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  1. I was an Norwegian Volunteer helper in Chernarus to reduce the outbreak. When the outbreak got out of control i Roamed Chernarus and saw how the country died and the infected only ones roaming the towns i mostly located my self in the woods and the hunting towers across Chernarus. I came by a town called Vyshnoye were i came across Cherna Russian survivors they went under a group banner called S.Z.H.U and they're main town Vyshnoye is were they always are located. They let me into their group and there i have been since then.
  2. Papyrus

    Is it possible to make a currency?

    Making a currency sounds good. But will make it hard to implant
  3. Welcome to the community hope you have fun.
  4. Papyrus

    Desolation Redux Release

    Why the Tanoa map it eats your frames.
  5. i have submitted a white list application and i hope i can join this community
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