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  1. LCKY

    Vac Bans?

    I would like to ask, Why do people with Vac bans with other games and not DayZ that can't play on this server. It is not fair on me and other players, Yes we did cheat on other games, but it doesnt mean we cheat on dayz. Could we please get an answer
  2. Garry Cortino was the big brother to Malibu Cortino, but Malibu had been deployed to Chernarus. Garry was born from Scotland on June 6th 1994 Two years before Malibu was born. Garry has not heard from Malibu in years and wanted to search Chernarus for him, but he couldn't get to Chernarus legally so he had to some how sneak into Chernarus another way, He had to pay a taxi driver to drive him through Primorsk. Garry had soon arrived at the coast of Chernarus and found a ripped and dirty Hunters Jacket and black cargo pants.
  3. Best RP I have had in awhile with @Mr. Blue and the rest of the guys
  4. Malibu was born in Scotland on the 9th of March 1996 in the Southern Hospital of Glasgow. His childhood wasn't as ordinary like other children, Malibu was brought up in a herioc way, His Mum was a drug addict and His dad was away most of his life working for the British Army. Malibu has a brother named Shaun Dollan who is working away in Czech Republic doing business work which is classified. In Malibu's teenage years he decided to follow in his dad's footsteps and joining the British Army. Malibu researched everyday on how to join the British Army for two years until he could finally apply at the recruitment office. A couple of months have passed and Malibu has been giving his award on finishing the bootcamp for the British Army, Now he can be deployed into the higher stages of the army. Malibu was then deployed to Chernarus and no information could be told to family or friends because it was so classified. Malibu had to head home to his Mother and Father to tell them the good and bad news on what's happening to there son. Mrs Cortino was diagnosed with lung cancer, but Malibu hadn't noticed until he was giving a letter from his mother when he was deployed in Chernarus. He was Heartbroking, and No one has heard from Malibu since the day he found out his Mother was dying.
  5. LCKY

    Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG name and what are you interested in learning about?: [John East. I am interested in learning how to properly roleplay in the DayZ community.] What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: [GMT, During the week, since I work on weekends.] How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: [My friends suggested it] If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: [I would like to improve with the way I interact with people and what to say when I interact with them.]