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  1. Dont know if I've given some feedback on roleplay but ill do it again (just in case I havent :D) I love the rp from this group, Everytime I see these dudes its some quality fucking rp which I love. One thing I like the most about this group is that aren't borderline edgy, there some features were they are serious but at times can be quite funny, which I like a lot! Keep up quality shit lads, I hope you guys get approved soon!
  2. I voted no, cool immersion thing but no. While I like immersion and realism, Im okay with DayZ's game mechanics (for the most part). I also feel like its the previous suggestion which some have linked into this suggestion. While this adds Immersion, there is no convenience, which I like about pulling stuff out from the bag.
  3. Oh okay, I totally missed that very interesting group goal for sure.
  4. This group looks good in terms of graphics, goals, etc. But are they against the RAC, are they with the RAC, or are they in the middle? Overall this is a cool group concept, Good luck boys!
  5. Group graphics look amazing, Solid roster, cant wait to see you guys in game. Good luck
  6. these look pretty cool. Might snatch up the Tom Shelby Avatar
  7. I can understand the first bit but the rest i disagree with. Simply going to the trader wont guarantee your weapons back, as it's cash based (the cash is a physical item within the game). There's also rules that would prevent this "endless PVP" cycle. So if someone is focusing on pvping they could simply get the hammer from the GMs/Admins. As for the avoiding rp claim, if someone is avoiding rp and only focus on the gear, they could also just get a ban from GMs/Admins.
  8. I wouldn't think it would be hard. But I feel like it wouldn't be like a pvp pub server. Trading with real people has it's problems, like roland has stated. I agree that having NPC traders is a good idea since it could promote a healthy economy. Even then, trading with real people wont fade away. Because someone can trade off a weapon or an item they got from the trader for cash in return or an item of equal value.
  9. For the people who decide to stay at a trader zone, it will be boring for them since they would have wait more than 30 minutes for an encounter when they could just roam the map and encounter tons of other people. Im sure there would be some sort of rule setup where you can only stay for a certain amount of time (If the idea that Trader Zones can be captured like in KOTH).
  10. I disagree, I played on a server that had expansion and helicopters did pretty well for a server with 80 people playing.
  11. Absolute mad lad.
  12. I agree with this and Duke's statement But I stand by with enforcing the lore and having the raid make sense, such as for example: RAC Goes on a raid and succeeds the people in the camp are a mix of CLF and CLF Sympathizers (not in the group). Some of them end up dying in the process. That would make sense for a dynamic group to attack. Instead of attacking for gear, it should be for rp and have a good reason. Its a week into the lore, Im struggling how a rag tag group of civilians can try to take on a Military outpost with 15+ trained soldiers. Like I had said in my post, I'd love to see the Lore be more enforced, how that would happen I have no clue. TLDR: The raid has to make sense, none of this "Oh my weapons were confiscated but handed back to me" I want to get vengeance. Lore should be more enforced.
  13. @Jade congrats 😄

    1. Jade


      Thank you 😄 

  14. Had some amazing rp from @groovy cali @Ducky and the rest of RF bois.
  15. My Pov On that day, I was around patrolling and decided to stand guard at our administration building. Prior to this, there was an unfamiliar voice asking "Am I allowed in here?" or something along the lines. During the time he was inside and was told by the guards to leave he talks about how he wants to stream it on facebook live. He decides he wants to cooperate and leaves the building. After doing so, he confronts me and asks for my name in which i give my rank (totally butchered it) and full character name. He then said he was streaming this on "facebook live" to 444 CLF Members, which are the people we are supposed to apprehend since there is a war between RAC and CLF. I react quickly and told him along the lines, "Im going to need to confiscate that camera" (I believe it was along those lines). He decides to run away and I try to run after, In which I give up soon later since it was clear he had more stamina then I did and had the headstart. He then comes back later and proceeds to talk to me in russian. Im not Russian OOC and do not know the language very well, as I only know certain words. He kept doing this and I just replied with either "Da" (Yes) or "Da?". Some time had passed and all I hear is people shouting, telling us to put our hands up. I looked around my field of view and didnt see anyone, so naturally they didn't see me. I hid at the L-Shaped building in the courtyard and waited until one of the came in, In which one did. I immediately kill him and heard shots from inside the compound. I ran into the building and tried to kill Turk and ultimately fail. The kill on me and duke were totally valid (GG btw) This pretty much sums up my pov. Other than that I have no video evidence.
  16. Kozlov Antonovich was born in Moscow, Russia slightly before the fall of the Soviet Union. Kozlov was raised in a poverty-stricken family in a part of Russia called Tolyatti, which was often seen as an Industrial City, due to the large amounts of factories. . During his childhood in Tolyatti, he was well-liked amongst his peers and was seen as an athletic type. His mother wanted him to study Politics and become a government official, but alas, that life didn’t seem interesting to Kozlov. Kozlov’s father was a hard-working man who understood the importance of working, rather than leech off its own people. Kozlov’s father did not respect most russian politicians as they were seen as power hungry or corrupt. His father wanted him to enlist the RAC (Respublica Armiya Chernarus). As Kozlov heard his Father’s suggestion, he was intrigued by the Military Life. So at the age of 18, he decided to enlist and go through Basic Training. After completing his Basic Training, he met a man by the name of Lopotev. He grew very fond of hanging around Lopotev and hearing his Ideas. Kozlov would carry his Ideals deep within his soul as he would soon become a Spotter. Kozlov Antonovich would soon be assigned to the 34th Battalion as a Spotter. Kozlov would soon hear about the assassination of Lopotev that was done by Chernarussian Rebels. As he heard on the news about the assassination of Lopotev, he was given orders to accompany the 34th Battalion to Chernarus.
  17. Okay thanks for the clarification, but im not saying this should be added day 1, but maybe season 2 or 3 of the new lore.
  18. I voted yes, This mod looks amazing and adds a lot of overgrowth and "Decay" to towns. I dont quite understand how it isnt compatible with SC, as it states that if you want an optimal environment overhaul, you can add it to Summer Chernarus. If it's really a matter of performance, I'd say give a shot for atleast a week on the official server or the 2nd server. If there's a noticeable change in performance than it could just be removed.
  19. I'd like to give my thanks to the wonderful LM's and Dev's! The amount of time and effort you have put into your work is truly remarkable! Keep it up lads and ladettes
  20. Trijim


    That would be the idea. When I wrote up the suggestion, I had forgotten that point to include into the suggestion, but Inferno and Harvey were able to sum it up perfectly. Lowering ammo spawns over time would be immersive and would allow those to find the parts to make said bullets. One thing I had forgot to mention is to lower the spawn rates to find the materials to make bullets, as in a Zombie Apocalpyse, it would be hard to find gunpowder, sulfur, or even the tools needed to make the casings or put it all together. I agree with the sentiment "Down the road this would be a good mod to have", as time would have passed in the server which would make stuff rarer or harder to obtain.
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