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  1. All the hours, during all the time, roleplaying on DayZRP was quite divine! Happy Birthday DayZRP!
  2. I really want to follow through with the idea of the Kabanino trader but if we're being realistic, the current player atmosphere and the NPC traders make it rather redundant, leaving me very little hope in actually achieving such a goal.

    1. CutieTaff


      Offer better prices than the Trader. 

      I guarantee people will flock to your store to do business, as 250 cash FOR A BOX OF .380 AUTO is fucking daylight robbery! 

    2. JimRP


      People come to RP, not actually trade. People can just loot if they need something realistically.

    3. Millie


      I can't be bothered with NPC traders, but if there were a player trader in Kabanino I'd probably actually use them. Convenient location and roleplay. Yay.

    4. Derek Steel

      Derek Steel

      hey i always hit up player traders befor npc ones even if the player ones are more expensive i go there for the rp as jim said

    5. kalyri


      I enjoy coming across player traders, I’m sure a lot of people would like it!  

    6. John Moody

      John Moody

      You should do the trader stuff man, the npc traders are outright terrible. You build it, they will come.

  3. It doesn't take more than a handful of hours and a little determination (assuming someone is willing to do it) to configure the weapon loot table in a way that pleases the majority of the playerbase. I personally don't care what military guns spawn as long as ammo remains scarce around Chernarus. Although it would make more sense if there were more Eastern weapons than NATO weapons and calibers.
  4. Considering most of the conflict occurs in-land, I would advise against the idea of having players spawn just for them to return to the action so quickly. Then again I am also tired of seeing Bambi's on the coast who share all but a few words with me, begging for food before they run off, practically ignoring any potential roleplay so they can quickly make it back to military areas to gear up. Worst part is I know they're in a Discord chat with their buddies because of their silence, delayed responses, or simply asking for me to repeat what I already said twice. It ruins the mood, makes me not want to talk to any recently spawned players I encounter. TL;DR - There's pros and cons to this suggestion, I am on the fence and welcome whatever the outcome is...
  5. As much as I am happy you're taking the reins back especially with the radical changes that have greatly made the majority of us satisfied. I don't understand why you're switching to private reports, and the answer the other day saying that verdicts are decided strictly by the rules and not by previous reports doesn't make much sense to me considering the "staff discretion" aspect to finalizing verdicts have often been referred to past scenarios just as the real world's justice system works. Maybe I am wrong, but that's what I have perceived considering I spend a large portion of my time on the forums reading the outcomes. I also don't get why you're closing off the opportunity to players that were permanently banned to make a return so shortly after finalizing the decision to switch to Chernarus. I can understand the potential reasons behind your decision but I think it's premature. Perhaps hold off for at least until the middle of June to give returning players a chance to see that you finally changed the map back. I suspect numbers will rise while teenagers and college students are on their summer break. If the server is thriving then it may sway them to return.
  6. It's still buggy (if you're refering to FarmingPlus 2.0), I tested it offline. It's a damn shame really, the mod had a lot of potential for growth.
  7. It wouldn't be appropriate to have them on a roleplay server. Traders already kinda screw with the immersion and make certain aspects of potential roleplay to be redundant now.
  8. If we're doing anything it should be to increase their difficulty. They are already moderately easy enough to handle with a blade or low caliber gun.
  9. I noticed the Leather Wallet doesn't work with the precious metals of Chernarus. I was wondering if we would get something to replace the Leather Wallet item to save inventory space and to protect our currency.
  10. I voted against it because a player will never know when they're being watched by another player(s). Also you would have to constitute what a game bug is, some players might not realize certain aspects of the game are game features. Such as getting sick from a reason they don't know of and eventually dying, simply due to their lack of knowledge on the topic. I'm not a fan of restricting NLR to roleplay encounters as everything a player does has a butterfly effect that will change the outcome of what may occur in their future gameplay. Having a rule declared across the board, especially one that limits the required staff resources to handle due to automatic enforcement like it is right now in my opinion is a best direction of handling the issue than simply at the player's discretion.
  11. If this announcement is legitimate, the first damn thing I am gonna do in Chernarus is bring back the Kabanino trading outpost and wall off half the town again like the good ol' days. 🤠

  12. Well it's about god damned time... I don't necessarily agree with some of the ideas, but such radical changes might give players incentive to care about the community again. I hope to see Deer Isle in the rotation again, that map has so much potential with a large playerbase.
  13. Both the Heavy Gorka Helmet and the UN Ballistic Helmet isn't selling at Clothing Trader. I noticed a lot of the Slums Kits are still missing from the Building Trader such as the one in this picture:
  14. The DayZ 1.17 official update changed the game mechanics around cooking and cookware. I was hoping such changes could be adjusted through the DayZRP mod like other game features have been adjusted or reverted in past updates (such as footwear deterioration). Suggestion: Reduce 0.125/second damage to all cookware to 0.005/second. (You only get a handful of uses of your cookware before it's ruined from pristine condition; 22-66 minutes usage) Revert gas-stove-cooking times to be equal to fire-place cooking, or at least significantly reduced. (It takes up to 5 minutes to cook on a gas stove now.) Allow epoxy putty be used to repair cookware. (This will give epoxy putty more practical use than simply used to repair plate-carriers and helmets).
  15. I personally dislike the GPS mechanic, I think people should learn to orientate themselves on the map. However, I also think it's been rather useful for the sake of roleplay encounters. I'd suggest just fixing items that trick the game into thinking the player is holding a compass.
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