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  1. chernarus gets around 10-20 people while livonia gets maxed. Chernarus is massive and people are always on the move on that map, while Stuart Island is smaller and provides more opportunity to roleplay.
  2. I voted yes, I would love to play on this map but please use a US lore and not some other country. Would be cool to see some cool American groups! But my concern is how the NLR will work on the server. I dont know map sizes at all, but if stuart island is 5 x 5 km, its relatively small. SO would NLR be a problem on the map due to its size?
  3. Mod name: NoVehicleDamage Mod link:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1735947752 Reason to be added: A very good QOL mod and would make cars usable on max pop
  4. real gunga ginga hours

  5. Enjoyed the top notch news-reporting, looking forward to watching the next episode enjoyed hearing about the old time base in stary
  6. Just realized I hit 1000 hours 😄

  7. Finally got a new gaming mouse 😄

    1. Earl


      Good for you. Dont really matter, cause mine is better...

  8. Ryan Rivers POV: I woke up today and decided to hop on as I had some free time. I can't remember the exact time I got on I would say around 9:30 or 9:50. I noticed our front gate was sawed off and went over to our armory to make sure everything was good. I notice the tents were positioned like this and had noticed the barrel floating in the air. I immediately started recording and taking screenshots (unfortunately they didnt save but I was able to record the video which has been provided in the main part of the report).
  9. This group looks very interesting and the graphics are amazing! Good luck to you guys
  10. Me when I found out I had to go to school today.angry the hulk GIF

  11. I love the idea of the group and the graphics are amazing. its also very reminiscent of my favorite group, The Time!
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