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    alfred hades, born in the uk on the 19/6/1985 (32yrs) grew up without a family, an orphan, found it hard at first then it became his way of life. joined the U.K army at the age of 16 and got sent out on first iraq tour at the age of 18 in 2003, it was clear after 3 years of my iraq tour someone had keep close watch on me and seen the darkness inside me as one day after we return from a mission where im bound by oath not say detailed infomation but a general had pulled me aside and said "son are country need you for a more daring and difficult mission" and then said "if you agree now your missions starts" i didn't fully understand but i stood straight and said I agree sir! Than moment i got bagged over the head and knocked out. 6 MONTHS LATER (2006) I can only tell you i was tortured and toughly trained for 6 months straight, pushed to my limit. im now apart of the uk special forces, and from then till 2012 i was travelling the world Moscow, Somalia, north Korea, china and many more places working as part of 3 man team, they became my family something i had never known until then. we had each others backs and we never left each other behind. 6 YEARS LATER (2012) Our headquarters had received word that in Chernarus there had been looking for oversea's military personal with specific training to combat a war fanatic casuing havoc in there neck of the woods, it was very good money so we agreed. it took us 2 years to hunt down our target, countering his attacks on innocents but we did and well would you know that was the start of a total fucking shit storm, things got crazy out of control. we called em eaters but the locals called them infected. everything went down after little time passed power grids, cell towers, everything. our instinct kicked in we tried to help the locals but we were faced with problems even we couldn't handle, and so this lead to loosing the one thing i just acquired in this world a brotherhood, a family. i was the only one who survived and it darkened my soul, so now i wonder around chernarus to kill these eaters and maybe one day find the honour, trust and brotherhood i once had with my team, my family.