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  1. I prefer either a cherry coke or diet coke.
  2. Personally, I dont see a problem with it. Would be harder to manage I assume (I'm not aware of the tools for Console). If there's no one actively playing it then just get rid of it. +1
  3. Which were your best and worst moments? Best moments were chilling with the homies and playing some DayZRP. Cant think of a worst moment Are you happy with your time spent on the server currently? I have mixed feelings. Coming back to the community was fun for me and I'm having a blast trying something that I haven't done for such a long time. But there's to much OOC Salt. Would you like to see any shift or change? Yes. I would like to see the Win/PVP Mentality of Campfire RPers to diminish. Better group requirements and rules, as it stands there is too many "Campfire
  4. Age: 20 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: In the past, I've volunteered for events and it they were pretty fun to do. I would like to be able to help push the lore of the server What can you contribute with?: Have been apart of Campfire, Hostile and Misc groups (Military) I work well with others Good RP I don't care what roles are given to me. Timezone/when are you available (server time): EST. I'm available mostly at any time, The best time to DM me is around 3 PM Est on any day. What kind of roles do you think fit?: E
  5. Since you guys now have a group thread, I would like to post some feedback. I think it was a week or two ago (cant remember), but when I first met you guys I found it to be a fun experience. Especially when I had a meeting with one of the bridgewater boys, it was some amazing Roleplay that I had. Despite the negative feedback given from some other community members, I know you guys can provide some top notch RP! Keep it up guys, Hope you guys get approved!
  6. I agree that Hostile Groups have a hard time trying to stay motivated. From what I've seen, It's always some campfire RP group complaining that a Hostile Group is too PVP oriented. There is a minority of groups that have been about PVP in the past (Whether it was previous lore or in the mod days). I don't always consider a hostile group to be focused as they want to have amazing hostile roleplay which might include torture or persuading someone to give out information, but from what I've seen some campfire rp groups love to non-comply and complain when they lose. Like many others have stated i
  7. If anyone is interested in being apart of a trade group dm me here or on discord 🙂

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    2. Trijim



    3. Whitename


      I agree, dayz is cringe

    4. Trijim


      tonight GIF

  8. *Ryan presses his PTT* "Where?! I need a chernarussian nun to bless me so that I don't get robbed by filthy bandits. If it isn't a hassle, I would also like my shop to be blessed with good luck and fortune as well." *Ryan takes his thumb off the PTT*
  9. Forgot to leave some feedback from the other day. Had some amazing rp with @Final Turk, had a lot of laughs. I also appreciate the help from the other day as well, its a shame those filthy bandits got away. Hope you lads get approved soon. #TakeTurkOffFinal
  10. tbh, I cant even remember the last time I found Metal Wire. I 100% believe someone is hoarding items such as Metal Wire and Canteens, because holy fuck they are hard to fucking come across. I can vouch for these claims, pls wipe the server
  11. I voted to wipe the server with no loot spawn change. I agree with some of these reasons as to why there should be a wipe, but I think its about time the server gets a wipe. To be quite honest, I have looted NWAF at least 4 times and could not find this abundance of Scars, RPGs, PKPs, or even FALs. The only thing I find in abundance of is tracer ammo, Rocket ammo, Grenade launcher ammo, .338 Lapua, AK-74's (and its many variants), M16A4s, and MP5A4 (which for some reason I cant find any fucking mags for). I have found a total of 2 PKPs in the 4 or 5 times since I had looted NWAF. I've als
  12. I believe I suggested this in the past, But I don't how the community favored on it since it was such a long time ago. +1 It's a very interesting mod.
  13. Why not simply ask for the apples? Figure It Out What GIF by CBC

    1. Riley


      apples and nudity go hand in hand, right?

    2. Jamie


      That's flame @Riley, @Ron and I don't allow flamers into the wolves

    3. Riley


      @Jamie I'm just asking the important questions~ 😏

    4. Jamie


      @Riley disgusting, keep that off the forums smh, slide into my dms instead 😉

    5. Woodzie


      Because gamers don't ask, they simply take and run away giggling like little girls 🙂


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      @Woodzie ah yes, the simple but yet effective gamer move.

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