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  1. Zanciy Ragnarson was a quiet young man who didn't take kind to too many people and was friends with very few and understood that not all people could be social and not need his help. Zanciy was a nice man but his uncle had a plan to get rid of him after Zanciy's father died in a battle to save their home and their farm from Bandits. When Zanciy caught wind that his uncle had planes to get rid of him by what ever means Zanciy decided to take the high road and try to work things with his uncle, but that was never going to work for Zanciy. Zanciy then decided it was time for him to move from Barinzno and west to Electro or Cherno which he would then find him self all alone and on the grind to find clothing to survive and shelter to call home. Zanciy wasn't to kind after that, he had to be some what savage and ruthless to keep his belongings and to make it in this harsh cruel world and to find him self a new place to call home. Zanciy wanted to be far away from people and didn't want to deal with the harsh ways that the humans had to be during these hard times, he just wanted to live his life and find at least someone he could talk to that wouldn't turn on him and take his stuff or try to kill him. Zanciy found a friend and saw a lot of people but people knew that their were things that had to be done to stay alive and keep their heads above the water to live another day so that's When Zanciy decided that he would do what ever he had to do to stay alive and to keep his wooden cabin and the belongings that he found and that he claimed his. Zanciy is offen to found of the weather and likes to go for walks and sometimes gets lost and run into people, but one things was for sure with Zanciy he always knew how to find his way back home. Zanciy Is a man who doesn't take well to orders and does what he has to do to survive and does what he needs to live another day. He is a man that is determined to get what he wants and needs to survive and doesn't take kind to groups that kill without having the regard to what they will do after the fact they kill someone. Zanciy doesn't have the need to kill someone but will do if it comes down to it. Zanciy has been in tuff spaces were he had to kill others who have tried to do harm to him or those who he has made friends with or whom he has cared for and fall in love with. Zanciy has a hard time trusting people he wasnt to fond of trusting someone with having the theory that they might back stab him later on down the road.