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  1. -1 fat negative. I remember when Zombies took atleast 4 bullets to kill, not only that I believe they had a damage increase. I can guarantee you that people who vote yes for this will soon complain to roland and make a suggestion to revert the changes, then someone will make another suggestion (give or take about a month) complaining zombies are weak.
  2. To be frank with you Big Hoss, It's DayZ. If a guy asked what your favorite gun in DayZ is, the opinion will either be the same or it will have something just a bit different. If I were to state "FAL" and someone responds with "FAL because the damage is fucking nice and its beautiful" wouldn't that already make it constructive as it shows why I and another individual picked that particular gun? The OP never specified to give a reason why, it was only ever stated in the title "What is your favorite gun". Had the OP added "and why" to his thread, I can guarantee you the outcome would of been entirely different. It either should of been moved into Offtopic or Forum Games, instead of just pointing everybody who posted on it. At the very least, people should of been cautioned by it.
  3. I get that experience when I eat the Emilio's Chicken Sandwich
  4. but baguette is a bread in which you add meat, lettuce, cheese, and a sauce. It may be in the shape of a Sub, but it is a sandwich. The science is there good sir
  5. no lies are being told, a hotdog is just the meat between the bread or in this case; a Bun. A bun is bread. Therefore, its a sandwich debunked. ~Trijim
  6. btw it doesn't make it a hotdog. A hotdog is its own thing. It is still considered a sandwich
  7. I'll allow you to flame me for my sandwich choices
  8. Just looked it up, it is classified as a sandwich
  9. My other 2 favorite sandwiches goes like this Fried Shrimp (or Fried Chicken) Po'Boy Lamb or Beef Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce
  10. brooo what is that? That doesn't like right to me chief
  11. a thousand apologies, still weird to add cranberry sauce to it.
  12. Absolutely yucky, Thanksgiving Sandwiches are weird.
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