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  1. A firefight between the "PowerRangers" versus Wolfpack.


  2. That's a terrible idea, but hilarious when written out!
  3. Take a shot of adrenaline and then punch the shit outta them! Aim for the head!
  4. CamoRP

    Failed rescue attempts

    Ballsy, very ballsy...
  5. CamoRP

    Unconscious before death.

    -1 , No. If bullets start flying, then that means all roleplay was thrown out the window, and it's all about survival after. If you want to wound them, shoot them in the legs until they hit the ground unconscious.
  6. CamoRP

    NVG and Cars.

    I usually drive 25-35km/hr anyways because if you don't you get launched into space! Indeed, you can. I would still recommend having your headlights on so you don't run over a player. If they don't see your headlights at night, along with other factors of a car approaching, they deserve to get runover.
  7. For the effects, I say; 1. If limb (arm or leg) is shot. Instant crippling effect that lasts 90 seconds, and slowly regenerates the player back to full mobility. Second shot anywhere unconsciousiness for 30 seconds. 2. If body (head, torso, pelvis, etc) is shot. Instantly unconscious for 30 seconds. This will grant players time to restrain them. Note: Distance will negate the effect of whether or not it will be instantly unconscious on the first shot (anywhere).
  8. -1 As much as I use to stand against connected servers, given the issues of abuse such as; Ghosting Loot farming Avoiding roleplay I for one will say that I think the servers should remain as this would split the community in half, and I don't think it's necessary to do so.
  9. I am honestly surprised the official devs haven't implemented tasers or beanbag ammo into the game yet. +1
  10. You forgot to add "Sawed-Off" Double Barrel Shotgun to the list... That's the real gun I want!
  11. I say go ahead and change it, and while you're at it, change the color of the Injector's colortexture to Green or something relevant. Rather not get it confused with the yellow Epipen.
  12. CamoRP

    Add Safety Mechanic to Guns

    I always thought it was odd there wasn't an option... +1
  13. CamoRP

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    I appears Glock19s spawn in Civllian loot, just found one, haha. Looks great! Found some P1 mags too.
  14. CamoRP

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    I find more nails spawning than the solid colored kits; and that's ironic.
  15. CamoRP

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    @Watchman The canteens looks spiffy! I like them!
  16. CamoRP

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    @Watchman ; @Ducky Any chance you two could re-balance the spawns with all the First Aid Kits? IFAK (US, CDF, etc [other camo pattern] - They spawn more common than others. Solid Black, Biege, Green ; rarely spawn, and I haven't noticed them spawning in military gear or hospitals, or even industrial loot... The default First Aid Kits (Damaged/Worn) still spawn in hospitals and do not attach to belt/vest. The "custom edit" First Aid Kit is fine though... I ask, cause I was wondering if other rebalancing occured behind the scenes.
  17. CamoRP

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    @Watchman Have a picture of the new canteens? Also, do they spawn in the same vanilla places? Like Hunting stands/Campground cabins, military, etc? I honestly wish they'd spawn in civilian loot along aside with PET bottles.
  18. CamoRP

    DayZRP 19.7.3

    +1 Awesome update! Good job team! Questions: @Watchman Glock19 spawn in Police Stations? Makarov PB, Walther P1 spawn in regular Civillian Buildings?
  19. CamoRP

    An Issue Of Ghosting and World Breaking

    @OP When I talk ICly about where a settlement is located, don't matter what server I am on, I roleplay them as one world, so if two different groups build on the same spot on different servers, I would see it as immersion breaking, and will lead to OOC issues as well. It's not technically against the rules, but I would say it's common-courtesy to not build in the same spot another person or group has built in, on the other server. This... Let's do this! (below)
  20. -1 to suggestion, it's fine the way it is. Technically if you want to be realistic with how the radios work in game; the radios are Push-To-Talk (PTT) Walkie Talkies, thus requiring you to press the button down in order to transmit, which is why you must have said radio in your hands to speak (if they are working as designed). Now, we could speculate that the radios have a continuous broadcast setting, but that would also be speculating it isn't a 2-way radio channel. Frankly, the only reason it may appear that is isn't a PTT is due to the fact, when a player has the radio on their vest there's currently no animation of pressing the button when transiting. So it may seem like someone is standing there talking to themselves. Technicalities aside, I am fine with the idea of continuous broadcasting, however I think it should be clear, that whatever you say IC, should only be the only thing said on third-party software, no further details or OOC information should be relayed, as that by definition would be metagaming.
  21. Not really, not unless you want to waste your time making 1 sheet metal from 40 scrap... Which 40 scraps may take like 5 minutes to get, unless you're lucky and you're looting in a large city like Chernogorsk. Frankly, I liked it better when it was broken. Where 1 scrap metal could do 1 sheet metal; Though in terms of balancing I feel like scrap metal should stack up to 200, weigh at 3kg (at 200) and allow 1 sheet metal to be crafted from 25 scrap metal. I also feel like we should be able to craft nails again, just make it twice as hard as before; or some form of other balancing, such as 100 scrap metal for 15 nails.
  22. Just found an old screen-shot of me using the clothing. Are you asking if there could be more items that have more camo-variants like DPM/BDU?
  23. Um, that's the the BDU Jacket and BDU Pants are for... It's same hue of colors, just a SLIGHTLY different pattern. They match pretty well to be honest.
  24. Please god no, don't do the green... Make the canteen a dark grey, or a silver (aluminum/non-painted)... and the pouch itself black...
  25. What the fuck did I just watch? I'm scarred for life.
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