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  1. Well shit... Damn Jackal wouldn't trade me anything for my M4A1... So he had to resort to violence... 

    Unfortunately, my magazine was filled with blanks, only the first chambered-bullet did anything, and it hit the wall behind him. I spoke to him OOC about it afterwards, apparently I aimmed my gun at him but he said I didn't shoot more than once but kept strafing. Which is odd... This game man... Haha... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    At least they let me live after I woke up. 


    Hey @Jasper & @Pep , etc; thanks for the roleplay afterwards too! 🙂  I guess you guys weren't expecting me to wake up, eh? 😛

    What's funny about this to me, is that this was the first time I chose not to comply at the beginning of an initiation, and the game bugs out. 😂

    Now, Trent Jaegar, is unfortunately roleplayed as "Wounded"... I'm walkin' around with fucked up clothes hoping I run into a doctor.

    Also, I add the scars to the Character Features list, been a while since I was shot...
    ●One Gunshot Scar to Left Arm 
    ●One Gunshot Scar to Right Shoulder
    ●Jackals marked right hand with the letter "S".  (OOC permission granted)

    ●Other bodily injuries occurred, blunt force trauma from bullet impact into his equipment, which lead to cracked ribs, one rib which pierced his right lung (non-fatal). No visible scarring. This will explain the bloody coughing that was roleplayed post-firefight.

    1. Horse


      You are the most unlucky man in chenarrus. 

    2. CamoRP


      @Horse Yeah, first time I try to overcome by hostage takers when they weren't looking, my AK was in single-fire mode. That didn't end well... Second time my M4 has blanks filled in its magazine. 

      My luck hasn't been so great this week in general, just two days ago, you saw my status, I died from stupid lagspikes and door-desync bug when I was surrounded by infected at VMB.

    3. Horse


      Well you sir, got Dayz'd

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