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  1. I logged out in the area, so if I am online at the time I may come join. However, is it still happening? I noticed all of the fortifications/storage is gone from the supermarket, unlike earlier this week.
  2. Where ye at Samti?


  3. I'm very happy to see Deer Isle is back! I have played it the last couple days, despite not seeing more than a handful of players. It has been quite an adventure exploring the new areas of the map I never been to! It's flippin' huge man! Good work guys!
  4. Cowmoo

    ISSA HOT 21 F

    Why you do this to me!?!?!
  5. Cowmoo

    ISSA HOT 21 F

    Where's the temple at?
  6. I too have just come back since I stopped playing back in mid-June. I honestly was growing tired of running around trying to find people, and if I hear of people, it's in a city across the map, and when I get there, there's nobody, and when I log in a couple days later, there's a lot of people but it's 30 people in one spot, making it impossible to vocally roleplay with people, or it's just CampfireRP which I only have so much patience for these days. I also had real life stuff happening, it's summer, I have relatives visiting and vacations with the family, etc. I came back this week, to play Chernarus a couple days, realizing no one really is playing, and then I saw that Deer Isle was up, so I am just driving in circles exploring Deer Isle by myself, which frankly has been enjoyable, I don't care what anyone else says. There's a chance I might stop playing again within a week or two, especially with the next semester of school starting again, also due to the lack of players. I can only play by myself for so long before it get's tiresome. Thankfully I run into one or two players every couple hours on Deer Isle when it has a population of 10-25 players.
  7. Cowmoo


    This must be up in the most northern mountain area of Deer Isle. I haven't been up there yet.
  8. Cowmoo

    ISSA HOT 21 F

    Whoa, that's really cool, where's that at?
  9. I voted no. -I don't support the return. -1 I hate modded guns, period. I absolutely hated just about every MSFC gun / MassManyItemsMod gun I took into my hand. If we're careful with our selection and do thorough testing, then sure. But I tell yeah, nothing will ever compare to the reliablity and attachment selection that's already added with the vanilla weapons of the game. The only exceptional weapon mod I have liked so far from the various ones I have seen or tried, has been the MoreGuns mod. Right now I am happy that I am finding a selection of AKMs/AK74/AK101 (on both servers) without having to spend an entire play session looking for one. Now, I will have to compete with other weapons, along with the saturated loot-table? Fuck no. --- I might be being blunt, but it's my outright honest opinion.
  10. I gotta say, I am loving the gameplay of Deer Isle. I haven't had much roleplay yet, but in regards to exploration, ever since it was updated from when I last played it here two years ago, it has definitely been an improvement. 😎

  11. What are the chances I would run into you twice in the same day on such a large map? 🤣

    1. Yeetera


      lmfao good question, i appreciated the RP tho man

    2. Yeetera
  12. Ayyy! They added Deer Isle back! Woohoo!!! 🐄

  13. I hopped on today for the first time in about a couple months. It seems like the server is dead? What happend? 🤔

    1. AndreyQ


      I stopped playing so the fun was gone from the server.

    2. Cowmoo


      @AndreyQ That explains it. I was wondering why I haven't heard the sound of a MP7, lots of screaming, then silence. 😉 



      Same old, just different blanket!

  14. Oh my god, yes please! I absolutely loved that fishing backpack! +1 I also loved the additional fish along with the ability to create traps, and find additional "trash" items you could pull from the water.
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