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  1. I would honestly love to do something like this. It would definitely give me some motivation to continue playing and provide something good for the community (in terms of roleplay)
  2. I agree with everything, however I understand that a trade group requires planning, politics and ability to keep going and be stable. However, if you had NPC traders, you'd be able to get one of three. If I were running a trade group, Politics would be incredibly important and the need to remaining neutral is important for a group concept like this. However, if NPC traders are in, there would be no need for politics. People would look upon the trade group as a means for loot and money and wouldn't give relations a second thought. It might not be all of the groups, but there will be a good few that would look upon NPC traders being more convenient. With that in mind, it could take away from the RP. If a trader is located in the city, there won't be whole lot of people going to the trader, because some people will either priortize loot over interaction, or simply want to make a quick buck so they can get the advantage they need (IE: Purchasing equipment most people are having trouble obtaining from an NPC). The Transporters provided a unique service and I firmly believe that is what drew a lot of attention to you guys ICly, is because you were willing to sell off Vehicles. I hope someone can read this and understand. When it comes to putting shit in words, I fucking suck at it. I hope I was able to make some valid points.
  3. I'd like to keep them out. I would like to see people branch out into Trade/Merchant RP, maybe even creating proper trade settlements or groups. During my time on Nyheim, I've been wanting to push into that like I tried to on Chernarus but often at times I don't have the energy to hop on the server. But having NPC traders would ruin the opportunity for those that would like to try out doing Merchant/Trader RP because it wouldn't provide any roleplay, imagine If I tried to sell a rifle to someone and they go around and say "Well I can go buy that same exact rifle from the Trader in the east for a better price".
  4. This group thread looks very cool! Solid Roster, graphics look amazing, I wish you guys the best of luck!
  5. *An optimistic fella would come through the radio waves* "Hello, my name is Carter Rivers! I am a merchant. I am more than willing to spare a hand or even provide some medical supplies. Please let me know if you need any assistance" *Transmission ends*
  6. howdy gamers

  7. It's been so-so. I love the map, but I feel like there should be some more villages and towns.
  8. Hello, after some time has passed since creating this thread I feel as though there is a good majority vote for this to be added in. I would like the thread to be closed @Hofer @Roland
  9. very interesting group, hopefully you guys can pull this off
  10. Man, I see the groups being posted for Nyheim and they all look fantastic. Lot's of Interesting ideas and concepts being used. Can't wait to play on Nyheim when it's released!

  11. Ooo a trader group! This looks interesting fellas! i'll be keeping my eyes on you, maybe I'll steal away your customers
  12. I forgot to link the Modpage, here you go kind sir https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1934466732
  13. Hello roleplayers of DayZRP, I would like to suggest Ammo Making. With the new lore taking place 50 years into the future, it wouldn't make sense to see boxes of ammo just lying around. These bullets sitting around would either make them completely useless or cause numerous malfunctions within the weapon itself. This is why I'm recommending the AmmoMaking mod. I will leave a document of how this mod works and what mods are compatible with it. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zWOR6QbCyV2V3VRiW8bXKGvpB2qwoKqethXlEd3NUCk/edit?usp=sharing
  14. Group idea Name - Rivers Emporium Link - will post whenever I get group graphics and lore redone. Concept - Trade group that will not only be based out of one location, but will also be mobile Long term goal - Provide survivors with basic resources and other goods at a good price, while trying to remain neutral.
  15. Trade RP is going to thrive on this new map! LETS FUCKING GOOOO!

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      You're going on like the map was the issue

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      tbh, I just hated Chernarus.

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