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  1. Rudah

    Ban Appeal

    We did not keep up with the time, we thought it's over, we were kinda laking interest to RP at that moment, the school was up... plenty of weak reasons but I am aware that we did something wrong and surely it won't happen again. About my friends' ban; can he link his with this one as he's a part of my party? @Spartan
  2. Rudah

    Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I didn't get to reply due to the fact that I'm an organizer for this year's newcomers prom at my college. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My character and Oleg passed through lots of tough stuff in their lifetime. They were strolling down the street after some incidents; being robbed and left in the woods, shot, etcetera. In a OOC point of view, we never approached the report section in order to fulfill one and get the people that robbed us for gear banned. We kept the storyline and went off with it. We got shot many times after being robbed (PK) and due to this fact, our characters are now anxious and on a lookout for gear to survive since this is a post apocalyptic world (you have resources=you live; you lost resources=you 'gather'). I shot that guy because I thought he's coming to revenge and my character being anxious after a peek over his shoulder he decided to commit a crime. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Get my friend and I unbanned. What could you have done better?: Log off after the 30 mins; approach a different scene of RP even though my character is acting totally different; ruin my own roleplay experience avoiding my character's past as the reporter appeared to request within his report thread.
  3. Heriberto Valdo saw the sunlight for the first time in the very north of Spain, raised and lived there for a bunch of years. He thought nothing will occur within his normal life. Around the age of thirteen, his family decided to forfeit the fight versus the hometown taxes, they managed to leave for Russia then Lopatino, a small town just west of Chernarus airport. Years passed by, he grew up, everything went smooth but one thing he wasn't aware of was the well-known infection, overtaking his city when he was around twenty. Unfortunately, only the family head and he survived due to their immunity. After the hideout mid-62nd Order, the survival attempt seemed a reachable goal but yet another issue occurred Viktor's life; half of Lopatino became a ruin and he was one of the very few to survive, yet again, his father did not. His willingness for survival made him change the location once again. He gathered some resources and traveled all the way southeast in the forest between Stary Sobor and Moglievka to build a shelter. He is struggling to live day-to-day until now but in the future... we'll see.