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  1. Yeah, just successfully done my whitelist attempt again.. that earlier mistake was really silly haha. Had to do with who had the rights to perma ban people~~ I misread the rules around bans and thus filled in a wrong answer there... whatever, it worked out now! Thank you all!
  2. Hopefully engaging into some good RP soon, currently serving the 2h cooldown because -snipped for whitelist question- I've figured it out though. Either way, I'm sort of new to DayZ, I have been part of roleplaying communities before though but over VOIP is the first time. I do like the human interaction a lot in this game, not so much the KoS because it takes away from the beautiful "realism" the game has to offer. Watched a lot of youtubers engage into RP and just thinking "this is amazing". (cough, mr moon) I mean, playing DayZ pub is already a thrill, playing DayZRP with a character that is afraid to die, afraid to starve, afraid to thirst and afraid of all the evil things Chernarus throws at us, is something else, something I'm really looking forward to. Some OOC info: 26 years old bloke from Belgium who speak english really well but with an accent, which I'll keep in mind when I'm writing the backstory of my character, naturally I won't RP some English dude that crashed his plain into the coast of Chernarus and washed ashore. That'd be lame. See y'all in game sometime~~