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  1. Trijim


    When you play on Crash and its ruined by a bunch of fucking camping pussies....

  2. Trijim


    I feel as though Friday-Saturday at 8 PM EST is a good time. I would also love it if the roles were randomized. Other than that I'd love to participate in this event
  3. Trijim

    Interview With A Community Member: neom

    was an amazing read
  4. Trijim


    sometimes I wonder how Alinity is still on fucking twitch

  5. Trijim


    Me waiting for the next Mandalorian Episode to come out Friday: impatient judge judy GIF

    1. Inferno


      Facts, how many episodes are suppose to be in the first season?

    2. Trijim


      8. 2nd season was confirmed to be done by Jon Favreau before season 1 even released

  6. Trijim


    Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving 😄

    1. FalkRP


      you to mate.

    2. Trijim


      thanks bro 😄

    3. Kattsura


      You too!!

      cat thanksgiving GIF

  7. Trijim


    I hope everyone has a good turkey day 😄

    1. Inferno


      I see you finally changed your name

    2. Trijim


      I did good sir. 😄

    3. Kattsura


      Happy gobble gobble day!!

  8. Trijim


    No it wasn't what I was implying. I believe that having a KOS Zone would have RP. The person said that the RP would be repeled (meaning RP would be driven off), and was explaining it could provide RP. Sorry for the confusion in that post
  9. Trijim


    Im going to try and give my best definition of FearRP. FearRP is when in that moment, you are experiencing Fear for your character and being very cautious. This is the best definition I can come up with on the spot and may not be 100% accurate but I hope it paints the picture very well. What I want to be achieved is people thinking twice before getting into a KOS zone and when they do get in they aren't nonchalant, acting as if they have been there thousands of times with no problems. Im going to give an IRL scenario (since we are rping in an apocalypse we should treat it as if it was real life). It is the year 2020, a Zombie Apocalypse breaks out. Electricity, Wifi, and other common necessities are now gone. During your survival you see what appears to be an abandoned military base. In this IRL situation, you would be very cautions and show tons of fear when approaching said base (High Risk = High Reward). Just like what @Queerios stated, we aren't suggesting that KOS should be allowed everywhere in the server, Only at the Airfield (and maybe places like Tisy and Troitskoe). Im sure if you read my suggestions and points on the matter, it would open your eyes just a bit.
  10. Trijim


    Greetings Kind sir, you have made some interesting points but 2 of the points I have to disagree with. In one of your bullet points you mention that having this KOS zone would Repel RP, I heavily disagree. There were 2 KOS groups on the server (now only one, which is Corporation). If im being honest, I don't think I've ever seen Potius Cras (Corporation), actually ever shot on sight, and when people normally figure out that they are Corp, they usually hold them up, most of the time they would shoot them (since they can never be caught, they usually don't comply). The provide a lot of great RP, despite them being a KOS group and have provided others with amazing rp. The 2nd bullet point I disagree with is the Perma Death. I feel as though PKing shouldn't be forced unless found guilty of NVFL in a report. I enjoy playing my Character as I've developed many stories and amazing moments in RP. On the other hand though, I feel as though getting shot on the Airfield would put you in a Injured status and this can even be a rule set if this KOS zone is implemented, "Dying or Getting Injured while in this KOS zone, will mark your character injured", I could see this being a rule so that people don't shrug it off and act as Super Soldiers or Darth Scion from KOTOR 2. Just alone the KOS Zone would provide the Missing FearRP the server desperately needs. And with my suggestions and point's ive made about the KOS zone, I believe that it could work, if those ideas were implemented into the making of it.
  11. Trijim

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Welcome back guys, wish you guys the best of luck!
  12. Trijim

    Interview With A Community Member: Finn

    this was a great read. Amazing Interview @Finn
  13. Trijim


    I want to add some points and even suggestions on the KOS zone. For the KOS zone I feel as though there should be Walls surrounding the airfield or some kind of marker stating 'This place is dangerous, proceed with caution". With NWAF airfield being massive I think that there should be 3 crates scattered along each area of NWAF. These crates will have Building supplies, Medical items and Weapons and Ammo (No airdrop involved). Too make it more difficult to get said Items, instead of having zombies in one place, they should be scattered throughout the Airfield (Certain tree lines, and near these crates, etc). This would make people who are looking for a target, think twice about shooting. This concludes my suggestions, now onto some points. With the KOS zone, I feel like it could provide some Intense rp and can potentially be something greater in terms of RP! Less Hoarding. IF you think about it, not a whole a lot of people will be ransacking NWAF if it has such threats in the area. So this would be perfect. RP - I feel like everyone is concerned about getting Domed as you walk towards the barracks. With a KOS zone, It wont always be guaranteed you would get shot on sight.
  14. Trijim

    Gun racks.

    I'd love to see Gun Racks come back. I like Roland's approach to it, wiping them every month and making sure they aren't craftable. My question is though @Roland would it be a full wipe or are you just going around wiping the Gun Racks?
  15. Trijim

    New American Republic [Open Recruitment]

    Cant wait to run into you guys, It will be interesting with kamenici out and about!
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