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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. S1 Sverograd BadRP/Killing a complainant hostage

    Not sure if my video evidence will help, since it's "third-party" involvement, by only hearing the situation from the outside while I was doing my own separate roleplay. In the video, you can hear people arguing over the property for the first two minutes, then get gets quiet for a minute, then after that sounds like someone was punched a couple times --- around the 3 minute mark, my character starts asking questions about the yelling inside--- towards the end of the video, you hear someone asking about whether or not they had a radio---and then you hear someone moan after a silenced shot goes off... I eventually left from the scene... Kenneth Carrison, the character who gave me a Saline IV drip, was the man standing around outside (red hat, santa beard, orange mountain-backpack). I believe he later said (OOC), that he knew the two people who took those men hostage inside, but he wasn't immediately involved, as he wanted to go to bed, and didn't want to have to wait out the 30 minute hostile-action cooldown time. --- The reason I bring him up though it because he may have more information about what was happening inside.
  2. Humanity in DayZ

    Very well explained video and full of ideas.. I liked it... there's lots of good ideas out there, I hope DayZ:SA eventually becomes modded...
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    I was all out of beanz. Here, Your Deserve it. 

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      Hahaha. :) I was just stating what 76 of the 95 voters, agreed upon, and were thinking/writing...

  3. The Deal With It Attitude

    Okay, so here's what bothers me with the recent situation that banned four players. My concern is the way it was handled and the "cruel unusual punishment" final sentence. The admin involved in the report was also the same admin to carry out the sentence and by being judge, jury, and executioner, by bypassing protocol and using Rule 4. The report was filed, and shortly after, the sentence was carried out, without any logs or evidence to prove the offenders were guilty. Nor did the offenders even have the chance to defend themselves through their POV explanations. For any admin, in this case, the victim to be granted such powers to take matters into their own hands is ludicrous, and for Rolle (Community Leader) to accept the judgement, simply based on "trust" of his staff member is straight out unfair to the alleged offenders, and the keeping integrity of the community by not allowing due-process. The punishment seems rather severe for any scenario, I believe in the Blackmark system. I find it rather odd that these devoted players were banned permanently from the community for a few alledged rule-breaks. Why not let the report play itself out by adding up points of each rule-break, and then do the math? From my understanding, if any player in this community blinks the wrong way towards an admin, they may be banned permanently on the spot? This is a kind of community I'd be concerned with continuing to stay in it. If other players start leaving because of this repeatedly happening from abuse of power, I would then consider leaving with them. But i enjoy this community too much and hope it doesn't come to that. Honestly, I have been thinking all day about it these poor bastards that have been banned, I just met them recently, and it bothers me I won't see them again in-game, they definitely were an interesting group of players. I hope they are successful in their appeal, and that the sentence is reduced, because permanent seems to be an excessive punishment, again for any scenario. I for one, haven't seen any videos or evidence, just the POVs I read from the report. I can't personally declare an opinion on the matter as I don't have enough information about it. EDIT: I wanted to add I think their roleplay was some of the best I have seen in the community since I joined last June. It was funny, creative and brought some life back to player interaction. Was it a bit TrollRP, eh, that's debateable. I enjoyed their taxes, and subtle initiations. First time I actually enjoyed being taken hostage... EDIT 2: As of right now 76/95 community members agree that this was over the line with the "Deal With It" attitude.
  4. I thought your group's roleplay the last couple days was great, it was thoughtfully creative, and rather hilarious, I enjoyed it... 9_9 

    It's a damn shame you guys were banned . :( I hope Staff will accept your appeal to come back at some point... 

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  5. Bad modules errors?

    I actually had to upgrade from 8GB of RAM to 16GB of RAM, because DayZ:SA kept on trying to use up more and more RAM, which when it maxed out, it would "Bad Module Error" or memory errors forcing it to close. It helped a lot, as when playing in 64-bit, it happend to crash a lot... It seems like there's either a memory leak, or the more you travel, or open inventory/view items --- rendering seems to cause the game to crash eventually. I try to restart my game every couple hours to prevent frame-drops or crashes.
  6. Characters escaping death.

    Whenever one of my characters gets severely injured, I usually bench them from 2 weeks to 2 months... For example, when I had a character go on a vendetta-revenge-rampage, and started shooting all the VDV who held him up for his military weapon... he waited for the right moment to quietly killed off the squad one-by-one... unfortunately after shooting first soldier (the officer), a couple minutes later, VDV spotted him with blood on his jacket not to far from the body of their VDV officer... My character was then shot unconscious during a firefight of three other VDV soldiers (whom spotted him). He was taken in by a retired doctor/surgeon who lived nearby and took 1-2 months to recover from multiple non-fatal gunshot wounds. Even after he returnedfrom being "benched" he didn't speak much and didn't go into cities anymore, like he did before. He mainly remained in the woods/traveled through dirt-roads to small vilages--- as he was re-cooperating psychologically as well, not just physically.
  7. Bakery and Distillery Grand Opening Event

    I can't wait to come by to chill and ten minutes later hear someone eating on their mic, screaming "EVERYONE PUT YOUR HANDS UP" from outside the building, then running away after the initiating and shooting everyone who walks out unarmed/hands-up, clearly of no threat --- for no apparent reason...
  8. Teamspeak and Discord

    Let's not switch to Discord... I have always prefered Teamspeak3 over the years. It seems like a majroity of my Steam friends use Discord, and I don't use it nor do I plan to unless they really need me to use it. I don't like the GUI/HUD, and other features are cancer, that plus I feel like a weeaboo for using it.
  9. King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)


    Seems like an interesting idea, I just wish it was closer to Severograd so I can spectate.
  10. DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I still have faith guys... blind faith... but it's faith!
  11. Events "Protection"

    I have nothing against hostileRP/PvP on the server, it's just when the server is strictly that, then I might as well jump on a regular public dayz server. Only difference I have seen,other than the occasional roleplay lately, is at least you get to be "initiated" on first, instead of Killed on Sight. There's no balance, and I can't find myself having a reason to play for more than hour at a time, if I ever get on, because I either; (1) Players are avoiding roleplay and run to hide in the corners of the map because everyone is so damn scared that any person they run into will try to rob or kill them. [I am currently doing this right now, actually, I am tired of being harassed and encountering bad roleplay or constant hostileRP] (2) There's a moderate-to-large group running around initiating and killing everyone just because they can..
  12. What do you listen to ?

    The list of artists, bands, and genres for music is so vast, that I wouldn't have the time to type them all out. Though am I the only one who listens to musics from the 1920-1950s when playing DayZ? Maybe it's just me... Such as the Galaxy News Radio on Fallout 3, it brings apocalyptic vibes for me.
  13. @Razareth Can someone please explain to me how the hell that even happens? @KyleRP Clever. @Chewy I actually voted for this one, I thought it was funny, as I can't tell you how many times I'd be first-person driving, and flip the car to it's side, and all my buddies will be standing in front of the vehicle staring at me, while I am crying/laughing in the mic.
  14. Events "Protection"

    I think there should be protection, why not? Seems like a good idea to me... keeps all the bad-habit and ruleplay pvpers in the community out of the event, so they can fuck off.