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"You count sheep. ‎‎‎‎⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I count cows."

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  1. Anyone else get that sense of when you're about to be initiated upon?

    I'm trying a new method, initiate on them first. 


    1. Mommy


      DayzRP's version of "You cant fire me, I quit!"

    2. RiZ


      I usually always know when the yeet is about to happen. The ones that take me by surprise are the best.

    3. Cherryfeather


      It's usually something uncreative like instantly asking your name and affiliation, then their squeaker in all black with a skull mask draws their gun. It hasn't changed in nearly 7 years

    4. Cowmoo


      Yeah. That has been a common one. That's generally when I reply "Well, then, that's a rather unusual and abrupt question to ask." and I just find ways to continue deflecting the question, because I want them to keep guessing if I am with someone or not. 

      When I do travel with someone, I don't give them up, if they see that I am surrounded by people. I just play it out and say that "my guys" are nearby. If I feel tension is building up in the conversation.

    5. Cherryfeather


      Truth, been trying my hand at this travelling butcher thing and so far I've gotten positive roleplay from what basically chalks up to "WANT SOME MEAT?" Been taking my tripod and cooking pot and setting up near towns to let people come and cook their own food and such. No robberies yet but a few close ones.

    6. Cowmoo


      Yeah, I am kinda doing the hunter/scavenger kind of ordeal with this character right now... 


    7. Cowmoo


      Running around with a sword and metal armor against a horde of Infected right now feels so bad ass! Haha! 😎

    8. Cherryfeather


      i wanna do that! Let me be your squire holy shit!

    9. Cowmoo


      You need 2 hacksaws, 2 rolls of ducttape, and 8 parts of Sheet Metal.

    10. Cowmoo


      And of course a sword. Heheh. 🙂 

    11. Cherryfeather


      I don't think I've seen a saw in days, woof.


    12. Cowmoo


      I managed to stumble upon 2 hacksaws, 2 rolls of ducttape and 10 parts of Sheet Metal in Chernogorsk in the span of 5 minutes, I was like "DayZ, you clearly want me to create metal armor, don't you? Why can't you just give me a radiator when I need one, but noooooo!"

    13. Cherryfeather


      You have BECOME the radiator.

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