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  1. Robert came from a family of landowners in Texas. His great grandfather, though a confederate, was wise enough to switch from slavery and cotton quickly enough to not go out of business. This allowed Robert to inherit a respectably sized piece of land, which he used to grow berries and fruits. Embodying the spirit of a southern gentleman, Robert kept his estate afloat with his ingenuity, selling his produce high to smaller communities in the south. Unperturbed by reports of a new plague sweeping Europe, he headed to Stuart Island to negotiate some form of trade deal with the locals, only to get caught up in the ensuing apocalypse.
  2. @Rover - Alex gave me a soft drink can and a box of cereal when first captured if I remember correctly, after I was tied up and the new captors came I got a decent amount of food, the vomiting was from cholera and not from too much food. They fed me water when I asked for it, but I vomited once or twice from being given too much. The water they did give me dissipated quickly though, with cholera you need constant sips without having too much or you throw it up. When I rejoined after my crash, there were three people in the room including Katarzyna, I asked for water again (I was in the red) and stated I had cholera IC, this is when I was given too much and I vomited, after that I had a couple more sips without vomiting and received medicine (my hydration went up to yellow I think). The other two left the room, at which point more RP commenced, but my hydration fell back down quickly and that killed me.
  3. POV of Elijah Cranmer: I logged in after the two firefights had already occurred, when I got on I saw three gentlemen heading east from where I had spawned in Cherno. I jogged up to one of them and waved, the other two went on their way. The person who stopped to talk was Alex Jackson, who according to Ashfords report and the logs was the man who was recently killed and had returned to Cherno. I didn't know this, but suffering from a lack of food I asked him for some, to which he obliged. He professed he was simply a scavenger passing through, I asked if he had seen any corpses of men with my uniform, though I got a vague answer. As we were about to part ways he pulled up his gun and revealed that he was part of the initial firefight, after fiddling with my controls I put my hands up. He led me to a warehouse, where I dropped the two guns on my back. He gave me a canned drink and some food, which I consumed, I made him aware that I was suffering from Cholera and was also very hungry and thirsty, in IC and in OOC. At a few points I thought I might die but I managed to stay away from the brink. At one point he asked if I wanted to be executed, to which I replied in OOC "no" (You can see this in the logs: 21:58:34 | Chat("Alex Jackson"): // EXOCUTE?) He explained that the Cavaliers had offended his 'family' some how, which I had no knowledge of. After some time had passed, two others came in, one was 'Katarzyna Zientek Walczyszka' and the other I don't know the name of. They essentially repeated what I'd already been told, that we had messed with their faction somehow, I denied any knowledge or involvement. I was stripped of all my clothes and belongings and tied up. I was informed that my faction had killed a man called "Mason" (Which according to the logs had happened shortly before my capture) I again informed my new interrogators that I needed water and food as I was dying of cholera, I communicated this IC and OOC. As revenge for Masons death Katarzyna asked for OOC permission to take one of my eyes, I gave the go ahead as I thought why not. Shortly after this I crashed, after logging back in, I had to again stress that I was very close to death, I received some medicine and water, but I threw up a couple times as a result of overfeeding. Katarzyna then asked OOC permission to cut my manhood off, I thought this was a bit far, especially for something I had no involvement in, so I said no. It seemed after this that they planned to let me go, Katarzyna stood on my back (I was lying on the floor, I assume she wanted to jump on me to attempt more torture RP) however I succumbed to a lack of water. My captors failed to keep me alive despite my repeated pleas expressed IC and OOC, I think a better way to handle my capture would be to try and heal my cholera and lack of food/water before engaging in torture RP. There were at least two other men with Katarzyna by the time of my death, I assume one of them was Alkis Rouber as he tagged me in the DayZRP discord when I crashed, the other I don't know. Katarzyna was the only one who tortured me, one of the others fed me medicine shortly before my death. It seems that I was captured and mutilated solely as a result of Alex Jackson breaking the rules and returning to Cherno before he was supposed to Please could you add I and the rest of my captors chat logs, @Rinkatorin may remember who the rest of the captors were
  4. Viscount Ashford and His Proud Pumpkin Farm Its never too late for Halloween!
  5. *Inside Cranmer's humble study, the Priest is undertaking a light reading of the Gospel, when through the thin walls of the buildings of Albion, he hears:* "bzzt....listeners...Father David...bzzt" *Being alerted, he burst through into the Lord Captains office, and demanded that Mr Nichols adjust the signal, loud enough to startle the Viscount from his afternoon snooze* "Why it's another broadcast!" *After listening to some responders, the Chaplain decides to chin in* "Good afternoon to you Father! My name is Elijah Cranmer, Chaplain of the Cavaliers and faithful servant of the Lord our God. It is good to hear another man of faith along these frequencies! I thought I might pose to you some questions for yourself." *Cranmer fumbles with his pockets and finds a flip-book which he flicks through for a few seconds* "Which is your favorite passage in the Gospel? Mine is the 1st Corinthians 13, in the New International Version: 'If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but do not have love, I am nothing. 3 If I give all I possess to the poor and give over my body to hardship that I may boast, but do not have love, I gain nothing.' Though I usually study with my King James bible, I find the use of the word "love" over "charity" to be more appropriate" *He flicks again* "Second, what do you make of the dreadful condition of the "infected" so as you say, some have said this is a sign of the end times, but I do not think so, as the prophesies have not been fulfilled, (see Matthew 24–25; Mark 13 and Luke 21). Do you suppose those afflicted have been possessed by demons? I have yet to perform a successful exorcism, or do you think instead they are merely the sickly?" *The Lord Captain groans can be heard faintly as the man flicks again* "Thirdly, how would you say is the best way to spread the word of Christ in these times? You and your radio station are of sure service to the Lord, but for one such as I who has little knowledge or access to these devices, how would you suggest I go about most effectively spreading the good word?" *The flip-book can be heard closing as the Lord Captain mumbles to himself in the background noise* "It is truly a pleasure to hear your broadcast every Sunday, I hope you continue your service. Should you ever want to discuss the faith be sure to come visit, or perhaps I shall come to you some time. Farewell for now! God Bless!" *The radio cuts silent*
  6. Ordained under the holy cross, Elijah has been a man of faith since his mothers passing. His faith and attention to theology earned the respect of his father and the Anglican clergy, he perceives the world through the eyes of a very religious man, understanding of God's mercy but also his infinite justice. Through his dedication and piety his was able to become and ordained priest, serving in Oxford as a man of the faith despite his young age. However his disillusionment with his peers began after his more fundamentalist views clashed with the progressive standards of his church. Seeking a spiritual relief, and on his fathers suggestion, he moved to Chenarussia to seek discussion with his Orthodox cousins, and become a chaplain for NATO soldiers operating in the region. Confronted with a supposed apocalypse, Elijah sees the present as the most important part of his life, where he may be able to save more souls before the coming end.
  7. Duncan was a young professor at Nottingham university, mainly teaching History to unenthusiastic students. He has a passion for knowledge, especially regarding History, and often took to recording (what he thought were) important events in a journal of his. He moved to Chenarussia shortly before the civil war, convinced he would be able to record History firsthand. Since then he has been recording the events in Chenarussia, knowing he would be acclaimed for the work he does now. He was able to record several battles and events, just to his liking, When the apocalypse came, Duncan was ecstatic, he may have been the only Historian in all of Chenarussia. However as the the days grew sour, he began to wonder if anyone would be alive to read his recordings in the end.

  9. Starkey joined the Navy in 2003 to get a taste of the world outside of England. He didn't like it very much. But despite his apathy towards other countries he enjoyed military life. nothing suited him more than a uniform he thought. After touring with them for many years without much action, he saw an opportunity for a more exciting life when the Aegis Corp sweeped his Navy Company in search of recruits. He signed on and put in a A.C.S squad. Since then he has gained considerably more combat experience. Due to complications his mobilization to Chenarussia during the crisis was delayed by a few weeks. Starkey has a very happy go lucky attitude to his current military position, and doesn't care if he is shooting the undead or native dissidents.
  10. Stephen grew up in England, he lived near the city with a fairly normal family. However living near the city proved to work in his opposition, as he grew older and started to seek a job, there were none that did not have very high standards. coupled with house and apartment prices, he struggled to find a source of income. But by fate or luck the evening news pointed him to Chenarus, a small booming country near Turkey. Thinking he could seek his fortune working then return to England, he set off early 2017. He soon found a job working in a mine, and quietly worked there for a few months. July would be the month it all fell apart, increasing tensions and the scare of a new "infection" made Stephen wish he never came to this place. One afternoon on his shift, the upside of his mine was hit by a bomb. Weather intentional or accidental was a mystery to him, but he and his other workers were trapped in a mine for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, with no help in sight, the workers freed themselves. How long it had been they did not know, as the sun did not reach their caverns. Stephen estimated it to be about 2 weeks, and after gathering his things, he went to find a way off this blasted country.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I assume I was banned for not having DayZ, It was a mistake but i have it now. See my Steam account. Otherwise if the reasons are other, Such as previous VAC bans, Trade, ect, i do not have any Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My plan was to get white listed then buy DayZ because I was afraid if I failed getting white listed 5 times I would have wasted £23 What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have my blacklist removed and my white list reconsidered What could you have done better?: Buying DayZ in the first place. I believe I am a fool for not realizing I would not be accepted without the game I have actually sent 2 messages through the "Contact Us" button (See image) and I'm terribly sorry, I didn't realize i needed to post here until a friend told me
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