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    Me and a group of friends was planing a vacation somewhere to get away from society, we rented out a nice little log cabin up in the mountains just north west of Sinistok, we was having a great time then on our 3rd night of staying, around early November 2014 we was sat around a fire just relaxing enjoying the last couple of days of freedom, well that's what we thought, I went into the forest about 10-15 meters away from the camp to go to the toilet shack it was dark and foggy i kept hearing strange noise's coming from deeper in the forest, it was the sound of someone grunting or something. I went to go and check it out and the moon shine and I saw a black figure just meters of me, he was getting closer and closer I warned him to stay away but he wasn't responding, when he got closer enough for me to see his face he had blood dripping from his eyes and flesh hanging from his mouth. I didn't know what to do so I ran away back to the others I was freaking out to much for them to understand what I was saying, the rest of the group wanted to go and check it out, but my brother brad stayed behind, as we was getting deeper into the forest out flash light was running out of battery and we had no other source of light, we was so deep in the forest we could no longer see the camp The flash light started to twitch and died the noise of something started to rattle in the bush's next to us only to find out it was just a fox, the others didn't believe me they thought I was playing some kind of a sick joke and suddenly we heard the loudest scream of our life's, it was coming from the direction of the camp we rushed back to see my brother lying on the floor being eaten by the same thing I saw back in the forest. There was blood everywhere this thing looked up and stared right into my eye's none of us knew what to do, more of those thing's came out of the bush's and we ran into the cabin and boarded up the windows and the door, we was stranded banging, and scratching on the walls all around the building they started to break in and we panicked we went to run up stairs but I ran into the basement hoping there was a way out but there was no windows, I heard movement right above me they had got into the building, I started scraping through draws hoping I will find a axe or something to defend myself, one of those things started to come down in the basement with me and lucky I had found a Winchester Model.70 and a .44 Magnum I had shot my first ever gun and my ears popped and started to buzz, The blood had splatted all other my face I felt like I was going to break down and cry but I couldn't because I heard the other's screaming and I know I had to help them, as I ran up stairs the curtains had caught light from the fireplace. I rushed up the the second floor and There was a horde of them in the hallway, my friends were trapped inside a room there was way to many for me to handle so I thought I could lead them away but as I went to go back down stairs I saw my brother, he had turned into one of those things I tried escaping by jumping out the window and he had held me leg, I was hanging off the side of the building I had no choice but to put him down, as I fell I landed on a trash bag with a shape object in it and it had pierced through my leg. I screamed in so much pain but I had to keep moving, as I was trying to make my way around the front of the building the place was on flames I couldn't enter I heard my friends screaming, I was the most horrible feeling knowing you can't do anything to help save your friends from death,