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"Meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder."

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  1. CamoRP

    The GTX 1660 TI is here!

    Yeah, I'd need to buy practically a whole to computer. CPU, Motherboard, RAM, etc. Definitely planned in my next build. Eh, I mean, I usually keep GPU for about 3 years before I replace them. It's nearly 4 now. I was thinking buying 1070TI. Truth be told, I will likely be sticking to 1080p X 60fps-144fps gaming for another 5 years. Also to add, I want to play games like Skyrim/Fallout4, with texture mods, etc. But I struggle to get a stable 60fps with my 2GB card, despite how powerful it is...
  2. CamoRP

    Ammo Loot

    It would be nice if they would add Long Range Scope to the loot tables PU scopes and Hunting Scopes are found too. For example Campgrounds, Hunting stands, Feeder shacks, etc. Also, make it 1x4 slots, instead of 2x3. Like the Hunting Scope.
  3. CamoRP

    Stashes causing items to never respawn

    I think your problem is you're looking for them at the military bases, still. Most of those are gone. Try military checkpoints and "Myshkino Tents", etc, instead. Preferably in sectors of the map that aren't travel through very often. Truth be told, I would be surprised if you don't come accross at least 1 assault rifle in NWAF, I seem to go by there and find them, no problem. FYI, UMP & MP5 are pretty good, and they're fully automatic.
  4. CamoRP

    The GTX 1660 TI is here!

    I may actually consider buying the GTX 1660 TI, simply because I still have my GTX 960 2GB from March 2015. I primarily use 1080p, 60-144fps, for my current gaming rig. Any thoughts? I think the $280 price tag, meets my price-range, I didn't want to spend more than $300 unless it was GTX 1070ti during the past Black Friday sales, which I ended up missing most of, unfortunately. My current PC build specs can be found on PCPartPicker! https://pcpartpicker.com/b/MqJV3C
  5. CamoRP

    Ammo Loot

    Weird, I have 300 rounds of 9mm... Maybe I am taking it all...
  6. CamoRP

    Restraint + Crash = Dead

    I believe most people are aware of this. But I still play it safe, with many of the rules. In order to protect myself from being victimized. Same reason, why I carry a side-arm on me when I go hiking in the woods, IRL. Never know when a bear or pack of coyotes will decide to fuck-about with you. And, well of course, serial killers or some shit.
  7. CamoRP

    Plain black face bandana

    The current color in-game, is Olive Green. I want a darker color that would appear well with dark-green clothing.
  8. CamoRP

    Nighttime rebalanced

    Today it was night for a few minutes, I loved it! It got dark to a point where I needed to whip the ol' flashlight out, but it was enjoyable.
  9. CamoRP

    Plain black face bandana

    I definitely want solid black, however it would be nice to see solid brown, and solid dark-green like the color of the hunting jackets. I miss the old RealTree textures, I want those back so badly...
  10. CamoRP

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

    I retook the test, almost the same result... Haha.. Yeah, I guess that's where I stand...
  11. CamoRP

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

    Weird, I feel like I am one of the very few right-leaning individuals here...
  12. CamoRP

    Get rid of the laugh/cry caused by cannibalism.

    -1 I can be annoying sometimes, but it genuinely makes things interesting when you come accross someone with the laughter, Trent usually says "What in tarnation!?!? Y'all alright?" ....
  13. CamoRP


    Trent hasn't been seen in a while, over a week now.

    Random Person: "So...Trent, I haven't seen you in a while. Where have you been?"

    Trent: "The wilderness... Fuck civilization!"




  14. CamoRP

    Moving and Open Inventory

    Truth be told, I liked the concept of not being able to look at your gear when you're moving, at first. However, after all these months, I want it back. However, if the devs plan to manipulate the inventory system, it would be nice if they could allow a "drag and drop" mechanic that allows the player to manipulate items to their surroundings. I have seen community mods that allow the player to drag the item from their inventory, unto the screen of where they are looking, and the item would drop where the cursor is released, than the item dropping directly below the player. While they do this, it would be nice if we could rotate items in our inventory. So we can fit say, an assault rifle vertically instead of horizontally in a backpack capable of doing so. Also, It wouldn't hurt to go over item-sizes to balancing shit out. I find it annoying cooking tripods can't fit in any backpack now (except alice), and other various items.
  15. CamoRP


    So, six Chernorussians walk into a bar, and the american southerner-hick says... " ___________ "



    1. Banshee


      *In Chernarussian* "Hello gentlemen."

    2. SkippeeDee


      Are yall Russians?

    3. CamoRP


      @SkippeeDee That's the quickest way to get shot. Hahaha!  They came out of nowhere, I was just minding my own business in the woods and they just walked on in. I was like "Oh crap..."

    4. Falk


      i think its @Wong and his boys 

    5. CamoRP


      @Falk Yeah, I know who they are OOC...

    6. California


      hmmm good guess butttt 🙂

    7. CamoRP


      @Dr Brandon Dr Brandon sent me this.. Hahaha! 😂


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