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"Kyle open the Door! Jimmy why dont you open it!"

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  1. SlimmDusty

    Sorry, but it is my time to go.

    ^ What he said.
  2. SlimmDusty

    Why don't you get in game?

    Nothing is fun about it anymore, and seems like everything done in game always ends the same way.
  3. SlimmDusty

    new steam update

    Not a fan of it and plus I dont see the point in changing it in the first place, keep it the way its always been.
  4. SlimmDusty

    Ask the admins

    - user was warned for this post -
  5. SlimmDusty

    Avoidance of RP

    I was never on dayzRP today, check my profile, this is crazy its on a public server how am I obligated to play and rp only on dayzrp... I dont even get how to respond to this honestly, how does this classify as avoiding RP when we arnt even on DayzRP..
  6. SlimmDusty

    The Moretti Remnants [Strict IG Recruitment]

    Ayyyy Sweet, thanks guys!
  7. SlimmDusty

    Bring back Dynamic groups with limitations

    I just dont see what Dynamic groups hurt, as @Despacito2 said, Just dont be stupid and they work out. And as of recent events its shown the current dynamic/Group rules just arnt cutting it right now and need to return to the old ways.
  8. SlimmDusty


    My only concern is voice chat in Discord is not always reliable like it is in TS, but other than that, its whatever.
  9. SlimmDusty

    Re-instate the LoreMasters

    For sure I mean you gotta have someone who always handles and keeps up with the lore and it really makes no sense to remove the position and abolish it even if things are slow and not much is really happened but you gotta have people who put their focus on it and love doing it in the position, they will be needed again soon.
  10. SlimmDusty

    ARMA 3 Zeus Mission

    @Dank Mems here you go bruh
  11. SlimmDusty

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Its Ride or Die" - Kyle Williams
  12. SlimmDusty


    Yo dude o7 take it easy.
  13. SlimmDusty

    The Pack

    Hella Great RP from you boys today, enjoyed it alot, also glad to see you got approved well deserved!
  14. SlimmDusty

    Cosmetic / Clothing items & features you'd like to see in DayZ

    I dont mind really ill take anything in this damn game, just more stuff would be nice.
  15. SlimmDusty

    The Order

    Looks very cool