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  1. I approve of your profile song!

    1. Chief


      Yeah I'll hit a +1 on that.

  2. My favourites are either Buffalo Soldier, I shot the Sheriff or Jamming. I started using bobmarley as my name as when I joined the Altis community I didn't know how to change your Arma 3 profile name, and I called my computer "bobmarley" so my ingame was bobmarley, and it just stuck.
  3. Hello my name is Tom, and I have been trying to find a role play server for Dayz for a very long time, before I stopped playing Dayz after just 70 hours in game in 2014. I do have previous experience in role play in Arma 3 which is quite similar to Dayz. I currently play on one of the best role play servers for Altis Life, where I have been a Tier 3 staff member and second in command of the medics. That server is very strict on rules as well, and looking at the server rules here they are very similar, so I think I will fit in well in this community. I'm quite inexperience at Dayz with where things are and the mechanics, but hopefully that will be ironed out eventually. Hope to see you ingame.