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    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I wouldn't like to see a lore wipe happen just yet. Instead I want to pose a better suggestion. Evolving the lore that has been given to us (story arcs). An example of this is when the loremasters introduced Comfort as a drug and had a group spread this drug around and forced it onto people. This was amazing because everyone was finding ways of getting rid of Comfort whether it was cutting off all supply, finding a "cure", etc. This would soon bring us the group (I completely forgot their name, only knew them as Raiders) that was in charge of handing this drug out. We need more story arcs like this. That story arc provided fear to most people (especially me), gave them something to do, and I cant speak on everyone's behalf but I'm sure they were intrigued on how this would end. Im not completely against a lore wipe but I feel as though there should be some "evolution" to the lore itself. TLDR: More Story arcs EDIT: I forgot to mention this, but I do like the ideas of using Older groups and having Staff Groups/Staff Settlements, would be in an interesting Lore wipe but I feel that the staff groups/settlements could be accomplished in a story arc or 2
  2. Trijim

    House Call [Strict IC Recruitment]

    this looks and sounds very interesting, Good luck lads
  3. Trijim

    Vanguard - [Livonia & Chernarus]

    group looks interesting, good luck
  4. Trijim

    Onions Orientation Video - Hostile RolePlay

    Very interesting video, I love how it's informative and funny at the same time
  5. Trijim

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    congrats on the approval guys
  6. Trijim

    New group idea discussion.

    sounds interesting, hopefully you can get the right people for the group
  7. Trijim


    Happy New Years

    1. Kattsura


      New Year Illustration GIF by Mia Page

  8. Trijim

    Stuart Island, OUT NOW!

    this map looks nice hopefully it could be used on DayZRP someday
  9. Trijim

    Interview With A Community Member: FalkRP

    could always interview me
  10. Marcus Johnson was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. In his time of living in Florida, he enjoyed looking at the beautiful buildings and would dream about becoming Architect. He was able to enroll at Everglade University. He would focus on getting his "Master of Architecture" degree. After years of studying and hard work, he graduated from Everglade University and would receive his degree. He would soon work on to take contracts from Big Corporations. When he took these contracts, he was unaware of the malicious intent they had caused in the past and would find a way to plot revenge against them. The only thing he could think of is to delay the construction as long as he can, which would mean that the corporation would lose a lot of money. He would do this to 3 other corporations and decided to take up a contract in Livonia, in hopes he can make something exquisite over there. It would be months later the Outbreak would soon plague Livonia, leaving Marcus to survive anyway he can.
  11. Trijim

    Realistic MC Motorcycle Club Group

    I can help you with some of the Lore Writing and even help you come up with a name aswell . I've never met a MC before but I've been taught about them in Citizens Police Academy.
  12. Trijim

    Interview With A Community Member: FalkRP

    Top notch interview
  13. Trijim

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    Good luck guys
  14. Trijim


     Such an amazing song!!!

  15. Trijim

    S1 Chernarus Wolfpack Camp Echo Griefing

    Server and location: S1 Chernarus Camp Echo (Wolfpack base) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 10:10 server time? 2:39 AM EST 12/22/19 Your in game name: Ryan Rivers Names of allies involved: Wolfpack Name of suspect/s: Russo Syndicate Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): I have no clue Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://gyazo.com/d8735a0736ee33d64ea6362f965dc4ed https://gyazo.com/a537d9d36caadf08d441c06a30af92c5 https://gyazo.com/f4e7775b6127fdddec183983eb7be399 https://gyazo.com/d034a3527ae76c5e298e702a0d97fd8c Detailed description of the events: I wake up this morning to hear on the radio that we had been raided by Green Mountain Charity (2 members of Russo Syndicate where there for it, but there could of been more). So I went to inspect the damage. Upon looking through the camp there was stuff laid out such as a PPSKN and 2 things of clothing (Combat Goggles and a Ushanka). There was ample space in the tents and was able to successfully put away the PPSKN into the tent no problem. I look into the back of the log cabin and noticed our barrels were stolen decided to check the only one that was left. Everything inside was ruined or damaged as it was turned into a fire barrel, everything being burned. After checking the fire barrel I look at Fae's bar and notice that they had opened it up. After checking through the contents, everything was there but the side door of the cabin, where the half fence was supposed to be, was destroyed. I also realized that one of log cabin walls were torn down, even though nothing was blocked off
  16. Trijim

    We should have a serious talk about this!

    If you want to provide facts, don't use a shitty Wikipedia thread. Im assuming you want rule 3.2 removed as stated on page 1 of the thread. (quoted below) Im assuming you want to be able to KOS people just because its an apocalypse? I don't even know what you are trying to accomplish in this thread other then saying "I think rule 3.2 should get removed or should be more strict". Im sorry, but this is the dumbest idea ever. IMO, getting rid of 3.2 would make it far from a RP server. You also cant make 3.2 stronger because it's an easy rule to understand and would cover most of the loopholes anyone could possibly think of. Rover summed this up perfectly Overall, this has scrambled my brain into fucking eggs from just trying to understand the thread. When making a thread like this, make your point clear, provide facts (Not from Wikipedia) or something that would strengthen your case, and lastly, Don't be so immature. I hope you enjoyed my Ted Talk
  17. Trijim

    Howdie fellas

    welcome back
  18. Trijim

    My Final Feedback

    Dude, are you being for real rn? If you think someone broke a rule, report them.. Stop complaining and ranting when you have the freedom to push for a report against someone. Maybe you could keep In mind that you wont be able to talk your way out of every hostile situation. This concludes my Short Ted Talk
  19. Trijim

    Stuart Island, OUT NOW!

    looks pretty cool!
  20. Trijim

    Overabundance of PVP on Chernarus

    I feel like this thread should get closed by staff, this thread will quickly get out of hand. But to leave an opinion on this, if you get initiated on and you don't comply, that's on you, that goes with carrying military grade rifles. Don't expect to run around with that shit and not use it to defend yourself.
  21. Trijim

    meattemperature and wintermod

    -1 no, I'd rather not have to scavenge for heatpacks and constantly to sit by a fireplace to keep warm. It would slow things down drastically. Keeping "meat temperature" is a Quality of Life feature imo and shouldn't be tweaked or removed (if possible).
  22. Trijim

    Interview With A Community Member: Camo

    This was a good read
  23. Trijim

    Moretti Consortium (Livonia)

    very interesting guys! Loving the graphics, good luck to everyone in the group!
  24. Trijim


    @Craig I'd like to be in the rebel group
  25. Trijim


    When you play on Crash and its ruined by a bunch of fucking camping pussies....

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