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  1. I voted yes. I hope to play on it soon! +1 However, am I the only one who wishes for it to remain as an American territory instead of an island off the coast of Chernarus? Europe and Asia players get to fit into the geographical theme and understanding of the lore of Chernarus way consciously better than those who live in the North America. It'd be nice to have an American-themed lore, with a US military, etc. Isn't a majority of the playerbase from the USA/Canada nowadays?
  2. Ever since 0.63 implemented the ability to conceal rifles on your person, I have been bothered by the fact that players can pull them out quickly, especially from a backpack. I've supported just about every thread that has suggested a change in draw-speed, or even disabling access/ability to store such weapons on your person, but it seems like the majority of players on the server dislike the idea. Not much can be done about it, perhaps those who agree with the idea can hope a feature will be officially implemented to change the mechanic in the future, who knows... Now, in regards to this specific mod, I personally like the idea of disabling quick-access to your backpack just for the sake of immersion, instead of emoting that you're taking a large item out of your backpack, you will have to physically remove the backpack and onto your hands or the ground. --- However, that won't really solve the issue you're trying to patch. The most commonly used concealed-weapons are the AK-74U and the MP7; both which can be stored in your clothes.
  3. I kinda find it annoying too, but it is what it is... Let people have their fun, that's what we're here for!
  4. Sure, why not. Couldn't hurt. +1 To be honest, I would like to avoid wearing backpacks; what's nice about Canvas Backpack is that is has a weapon slot on it. I am not a fan of having weapons on my shoulders.
  5. You have my support! I look forward to seeing this group in an official capacity!
  6. I honestly want to give Deer Isle another try for at least 2-3 months. If that doesn't work out, then I suppose we can try Namalsk, sure why not...
  7. Hell yeah! +1 They're absolutely wonderful to have, a great alternative to the UK Assault Vest if you're a hunter/fisherman, nomad,etc. Can we add them to Hunting/Camping loot-table too? They seem to only spawn in civilian houses, and I have only seen 3 spawn in the last several months.
  8. I vote no. -1 What makes Prison Island unique is the fact that it's separate from the mainland and not easily accessible.
  9. No bueno. -1 Infected are easy enough as is, even with their ability to get around tall obstacles (6 ft wall, etc). I honestly wish there was a mod that would allow them to climb buildings, road barriers, etc. The kind of stuff players climb onto to avoid them.
  10. Personally, I agree they were poorly placed in this particular instance. It could have been done better. If MoreDoors turns out to be a permanent alternative to vanilla base-building. I hope mod author adds some more variety. Right now players can't fortify a garage to protect their vehicles when they're offline. I also dislike that I can't build a perimeter fence to keep Infected out and to establish a boundary line on my property. We have OP_BaseItems & BaseFortifcations, but it's very rare to find sandbags, cement mix, metal beam, hedgehog, hesco barriers and barbed wire. Even if players managed to scrounge up enough supplies, there's always the likely issue that persistence will be bugged. It'd be nice to be able to craft fortifications using vanilla items, such as Sheet Metal, turn it into Barbed Wire, Metal Beams, etc... Perhaps use Nails and particular tools to craft certain things. Maybe go near an ocean shore and "Dig Sand" with a shovel to make sandbags, etc. TL;DR - I like MoreDoors; It just feels limiting to what a player can do. I would hope any staff member with admin tools, would at least give the builder a notification before taking it down, unless in extreme circumstances (death traps, multi-layered doors,etc). Considering there's only three doors variants in the MoreDoors mod that are available to players. I think it looks fine.
  11. I personally have been running down every infected I see with my car. It's a good way to get supplies. Just make sure another character doesn't spot you doing it. They might be wondering why you're killing "innocent sick people". In regards to their spawns. I recommend an industrial city, or construction sites. Any zombie wearing a jumpsuit, or a construction hat + orange safety vest outta do it.
  12. Just use two doors side-by-side. Though it's not really that secure. I recommend just building in a house.
  13. They die.... eventually.... Here's a video: (Hahaha, no... This would take too long, I got tired of recording.... ended up just running them over repeatedly at 20-40km/hr for 10 minutes until they died. They're OP as hell, even against cars!)
  14. Hey you, where the hell have you been? Haven't heard from you in a long time! 🤔

  15. I am genuinely surprised you managed to take on two players wearing Ratnik body armor with nothing but a 30-round magazine with an AK74M. You shot them in all the right places I guess. Nice clutch! You're a true survivor of DayZ!
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