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  1. CamoRP

    Chip's Shop

    Nice job with the shop! It's what I had planned in Vybor. Haha, but I gave up. Glad someone decided to do it. Takes a lot of work and time.
  2. Ruan

    • Ruan
    • CamoRP

    at least I don't got a cow fetish.

    1. CamoRP
    2. Falk



  3. CamoRP

    • CamoRP
    • Ruan

    Your god damn profile music... I hate you.. lol 😂

  4. Thanks dad. I went lookin' for any context on the forum threads and couldn't find anything. Thanks for the link!
  5. Anyone else experiencing a game bug with their DayZ, in regards to whenever there's a queue when joining server, that when you finally get into the game, your "Main Menu HUD" is stuck? If so, any fixes for it? Right now the only option is to wait 10-15 minutes after each crash/server restart for the joining queue to end. Then, restart your game, then try joining again as you normally would. I have tried: Joining off a friend via steam after loading the game to avoid. Changing game resolution, alternating between fullscreen/windowed mode. Tried joining in only windowed mode, after a fresh game launch. Pressed "Credits" button, any other buttons, etc. All with no luck.
  6. Am I the only one who think's this isn't griefing?

    From my understanding, the weapons were destroyed in order to keep them from easily arming themselves so they could pursue their captors, after being let go.

    Also looks like they had the rest of their stuff taken (from the photos), and were left with food and water so they could survive. Seems fair enough to me. Sucks to be them though. It's a cruel world. Never know who's gonna rob'yah next!


    1. duxpredator


      Thats just part of the report, the report isnt just griefing.

      Also to answer your question there are plenty of ways around it: You could say if anyone leaves the building before 5 minutes they get shot (everyone was inside one house and we had no clue the guns were even shot at this point) and they could leave a sniper or two to watch it. You could also take all the ammo and unload them which they did anyway because I had a rig full of ammo and when I got it back it was empty.

    2. Falk


      I've watched more or less the whole stream, read a report, saw what happened, and yeah its not griefing, its a smart move. I would do the same thing. 

  7. CamoRP

    Gun attachments.

    I like the concept for being able to tape on incompatible attachments such as flashlights, laser-pinters, and but I don't believe anyone in their right mind would want to have an inaccurate makeshift weapon sight, that was just taped onto their rifle's frame. For weapon sights, that requires precision. Have you ever tried, in real life, to manually adjust a hunting rifle's scope to be accurate? Even after mounting it properly, it takes a few shots. I like simplicity and crafting handymanship, but I feel like this may lead to unrealistic game mechanics and behaviors.
  8. CamoRP


    I question. how difficult they will be to find? Also, what is the the process of how to break into them? If broken into, can they be moved?
  9. CamoRP


    I'm all in favor in banning Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles and any other "long gun" from being stashed underground if it would actually help prevent looting issues regarding guns, that way players will stop complaining about this. My only wish is to be able to store miscellaneous items in an underground stash container that is at least 50+ slots in size. I don't have the time or resources to be running off in the woods to stash supplies in a highly-visible tent (for my store), when it's easier to just bury things in drybags outside the town my store resides in. Frankly, I wish I could actually lock items, such as sewing kits, and canned-food away in a indestructible safe-storage so I can wake up the next day and just open the store up and trade with players. Instead dealing of GearRP from offline raiders occuring, when I would of technically been there sleeping in my store guarding my supplies. I don't want to devote my time, in the long-term on a server where I have to constantly wake up the next day to find my whole stock of items gone from existence, just because I have a life, and can't be expected to be there 24/7. Shit has gotten stale because of that for me. Example of miscellaneous stuff I would store away when I was offline. Example of what my store would look like, I mean, how cool would it be to have a human trader you could rely on to find that particular item you need?
  10. +1 Haha, this will bring back some ol' memories. I like it. Do it!
  11. CamoRP

    Expand night time.

    Time to upgrade that computer then. JK. I think everyone struggles with the lighting issues too, but as of the1.03 update, they fixed how the light renders, and I believe it will reduce the "game lag" that occurred for you. As in regards to people logging off during the night. That is a popular opinion that has little truth to it. Plenty of players play during the night-time. Those who chose to get offline until it's day-time, either lack creativity to have internal roleplay with their friends and fellow players when stuck waiting out the night in a safe spot, or they are players who only seek to only GearRP and PvP, which mostly occurs during the day. I am sure there's some other lame excuses that cause players to log-out, but I would say those are the main two reasons. Not here to roleplay, but to play DAYZ as the game itself, which is a poor mindset to have in this community. There's actually many occasions where PvP occured at night and was a challenging occurance, before the developers added "moon-light" back in. The siege of Devils Castle two or three months ago was one of them. No one's forcing you. Just expect realistic roleplay to occur. It's truly dangerous to travel at night. Most of the time whenever I was killed by zombies, it occured at night. I tend to create a dialogue with those who I pass by my shop or a settlement I am at, who make a trade, and then say they're heading off to some town 6 kilometers away. I tell them they're crazy to travel at night, and it would be best if they stick around until daytime. In the very least, buy a flashlight and ammo from me before doing-so.
  12. Sometimes I come here just to fall asleep and feel at peace. 


    1. CamoRP


      Yeah, I'm good at enjoying the simple things of life. This includes counting cows till I sleep, then I can finally find peace.

  13. What's everyone's opinion of DayZ:SA 1.03's new method of the action mechanic (player environment)? I find it annoying I need to hold F to pickup items, (open doors?), building, etc. I was wondering if this was toggleable to revert it to the way it was before with single press and the action does it's job.
  14. CamoRP

    Expand night time.

    That was intentional to prevent people from easily making out the silhouettes in the dark. Well, also, of course to keep people from being cheapskates by using the old gamma trick from the past to give themselves a similar night-vision effect. --- I think it would be nice if we could extend night-time to 1/4 of the day-cycle. Making it 3 hours of night. +1
  15. Yes, no second chance for them. I wouldn't trust anyone, (if I were a leading staff member), that had an excessive warning point history; especially if they had a final warning on their record. They would have to show some serious rehabilitation in their behavior and show devotion to point that they have more to lose than the damage they could do with their granted powers. Even after all that, I would still be very cautious.
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