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  1. I have decided I am no longer playing DayZRP, until some of these reports can be resolved. I shall see you all then. ✌️

    1. JimRP
    2. Samaritan


      I was going to say that is a odd reason to stop playing but then I've noticed you have put up 5 reports. You do realise that posting this status and choosing to not play DayZRP isn't going to make them get solved any quicker so it's a bit of a moot point to make. You might as well carry on playing.

    3. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      At the moment all but 3 gm+ are either out of town, sick or busy with important IRL stuff (including me). A little patience goes a long way, but if you want to boycott the server then go ahead, no one is stopping you.

      Maybe we could delegate some reports to the kirby council? @Wumbyyy @Dan @Jadeboat @Castiel @William @AndreyQ @Para

    4. Para


      Lmao if somebody's leaving because their report wasn't handled quickly enough, really don't think he's taking into account we're all human tbh. 

      Still think your iron fist approach seeking justice is gonna cause you a lot of unneeded stress and irritation. 

    5. Cowmoo


      Look, people, I apologize if my status came off as hostile. I truly do apologize. I love this community. I may have come off impatient. I wrote this status shortly after posting another report regarding the same issue for the 4th time in 36 hours. I wasn't thinking rationally.

      My intentions weren't to "boycott" but merely make a statement that there needs to be some sort of change. I am not the only one who feels this way, and I have been throwing short status updates and forums post here and there to get inside people's heads to say "Hey wake up, what can we do to fix the roleplay and attitudes between the community?" for the last several months. --- I even brought up the idea of the return of the Mentor Programme, but it needs more traction before people will take that serious. I applied for staff once, the ideal of being a Support member, a limited position, just so if new players had questions about whether or not they can commit a certain action in-game, they have someone they can trust and say "go for it" or "don't". I rescinded my application, when I began to lose hope in this community. But that hope still hangs on by a thread.

      My point is, there's some conflicts I can accept will never change, because they've been here since l before I came to the community. But a lot of these "attitudes", and the three dozen reports, related to similar circumstances in the past month, all come from conflicting issues and lack of guidance that built up over a long while now.

      There's a reason why you always come accross new threads at least once a week, where people bitch about "HostileRP" or "CampRP" and how all the good roleplayers hide in the corners of the map, blah blah blah.

      Anyways, this single status isn't just about the reports, but the amount of bullshit that has been slowly eating at me. It has taken me to the edge of my patience and perhaps I went about it the wrong way, but at least I am trying.

      Sorry for being a drama queen, thanks for reading. ?

    6. Dan


      The Kirby Council would be open to writing official verdicts.

      Give us admin approval and we will start at a timely manner and solve this current issue.

    7. Melvin


      @OskuRP look buddy i know you think you are hot shit with your purple name but excluding me and @Cuteboi39 from the Kirby Council?????? watch out mate watch out l0l u aight LOL you aight

    8. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin

      *He would pull up in a long limo and step out in a pink suit*


    9. Cowmoo


      Just wanted to thank all of the staff team, for their hard work and determination to handling all the reports that came up these last few weeks.

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