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  1. April 22, 1995 - Yuri Bogdan is a Chernarussian born and raised in Guglovo by an Englishman named Dubb Licour. When he was just 6 months old Yuri was left in a shopping cart in a store parking lot. Dubb found him when he went to the store to buy some dressing for his salad. Confused Dubb sat Yuri in his car wrapped him up in a blanket and started to drive to the local police station. He then saw Yuri's eyes and just fell in love; he decided to take him home with him and raise him as his own. October 22, 2016 - Yuri's father had been passed away for a year now and this would be his first birthday without him. Sad and lonely Yuri drove to the local pub to have a drink with his best friend Jorik from the construction site. To celebrate his birthday before having to go back to work the next day they sat at the bar drinking and attempting to pick up women. Getting wasted the day grew darker and darker and finally, the night fell. They decided it was time to go home so the got up stumbled out of the pub and proceeded to get into there cars and leave. On the way home, Yuri saw an uprooted tree on his side of the road so he swerved around it going way over the speed limit and got into a head on collision with a Ural transporting bread. The Ural driver quickly gets out and phones the police requesting for an ambulance saying that the man he had just found is not responding and is bleeding heavily out of his skull. June 13, 2017 - Yuri still in a coma Jorik visits him for the last time since he was moving away to help his family. Jorik with tears welling up in his eyes tells Yuri whats happening hoping he can still hear him "I have to go old friend, I hope you can hear me... I'm sorry for everything I truly am but my family needs me" he sat with Yuri reading him random books he brought with him. A few hours passed and Jorik left. June 28, 2017 - In Yuri's hospital room he comes to and overhears in the hall doctors talking about pulling the plug on him in a few days. Unable to speak due to a tube in his throat he panics and starts to rustle around looking for a button to call a nurse. Not finding a button he decided to rip the tube out of his throat knowing he could possibly damage his vocal cords. Successfully ripping the tube out of his throat he attempts to yell for a nurse but then quickly realizes his throat is still in pain and he needed to drink first. He sits up and starts ripping off all the wires and cords connected to him and he starts to walk to the door. He opens the door and coughs out "NURSE I NEED A NURSE" he then collapses to the ground from being so weak due to no exercise for that long. A Nurse runs to him quickly and calls for a doctor, Helping him into his room she tells him that there is some shocking news he needs to hear. She tells him that he was in a terrible accident eight months ago and that tons of things have changed. The doctor arrives to start doing tests with him to see if he's okay the doctor asks him multiple questions "Do you know where you are, Do you know who you are, Do you know these people?" Then he shows him multiple pictures of his father friends and work staff. Confused Yuri answers "My name is Yuri.. uhh something, I assume im in a hospital, and why are you showing me these people in the photos?" The doctor concerned asks him one last time if he's sure he doesn't know the people in the photos. He tells him angrily he does not know. The doctor tells him that he has amnesia and that those are his friends and father. Yuri pissed of confused and scared tells the doctor he wants to leave. The doctor tells him he needs to stay there a few more days for testing and he will be good to go. Present... Yuri has been surviving on his own for some time now; still not knowing who are is friends and family he goes out to scavenge daily and continues trying to find people to talk to and survive with and find out if the human race is all gone...
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