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  1. Ban Appeal - Suspicious Profile

    @Oliv No sir that is not one of my accounts. I own for certain, DayZ, Knights of the old republic, and Vampire the masquerade bloodlines. They own Skyrim and Garry's mod etc. ( My account is actually linked here and I will link it again here so you can take a look ) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198397608942/ ( Here ya go! ) ( Thanks by the way! Sorry for putting yall through this )
  2. Ban Appeal - Suspicious Profile

    Well the reaper1399 account iI finished up as my personal now its the Ahiddenfriend account I am worried about. This current this current one, the one linked to my repaer address is my current account hence the name. The screenshot you saw was me trying to prove that the other was just my PSN account and nothing more than that. Im not trying to scam anybody and all that but we all have jobs to do. Is there anything else I can get you proof wise that will allow me to show the ahiddenfriend account is inactive? Or anything to show my Reaper ( Newly changed to my current screen name Sebby Fox because i finished it ) is the only one I will be using?
  3. Ban Appeal - Suspicious Profile

    I'll see if I can get into it, this is using info from forever ago. But this community seems well worth the use, if I can't get onto the account and complete it what happens? I'd like to know because this little hiccup shouldn't of happened at all to be fair. I think it was just carelessness on my part from younger tomes. Either way I'll see what I can do ( Alright now I'm on the computer and so I can type longer and faster. I hate typing on the phone, but i just exceeded my attempts to even try and recover this steam account to even finish setting it up. Like really, this is an account I had when I was like twelve, I am not gonna remember how to get into it, nor did I ever take the time to finish it up cause as Oliv pointed out it was said it wasn't required, of of course me and my friend both thought we needed one. Either way i cant do anything with it, there shouldn't be any suspicious activity on that one either.. All im trying to do is get some decent RP going, like, I don't know what to even do with the other account.) http://prntscr.com/fl8mms I understand what y'all are getting at with the security but seriously I don't see what I did wrong when it comes to an account I can't even get into. It was and is just my PSN account from a long time ago when I wanted to play multiplayer with a pal. Here is proof ( Or so i think ) OF it just being my account for Playstation network. http://prntscr.com/fl8oey
  4. Ban Appeal - Suspicious Profile

    I told you that is was linked to my PSN account as it is necessary to play multiplayer with it in -console- you can look it up on Google if you like. And as I said it was made solely for me to play multiplayer which didnt work out so well to be honest as ee could never connect to one another. Either way call me dishonest all you want I know I'm being honest. My new steam account is the one I just started gaming on recently hence where I cane acroSS this cause I heard there was RP in DayZ ( I've taken the liberty to actually get a link to prevent you having to search. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/14/portal-2-pretty-much-every-ps3-question-answered-and-that-cake-thing-too/ Now, this was a Portal 2 copy I got secind-hand from a find named Jory back in highschool so the free copy for PC I never had nor took an interest in since I did not have a PC that could handle it's graphics )
  5. Ban Appeal - Suspicious Profile

    Alright alright, yeesh, I guess I'm not the only one who can be grumpy? ( *don't take that offensivel, twas a joke* ) here is a link to the profile http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167962624
  6. Ban Appeal - Suspicious Profile

    Well I recently switched to PC gaming I had one other steam account that wasn't actually a steam account as it was just my PSN account used for Portal 2. It was never used and the 3 games I hAve were just bought one Thursday night, the second Friday morning and DayZ was bought yesterday evening ( Saturday ). The other steam account if it counts I can't even remember the password to in order to log in to it to link it. That's all I can really say, thanks for the response ( Sorry for all the edits but you can actually look up my othere "steam account" made for portal known as ahiddenfriend. I would include a screenshot but I'm on a phone. ) ( Correction I can't say I recently switched to PC, I meant to say I recently got a PC that can handle steam games, so in other words I recently switched to PC Steam gaming. I play on a free-to-play game hub known as Byond )
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Error Code: DP4WHITELIST_005 Why the verdict is not fair: I was suddenly labeled with a Suspicious account when I had just made it thrursday, I do not have multiple accounts unless you count the one linked with my PSN for portal 2, but that was strictly for portal 2, nothing like this, no I did not cheat there. And I do own DayZ Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I think it was confusion with owning DayZ, as it was downloading when I applied on white list and it might have not been fully downloaded. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Preferably I can get my appeal solved and I can be whitelisted so I can play with all these amazing roleplayers. What could you have done better?: Maybe I could have waited for DayZ to fully download...