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  1. Yes please! we need more weapon variety
  2. Feedback time: I believe it was yesterday, I had some amazing rp with @NiceLime. But I'm extremely confused of the concept of this group. I don't know if there is a mix of Campfire RP and Hostile or it's just one or the other (Basically meaning, are you a Campfire RP group or a Hostile RP group). From what I've seen and heard, I don't understand your groups relationship with the CLF. It is stated you want to be peaceful, but you can't achieve that if you are openly working with CLF; as other groups have their problems with CLF and know that most of the time there are some CLF members up at Lopatino Castle. I believe your group goals don't exactly match how your group is performing in the server. I don't seem to understand this group goal and here's why. I've been up there a lot of times and you guys have not followed this goal because the amount of stuff behind those walls is completely excessive. From what I know, you guys have/had at least 3 car tents, 3 large tents, a couple medium tents, 2 canopy tents, storage cabinets/barrels, and 5 cars. When I was first up there, you guys had at least 10-12 AKs with a lot of ammunition. I'd like to clarify. I have no hate or disrespect for you guys, I want to be honest and out there with some issues that I see with the group. If possible, I would like to discuss some things with either @Frequency or any of the leaders of the group on Discord. But I would like to say, I have had some good interactions with this group but I feel these issues should be worked on. EDIT: If there is anything you are confused about, please let me know.
  3. Should base Raiding be RP Only? No, putting an end to offline raiding is just impossible since the staff team aren't robots and have actual lives outside of DayZRP. It would be silly to have them stay up late nights just to prevent someone from doing an offline raid on a fortress. Should there be a 30 day wipe after inactivity of base? Like Rover mentioned, stuff already despawns I have to disagree with you bud. I've been playing on this server for a good while now and not one raid had amazing RP, maybe after the raid was conducted and we had hostages, but that was it. I'm not going to say it, but I'd rather quote Para since he said it better than I could.
  4. Hello everybody The RAC is looking for some new recruits! We are primarily looking for US Players, but we aren't against having some EU players come and join! Send Applications to @HarveyLR using the template provided
  5. I agree with Jackfish, There is a lot of reskinned clothing items in the server already it would be nice to have some custom items, custom guns, or even some new vehicles. -1
  6. The map creator has stated it will be released within a month or two (this was said around July) on the workshop, there are some people who are currently playing and testing the map and those are the people who made donations.
  7. I fully agree. As much as I like the new clothing being made, I would like to see a new mod or two added. As much as I want helicopters on DayZRP, they dont have to be in the server but could be reserved for Lore Event. Like AMERICA said, the mod looks good and the suggestion has a lot of support for the mod. I would say give it a shot, but ultimately that's Roland's decision whether he adds it in or not.
  8. "I'll see you on the forums" 😎😎

  9. Even though I was a spectator, I had enjoyed the RP that was provided by you guys. I loved how you guys used the In-Game radio's, It was definitely very interesting! Keep up the amazing RP
  10. Even though I was a mere spectator, the rp was amazing! Keep it up guys!
  11. I sort of agree and disagree with this statement. It's not that someone is entitled to it, it's suppose to have some reasoning. It wouldn't make sense for a neutral trader group to go base up at NWAF when RAC is still around, since it doesn't make any sense. When you mean access, do you mean every group should be able to use M4's and Aks even if they are a neutral trader group or a medical faction?
  12. This is something I definetly would like to see. Would make things on the server a lot more interesting and make finding RP a lot more easier. I also like the sense of danger it adds, since groups would make it clear if anyone is found trespassing, there will be consequences. I even like the idea of having a Toxic Zone, whenever it was implemented into the server I never saw too many people go to areas like Tisy, Kamensk, or Troitske, and even then if there were some people it would probably be when there isn't a whole lot of people on. But the LM's would have to add some sort of reasoning in Lore why it's there, but it's a good idea. I'm against a shit ton of zombies due to the fact it could mess with server performance. Btw, I love the map you made for the zones and which group would take what, but I feel there is some stuff missing. For example, I agree with having the Military area's be Conflict zones, but the whole triangle area should also be a conflict zone. This is because they either have some sort of military spawn, they are extremely close to NWAF, and this is usually where you would see a lot of bandits or infected roaming due to the close proximity of NWAF. Would this mean the area's that haven't been claimed could be used in a Lore event in which RAC (or another group) could expand their territory and take Mogilevka and Staroye? I give this a fat +1
  13. Solid Roster, Graphics are amazing, and the group concept is definetly interesting! I want to wish you guys luck!
  14. Ryan Rivers was born in Raleigh, North Carolina into a middle-working class family. He always worked hard and strived in school. During his life, he had dreamed of becoming a Police Officer just like his father was before he had retired. He had worked very hard in High-school so that he could enter a Good college and take part in their amazing Criminal Justice/Criminology classes. After 4 years of hard-work he graduated and would start his first year of college months later. He would do 4 years and earn his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. He would apply to be an Officer at Raleigh Police Department. After getting the job he would spend 3 years on the Job, at this point he wanted to do more. He was able to apply for SWAT, but he had to wait 2 weeks for it too open. So until then, He would do his job; which is to Protect and Serve. Ryan would respond to a shots-fired call in downtown Raleigh, It was only him and another officer at the time he had responded. The gunmen had shot him several times, hitting him in the leg, left shoulder, and arm. Ryan was soon brought to the hospital with his injuries and had to be put into surgery due to the severity of his injuries. He would spend 9 hours in the Operating room and was soon brought back to his room, where he would start his recovery process. Ryan had received the news that he would no longer be able a Police Officer due to his injuries. He would take a vacation to Chernarus. Even though there was a lot going in the country, he found it to be very beautiful. That would soon change when the Frenzied Flu would hit the country.
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