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  1. That is the longest amount of Reports i have seen piled up and not resolved, in less than two weeks... What the hell is happening? What ever happened to following the rules, or resolving issues outside of reports?

    1. Zillysaur


      As far as the reports going unsolved, our GM team has been very busy lately to my knowledge. And its a bit hard to juggle so many at once. They want to make sure every report gets done and is done RIGHT. But this of course takes time.

      As for WHY there are so many reports going up, some people just like to make reports. And others think a report is either the only way to solve a problem or think talking it out is a waste of time.

      I always encourage people to talk things out with the person that broke a rule as it both saves everyone's time and means the person can understand what they did wrong without having to be punished.

    2. Cowmoo


      Unfortunately I find it difficult to communicate with people, now that we no longer have a TS3. I don't like discord, but I use it on occasion.

    3. Zillysaur


      If you want to talk to someone you believe broke a rule, and you have their name or did/took damage from them then just PM one of our GMs either here on the forums or on the discord. They can help you out.

    4. Samaritan


      More players = more potential rule breaks = more reports.

      There are lots of new community members that might not understand the difference between how they would act in real life and how have to act in a role playing community that has rules. 

      Some people cannot discuss things cordially which means a report might be the only course of action (even those can turn nasty). 

      This isn't the largest report list I've seen in my time here but I wish the GM's luck in getting through them.

    5. Zillysaur


      Samaritans right. Lots of new players can result in a lot of reports but some reports also do result from salt. 

      I am really happy anytime people talk a report out though, even if ones already been made. 

    6. Samaritan


      I'm just going to leave this here for anyone who is thinking of creating a report ?.

      As Zilly says if in doubt talk to a member of staff, I find it bizzare that people don't use this method more.

    7. Eagle


      Tbh there were 4 reports made in one day.

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