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  1. Born to a family of a doctor prior to the outbreak, Bjork, during the outbreak was brought up in life to help those who seek it. As a young kid growing up during these times he was forced to learn to survive these harsh conditions in a very strict household and a group of fellow hospital workers. Over time his father and the others taught him basic medical procedures and then advanced procedures as he grew older to perfect them. It has been many years now and Bjork is growing old but has developed into a professional doctor that was taught by the best during this outbreak.
  2. Born in Norway during the pandemic, Marek Svoboda's parents were within a band of survivors who related to the old Albanian Mob prior to the outbreak at least. They survived over the years and kept the organization going by any means necessary. No longer are called the Albanian Mob or whatnot, now they're just a group of survivors making it through this waste with roots back to a good time but still chaotic time, not as bad as this though. Marek was brought into the organization at the age of eighteen and made a name for himself by being a great diplomatic negotiator. He interacted with other groups that they would come across with a charm. He was also a great supply logistician due to his OCD-like tendencies. One day he met a female from a fellow group and asked if he could get to know her and with his charm the two groups allianced due to the relationship with Marek and his new lady friend. Marek now is in his early twenties and has since moved on from the groups still being in contact with them he has left and went out on his own endeavors to make the best out of this world we live in today.
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