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  1. Trijim


    Hello, I was reached a couple days ago regarding my activity. I plan on being more active today once I've submitted a couple college assignments
  2. Im sure once the update actually goes live the mod creators will update their mods so that the vehicles can be fixed via Pipe Wrench.
  3. The 1.10 experimental update is cool and it adds a lot of new things in and fixes some stuff that I've seen happen in game, I honestly can't wait to try it out once i'm not busy. For those who don't have the time to watch the video (or dont want to): ADDED You can now break the players lower leg, damage is applied by falling or brute force (walking/fighting with a broken leg will result in shock damage) Added the Signal Pistol and its ammunition (in various colors) Added crafted Tanned Leather using Garden Lime Added crafted Leather Backpack Added crafted Improvised Shelter Added localization for Brazilian-Portuguese Added the crafted Splint Added Tarp (material) Added the ability to replace ruined parts of tents (entrance-/window-covers) with tarp Added the Pipe Wrench You can now repair a damaged car engine with the Pipe Wrench You can now repair parts of the vehicle chassis with an Epoxy Putty Clothing items now have an indicator for their insulation value Exposure to wind will make your character freeze more (forests can provide cover) Food decays over time Items dry up over-time when put on the ground or in a cargo space on the ground (proximity to a fireplace is no longer required, but the area of a fireplace dries items faster) Items cool down over-time in the player's inventory and on the ground Added a heat buffer to supply an overtime heat bonus to the thermal comfort of the player character (you receive a temporary heat bonus after spending time near a fireplace) Added a smoking slot to several types of fireplaces, used to dry meat Added additional coastline details between Storozh (prison island) and Ostrog, making the sea traversal easier and more interesting (Chernarus) Punching now deals damage to gloves and can cause bleeding to bare hands Added a visual effect to increasing shock damage (both reflecting getting hit, and current state) Added damage when jumping out of a running vehicle (also including a chance for broken legs and death) New visual heat haze effect for the fireplace, flare, road flare and torch lights FIXED Fixed an issue that prevented the player from combining stacks of items from their inventory with the second stack being in their vicinity Item wetting/drying was not taking into account attachments and nested inventories Fixed wrong decals on the legacy police Olga wreck Fixed sound issues related to doors in several buildings Fixed window collisions in several buildings It is no longer possible to climb up the broken staircase on the industrial silo It was possible to open city store back doors by pressing F at certain pieces of a furniture in front part of building Sawed-off weapons now have a short weapon length (when it comes to collision with walls etc) Fixed an issue restoring a rag to the pristine state after being used as a gag Fixed an issue preventing the player from detaching their magazine Dead bodies of players should now fall through walls less often It should now be more intuitive to locate the inventory of dead bodies It was possible to consume pills and other items when they were ruined Boiled steaks showed a wrong texture It was not possible to place traps, barrels and crates on slopes Fixed a bug causing a stuck item widget Added the missing engine to the ADA wrecks It was possible to get sick by drinking/eating when the player had gloves and bloody hands Locked doors were not saved correctly when opened by damage, making them lock themselves again after a server restart Grass was not flattened when driven over with a vehicle Water particles were appearing when hitting a player that is on an object above the sea Fixed various object placement fixes for both the Chernarus and Livonia terrains The player was able to fish through piers Climbing on an object while it is being deleted could teleport the player CHANGED Adjusted the base temperature behavior to be more authentic (warm afternoons, cold mornings) Windchill, fog and altitude penalties are not applied to the local environment temperature, if a player is inside a building Being under a roof provides a lower local environment temperature bonus than being inside a building Increased the effect of altitude on the local environment temperature around the player Balanced the heat insulation values of clothing items Balanced the maximum wetness level of clothing items Items inside other items will only get wet when the container is soaked or drenched Automated drying of clothing (not wringing out) is now less effective Cloud cover increases the base environment temperature more The character speed has a larger impact on the overall heat comfort The backpack is now taken into account for heat comfort, the armband is no longer You can now skin animals with axes, saws, the pick axe, the crowbar, and the screwdriver Clothing will no longer get badly damaged during the initial spawn Shoes will no longer get damaged during the initial spawn Adjusted the occurrence of arrows for bleeding in the HUD (now more progressive instead of nothing and then 3 arrows) Reduced the melee damage against animals Adjusted item drops from animals Reduced the usability of duct tape for certain items Damage to individual vehicle zones will be displayed in the UI (when you look at them) Vitamin pills can be combined, but not split Medication can be split and combined Adjusted lard consumption when cooking (1 full Lard can be used to prepare 8 pieces of baked meat) Tools damage due to crafting is now consistent across recipes Balanced tool damage across actions It is no longer possible to dry meat by cooking it on low temperatures (replaced by smoking slot in stoves) Increased the speed of cooking when using the direct cooking slots Boathouse doors are now twin doors instead of single Resized the Heat Pack to 1x2 in the inventory Animal meat will fill your stomach more Increased the nutrition value of farmed vegetables Any drinking/eating with bloody hands bares the risk of infecting the player with Salmonella Higher player character immunity levels are easier to get (requirements on water and energy lowered and they now correspond to the UI badges too) The influenza disease is generally slower in increase and has a slower immune response to it Antibiotics are now weaker and have a slower tick (in sync with the disease) Cholera takes longer to build up and disappear, penalties scaled with disease progression and higher resistance against immunity The build up of the Salmonella disease is faster, will activate sooner, and penalties are scaled with the progression of the disease Charcoal tabs have now a slower tick and a delayed response in fighting Salmonella Applying saline adds hydration in addition to blood The tent packing action is now continuous (no more instant packing of tents) The pick axe can be used to dig hidden stashes Adjusted the default comfort temperature of the player character (now 28 degrees Celsius) The damage state and wetness of clothing impacts their heat insulation Modding Added: OnPlacementComplete vector parameters (optional, defaults set to zero) Added: windModifier config parameter for surfaces (affects the windchill value in the environment exposure code) Added: Ability to define min and max base environment temperature for each month per world Added: StaticConstructionMethods that can also be used by other mechanics outside regular construction (Construction uses them too) Added: Heat haze effect API for lights Added: Flare simulation classes Added: Script bindings to Bone Transform API to DayZInfected Fixed: For a flickering effect of lights, set the max/min amplitude separately to avoid half time without light Fixed: Compilation error "Can't find variable 'DEFAULT' when using larger mod packs" (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T149789) Changed: Moved GetCurrentItemHeatIsolation into MiscGameplayFunctions Changed: Removed additionAnimalMeleeMultiplier parameter from ammo configs Changed: The clothing class should now be modifiable (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T152125) Changed: Legacy improvised shelter classes commented out, assets still present Changed: Absorbency parameter in config is no longer used (replaced by varWetMax) Changed: Moved CanBeRepairedToPristine() method up, ItemBase -> Object Tweaked: The wind speed in environment tick is now handled relative instead of absolute Tweaked: Deagle named selections now cover also the pistol grip (for re-texturing purposes) Removed: Calling of SoakItem method from Pot class, now replaced by an overtime wetting KNOWN ISSUES The Splint displayed on the character's leg is a placeholder It is difficult to find the refuel option for vehicles
  4. Im turning 20 today ?

    1. G_DateLR


      Happy birthday mate have a good one

      Happy Birthday GIF

    2. ScarlettLR


      Happy Birthday, hope you have a great day

      Happy Birthday GIF

  5. Congrats on the approval lads! Had some amazing roleplay from you all a couple days ago ?
  6. Trijim


    Looks very interesting, The graphics are really cool! I wish you guys the best of luck
  7. This Colonscopy prep medicine is absolutely fucking terrible, send help

    1. Zanaan


      Are your insides out yet?

    2. Malthis


      @TrijimGet Vaseline for your butt, you're gonna need it. Hopefully you mixed the prep medicine with one of the recommended Gatorades to help you get it down easier. Try not to drink it too quickly or you'll feel sick as well. 

    3. FaeLR


      Kevin Bacon No Thanks GIF by Team Coco

    4. Malthis



  8. I want to wish you lad's the best of luck with the group! It looks really interesting, Can't wait to see you lads in game! btw the Graphics are fucking dope!
  9. +1 would love to do see this added in. I think it would be a fun experience as you get to collect eggs, up a chicken coop, etc.
  10. Loving the group graphic! The group seems really interesting, Good luck lads!
  11. Trijim


    Group looks very interesting, I wish you guys the best of luck.
  12. @DrMax happy birthday!

    1. DrMax


      Thank you! 

  13. I would love to see it be added back. It was very useful and I don't honestly know why it was removed. +1
  14. I wish you guys the best of luck.... Hoping I get to see the RP the group provides...
  15. No problem! ? I'm honestly happy to see a pistol thats actually useful and not terrible.
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