shutdowns they were stuck within Chernarus, eventually making their way to south zagoria after a few months of surviving within the wasteland they're still travelling around the country looking for Da's future wife.
  3. Statistics - Why They're Important

    That might be a bit closer. But shall we say december 31st 2050 at 11:59? Seems more realistic tbh
  4. Statistics - Why They're Important

    Yeah around there somewhere, Probably closer to new years eve 2023
  5. Says i am permanently banned from ts?

    Just started tonight, I was in our groups open comms and my game crashed, after i closed everything and came to join back it gave me the error It's been the same since I got home from holidays on Monday.
  6. Says i am permanently banned from ts?

    Yes but i haven't got control of it as it's part of our home network
  7. Tried to connect to dayzrp teamspeak and it says i'm permanently banned for trolling? <19:33:32> Trying to resolve hostname ts.dayzrp.com <19:33:34> Trying to connect to server on ts.dayzrp.com <19:33:35> You are banned permanently. Reason: "trolling" <19:34:09> Trying to resolve hostname ts.dayzrp.com <19:34:11> Trying to connect to server on ts.dayzrp.com <19:34:12> You are banned permanently. Reason: "trolling"
  8. Jacob Aldridge

    Jacob was born in Missouri, After High School he joined the Navy where he trained in Naval Intelligence before being reassigned to the Office of Naval Intelligence, After a few years he was assigned to the Embassy in Chernarus. After the outbreak happened and the embassy was evacuated, he disappeared and blended in with the locals who were already here. He mostly kept to himself moving from town to town and avoiding contact with anyone he saw. After some months by himself he finally linked up with the remaining NATO forces.
  9. Had some pretty bad rp from you boys, Felt more gear orientated then anything else. Hope it improves in the future
  10. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Jacob picks up his radio and presses the PTT* Hey Joe, Hope you're still on this frequency. *He pauses for a moment looking at his map* What's your ETA on getting your ass to Severograd? *He'd release the PTT placing his radio in his pack and heading off to one of the empty buildings*
  11. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *hearing the radio fire up again, Jake would pick it up from his pack pressing the PTT* At this point looks like it's them guy's from the pub running the show, met a few of them recently. Met that Rory when Dave got his leg bit by some wolves up near ground zero. *He'd pause to take a drink of his whiskey before continuing.* But so far it's pretty peaceful up here, Got a pub and a nice warm bed. Better than I've had the last 3 months. Hope those shot's weren't nothing serious. See you soon. *He'd release the PTT, setting his radio down and headed back for another drink*
  12. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Jake takes the radio from his pack, taking his map out as well he presses the PTT* Yeah, We've been hanging around waiting for ya. Thought you were dead in all honesty, Or maybe had gone back to that prison you like so god damned much. *He'd chuckle a little into the radio* As for the safe zone, If you take a look right above Severograd there is a small summer camp, With a few buildings just north, that's where the safe zone is located. Stay safe on your way up here, lot's of trouble in the area. Avoid the main town if you can. *He releases the PTT and takes places the radio and map back into his pack before heading inside*
  13. Joe Foster [Secure Frequency]

    *Hearing the Broadcast, Jacob takes his radio out of his pack and presses the PTT.* Joe is that you? Where the fuck you been man? *He releases the PTT and takes a drink out of his canteen before pressing the PTT again* We thought you were dead or some shit. In any case, we're up near that so called safe zone when you get a chance to make your way up there. Stay safe. *He would release the PTT, Placing his radio back in his pack to go help David with his Zucchini plants*
  14. S2: KoS in Cherno 23:40 26/08/2017

    Andrej Janek POV: I was with @Reaper and @Zero in Cherno, when someone killed Zero, i went to investigate hearing the guy telling everyone to leave the area. @Reaper went back to the firestation and i went to the other side of the building with @Eagle and some random guy, the guy's in the building continue to tell everyone to leave the area or they will be killed. Reaper then reports that some guy is talking to him outside the firestation and we hear gunshots and @Reaper is killed. I also believe the guy outside the firestation was with the 2 guy's in the building and would have no way of know @Reaper was with us without metagaming...
  15. s2: cherno; rule 1.13 23:00

    I only met him as one as well, I was not around when he was playing the other character.