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  1. I feel like by having the map on Tanoa its going to limit the population quite a bit.
  2. You claim he ran inside when we all opened fire at the same second, how would that happen if he had to run inside first?
  3. My PoV- I came up to the infirmary where Blaine and Matisse had been speaking to a guy who was disrespecting them, I came up and talked with him, he asked me if I had a problem and ast why I was going in the infirmary and said he was *Calling on the radio*. We then decided we were going to initiate on him as he disrespected our group and spat on Matisse, and thought his friends might be on the way. I then got behind the guy and initiated so he could only run into one room, after I initiated he backed off into the room and came back out knowing he was surrounded shooting me, I shot back as he didn't comply but fell unconscious from the shots and Matisse killed him. My group then bandaged me up and waited for me to wake up.
  4. Great RP over the last few days looking forward to playing with you guys more over the weekend.
  5. The settlements, the ARMA 2 mod, the fear of bandits.
  6. Need a GUID reset thought it still worked to get your GUID from commander after coming back from break. //Terra: GUID reset. Make sure to the enter the right one now
  7. +1 this would be a good addition.
  8. Thanks everyone, for the warm welcome back.
  9. Hi most of you may not remember me, but I haven't played DayzRP in a few months, However now the mod looks like it has improved greatly and i'm looking forward to returning. Some of you may remember me as Matthew Phillips from the 501st. Looking forward to playing with you guys again in the next week.
  10. Ghost does but I don't think he will give it to you
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