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    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

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    The Moretti Famiglia (Media)

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    The Moretti Famiglia

    Gonna be a hell of alot of fun.
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  8. Caddon Maddox was Born May 19th 1997 the oldest to a wealthy family living in the suburbs of Washington D.C, He made good grades throughout school and had an interest for foreign languages and so after a long thought of what language he would like to study, he chose Chernarussian, no one knew for sure or could understand why he chose the language of this poor post soviet nation, but he seen it as an interesting recovering country. He went to college studying Chernarussian and English he became fairly fluent in the language and went through the class seemingly well, he finally got the chance to go on a trip to the country, this is where everything began to go down hill for Caddon he traveled around Chernarus and spent most his time in Novograd, just like many others in the beginning he didnt think much of the infection but once it became serious and Novograd began to collapse along with the government Due to the infected and rioting he fled wondering across the country fighting infected, being robbed and beaten.. This took a heavy toll on Caddon leading him to not wanting to get involved into anything and eventually turning him to isolation from others and surviving alone.
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    Oh boy.. I take one peak back and look at what I find, Cancer Cancer.. Sad.

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      Do you need a hug? 


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      Eh Nah im afraid its something impossible to ever "hug" out, we are way past that point im afraid.  xD

  10. Kim Lee Park was Born in Pyongyang North Korea in June of 1977, he was the only child his mother and father ever had so he was spoiled at a younger age unlike many other children in the country outside Pyongyang, his family was pretty wealthy considering his dad was a close friend and adviser to Kim Ill Sung and had served in the Korean peoples Army, because of this Kim Lee Park received Very good education and attended Kim Ill Sung University, there he studied hard in foreign relations, after college he became a diplomat for the DPRK appointed by Kim jong Ill in 2005 as the country began researching on nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Ill knew he would need funding for this and so this was Kim lee Parks job, he traveled to places like China,Iran,Africa and ofcourse Chernaurus, this was the perfect way for him to support the dear leader and his country being that he also studied english in college and excelled at it, which is why Kim Jong Ill seen him as the perfect fit and after he died Kim jong Un even kept him around after purging half of Kim Jong Ill's closest aliies, in 2017 after President Trump took office as president of the United States, many sanctions hit north korea because of its constant missile test and pursuit of a nuclear war head, and so Kim lee park was sent to chernaurus to seek help in funding from the government and it just so happened that everything went down hill from there as he entered chernaurus, the infection hit on his second day of being there Kim had no idea what was going on and couldnt get out of the country it was a massacre in Novigrad, so he fled to south zagoria in search for a way out.
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks for the great RP guys! @Anouk @Roach @Dank Mems @Pussy @Bubblegum @MrKindred @trent_rouls
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    Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    Big thanks to ho chi min and the vietcong! @EdgyNova
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    Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    Had a good time with you all!
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Anouk yes lol thank you very much for the RP and saving my arm from possible infection. I enjoyed and look forward to more!
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