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  1. Bye

    awhh, don't go. You da king Take care bud, may our paths cross again so we may suck at pubg and other things! <3
    • CrazyShootin
    • Brayces

    Spung bub the spug.

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    2. Brayces


      Splorf den härliga oskärpa
    3. CrazyShootin


      Ostpaj kryddad med kamelpuckel och ostronsylt.

    4. Brayces


      hjälp mig att spjälka yeeteren
    • Brayces
    • CrazyShootin


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    2. Brayces


      AMAZING. Make it into a movie, right now.

    3. CrazyShootin


      Once upon a yeet, a yeeter yeeted his last yeet to his fellow yeeters. The yeeter yeeted as follows; Fear not my yetters, thau shalt yeet thy yeets in a yeety fashion despite my yeety demise. Yeet. 

    4. Brayces



  2. It was good rp, I like the big circle at the pub. So many strange conversations and encounters
  3. o7

    Nooo.... hope you come around again buddy, good luck with the real life rp. Hugs kisses and squeezes
  4. And thank you guys for the glorious pub RP if you want more live music just holler my way 😘
  5. Spent the day at the Kovar's Market. Met tons of fun people props to the market, and the people in the cherno civilian defense! Stay awesome.
  6. Haha, didn't even expect to find anyone up there. Was quite the surprise
  7. Mark Johnson

    Mark used to be a small time traveling artist. Making money on small gigs in pubs, for birthdays and sometimes weddings. He enjoyed traveling the world and seeing new places, and his profession allowed him to fulfill that lust. Even in the apocalypse, he tries to lift the spirits of the people with some sweet tunes. No one knows if he's just a full heart optimist, incredibly naive, or just a little insane... Maybe a bit of everything. He doesn't like to talk about his family, since he rather live in denial than face the truth they might be gone.
  8. Double Barrel of Justice {Open Frequency}

    *pushes PTT* I like hats. *Talks intensively on the radio about hats and how they arouse people* Hats are automatically proven 110% to make the ladies fall in love with you at first sight. *Unclicks PTT.*
  9. Brayces - COMIC/ART

    That is so good The girl with the mask looks like a smaller and condensed creepier version of the joker
  10. Chernarus Radio

    Like a co-op thing with a DJ and a radio host you mean?
  11. Chernarus Radio

    You can't just ... BRUSH. Him off like that! (hoho, brush, cuz, broom n' puns... I'll leave now.)
  12. Chernarus Radio

    I'll be sure to check it out, thanks