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  1. Ron Beverly

    Ron Beverly is a British photographer who went to the North of Chernarus and stayed in a cabin by Devil’s Castle with his family to take pictures of the landscape and the wildlife. During the initial stages of the outbreak Ron, his wife, Naomi, and three children, RJ, Ben and Tiffany were unaware of what was happening as they were in North of Chernarus and continued life as normal. Where Ron, Naomi and their oldest son, RJ would take turns in hiking to take pictures of the landscape and wildlife whilst one would stay at the cabin developing photos which were taken the day before and looking after the two younger children. On the day when Ron and his family found out about the outbreak of the virus, Ron and Naomi were out hiking and taking pictures, whilst RJ was back at the cabin, looking after the two younger children. Ron and Naomi did everything they could to get back to cabin to relocate with the rest of their family as quickly as possible, but their efforts were in vain. As when they got back to the cabin, the cabin was empty and the children were no longer there. The only thing left was a note from RJ saying that he took Ben and Tiffany and that they were heading to the Green Mountain, as RJ heard reports that the military have set up refuge there. Despite not knowing for certain that the reports were true RJ, Ben and Tiffany headed there anyway. Sometime later, Ron and Naomi came across a group of armed men who were in uniforms of United Nations forces, West of Berezino . Believing they were UN Soldiers, Ron and Naomi approached them in hope they would help them get to the Green Mountain. However, these men were not UN soldiers but bandits who stole uniforms and equipment from UN soldiers, they quickly captured both Ron and Naomi. They forced Ron to watch as they brutally murdered Naomi, before attempting to murder Ron and leave him for dead. Fortunately, Ron was found by another group of survivors who called themselves, The Coyotes. They nursed Ron back to full health, now recovered Ron is now desperate to track down the rest of his family. Ron is now at a cross roads, due to what happened to him he now has trouble trusting fellow survivors that he comes across. However, he needs to approach and talk to survivors so that they can give him information which could help him locate RJ, Ben, and Tiffany.
  2. My favourites are either Buffalo Soldier, I shot the Sheriff or Jamming. I started using bobmarley as my name as when I joined the Altis community I didn't know how to change your Arma 3 profile name, and I called my computer "bobmarley" so my ingame was bobmarley, and it just stuck.
  3. Hello my name is Tom, and I have been trying to find a role play server for Dayz for a very long time, before I stopped playing Dayz after just 70 hours in game in 2014. I do have previous experience in role play in Arma 3 which is quite similar to Dayz. I currently play on one of the best role play servers for Altis Life, where I have been a Tier 3 staff member and second in command of the medics. That server is very strict on rules as well, and looking at the server rules here they are very similar, so I think I will fit in well in this community. I'm quite inexperience at Dayz with where things are and the mechanics, but hopefully that will be ironed out eventually. Hope to see you ingame.