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  1. Name's Jonathan Frost, i'm 22, turning 23 in November. originally, i was born in Israel, and in 2001 me and my parents went to live in the United States, Massachusetts. after i graduated from College, in 2008, i had enlisted to the United States Marine Corps. Then, in 2009, i was deployed in Chernarus, to defeat the Chernarussia Movement of the red star. it was a success, but my platoon got in a shitty situation, and i was the only one luckily out of it. earned a couple of meaningless medals. then i retired in 2011, and had moved to Chernarus. i liked the way they lived there, the old way. i had lived in Elektrozavodsk, and worked as a technician in multiple Factories. then, in 2013, i went a head, and started working out. it felt like i had a line of endless motivations. i worked out because the one and only reason- i wanted to enlist to the Chernarus Defense Forces. which i like the idea, since i could talk both English and Russian almost fluently. so it might help. when i enlisted in 2014, it was coincidentally before the outbreak started spreading. i was deployed on the front lines, east coast. i was a tank crew commander. which was a hard thing to do, especially in this sort of horrifying situation. a week after we were deployed, our MREs had ran out. which wasn't good at all. we knew what was going on around us. and it has been made very clear through our radio that ALL homes were Evacuated. we went out looking for food, in berezino. but then, me and the rest of my tank crew, got split. what a shitshow, i thought to myself. a couple of days had gone by, and i luckily found food. i had gotten rid of my TTSKO Shirt and pants, because they were very uncomfortable on me. i looked like a civilian for a couple of weeks. untill i ran into my house, unlooted, and for some mysterious reason,i decided that i should wear my old cammys' from the marine corps. a couple of weeks had gone by, and nothing special had happened, then i met a guy, but we passed eachother without much. his name was "Jack Brown". brown seemed was a brit, and he seemed like he went through some tough shit. i wanted to go along him, but i didn't see it as a good idea at the time. one of the days later, i had found a pack of smokes, and i just had some matches, and i thought i should take one, but these cigars were so bad, i almost chocked. sometime back, when i went out scouting in elektrozavodsk, i met a guy near the Fire dep. station, he called himself Boris, and had a Russian accent. he told he his background story, and how he wanted to save the world, in one way or another, his story seemed childish, but i rolled with him for quite a long while. he once told me he saw some guy shooting a woman, without any risks taken, just straight up brutally shot her, in the back of the neck. he said ever since he saw that happen, he said the next time he sees a person die, it's on him to kill the bastard who killed that person. after that story, i acted differently towards him, and saw him as a real human being, that follows his Morals. but, what happened to him, i ask myself this question every other day. he just disappeared one day. i adopted his idea, and wanted to do the best of what i could to help out in saving this darned world. even though it's way too deep in a shitpile, there's still hope for it. i know it... a few months passed after he disappeared, and i met a guy, his name was Andy, he had a similar background story to me, he was a retired military man who moved to chernarus aswell, but it was a very short time that i had him with me, and he got shot... just like that. i ran away fast enough and wasn't wounded. since that day, i felt the same feeling that Boris had. just a person, dying for no good reason. i really wanted to seek for revenge, but that wasn't an option for me. i didn't want to risk my life like that. heading to just a month ago, i met two Russian Guys, they were very silent, said maybe a word or two to me. i thought they were going to do something against me, so i waited for the right time and ran away from them, luckily i didn't get noticed. now i had plans to head out and start my own group. that wont die like Andy did. This group will be treated like humans. Just yesterday a guy i found, that he was surprisingly a Jewish person, who spoke English and Hebrew, his name was Eitan and he was a former IAF Pilot. i liked him alot because he had a nice sense of humor, and war very positive, he is a guy who could speak some sense into people. i hanged out with him and we unbelievably found a person from a long while back... Jack brown. who would believe he is still alive?! i thought, and i had to run towards him and give him a hug, because i just felt so cheerful. Jack said he was very surprised to see me alive aswell, and told me alot about what had happened to him while he wasn't with me. and today, i found out that there are Communities, and i was just shocked, i couldn't just Imagine seeing people again. Eitan had mentioned that Bandits are roaming the country now more than ever. which was bad for all of us. and at that moment and time, i knew who shot Andy. and i felt anger going through my bloodstream, and i said that i will seek for revenge.