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  1. I would love to see both of these mods added in or at least one of them. And I can agree that the server's that run these mods run perfectly fine. I would love to see more clothing as it gives the people more outfits to choose from.
  2. GunRunnee02

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    No, they aren't as common, I've done more than 10 trips to NWAF and have not found a single pair of NVG's. I also have to agree with Wombat. Its fine how it is.
  3. GunRunnee02

    Testing a new map on S2

    Since the map takes place in the United States ,will there be a lore for it? I think there would be some interesting groups if it was based in Europe or the United States.
  4. GunRunnee02

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    Congrats on the Approval!
  5. Love the graphics! Good luck guys
  6. GunRunnee02

    The Dollars

    Good luck guys
  7. GunRunnee02

    OREL (Recruitment Open)

    This looks amazing, Love the graphics! Cant wait to see you lads around Good luck
  8. Good luck guys, Hope to rp with you lads soon
  9. GunRunnee02

    501 (Recruitment Open)

    Good luck guys!
  10. GunRunnee02


    Good luck guys! Hope to run into you lads
  11. GunRunnee02

    Další Stránka [Selective Recruitment]

    This looks amazing! Cant wait to rp with you guys in the future!!
  12. GunRunnee02

    S1 Polana | NVFL & Baiting

    Ryan Rivers POV: So earlier that day, We had someone run into Polana who was Ex Merciless. He had some questions that he wanted answered so me and some of the guys there answered them and proceeded to Bullshit IC. We asked him if he had anyone around and said no. We proceeded to tell him to leave. After about 30 minutes or an Hour, He came back with a saw in his hand. He tried looking through the base and was trying to cut the lock off (he couldn't find where to cut it I presume). Afterwards, he began messing with our combo lock (trying to solve it), that's when me and the other WP came out and asked him to stop fucking with our lock. I told the other WP that he had a Handsaw out and was trying to cut off the lock and the man proceeded to tell me "Was I?" and some other condescending words. We had told Luka that he tried to saw the lock off and we told him to leave the town. He started walking towards the front gate and I had told him "Can you stop being dramatic and just leave the town already?". We had informed Legion about what was going on and proceeded to help us remove him from the town. While walking up the road we tell him to speed it up. He then responds with "My Ankles are hurting". We had told to hurry it up. We had given him a countdown to start sprinting. I had also shot in the air to scare him into running. At no point do you hear any of my shots land next to him and it was clear it was in the air. At some point down the road he turned around and pulled a weapon out and shot wong in the process, then we had shot Clay. I would like to explain the chat log given: So while he was there the first time asking questions, I had told him he was bullshitting us about the gunfight that had happened at the Merciless base. I had told him we didn't see any dead bodies nor did we hear any gunshots.
  13. *Ryan Pushes down on the PTT* "I have to disagree with you. I've been in Polana for 2 days and im now living there. They've provided food and water for the public. Not once have I seen them rob anyone of their belongings!" *Ryan would sigh and take his fingers off the PTT*
  14. GunRunnee02

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Congrats Guys!!
  15. GunRunnee02

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Enjoyed last night's rp with The Legion Corporation! Keep it up fellas
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