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  1. With the influx of new players recently, I have noticed a lot more minor rule infractions and stale roleplay occuring. I enjoy mentoring new players. But I am beginning to lose my patience with a few individuals I have encountered lately. I have recorded numerous conversations the last two weeks alone, of excessive use of OOC text-chatter occurring for memes, banter, reactions, and other non-sense. But the worse of it is I have noticed players having actual verbal (VOIP) conversations discussing the game mechanics, such as where to find a certain item in the loot-table or what button does what action (emotes).

    Frankly, it's becoming immersion breaking. I warned couple people today to quit it, but they just ignored me, until I practically got in their face and told them to shut up, leaving me pissed OOC, and feeling awkward IC.

    I think it's time I start filing reports of any future encounters. I had enough of it.

    1. Lyca


      You definitely should, when they don't stop to be honest.

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