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  1. I mean it really is a matter of opinion, I am curious how this poll will turn out. I doubt it will affect the current staff's decisions, as Rolle had just made S2 officially online 24/7, this past month.
  2. I love reading reports. Honestly, I do. It really shows the demeanor of people, as well as how far they'll take it. Though I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't agree with those who file the reports. I file them because most people don't deserve the benefit of the doubt, or a second chance to man up to their mistakes, especially repeated offenders. Frankly, there's plenty of players that need a good kick in the rear. Apparently, the only way to get the message across in their thick skulls is warning points.

    1. Eagle


      Or a report that can permaban them and not the RP involved in the situation.

  3. Camokid95

    The Highwaymen

    Highwaymen scouts? Radioing in their other men about the weak civvies to prey on that are entering the town? Heh.
  4. My primary reason to support this thread to vote Yes to remove S2, until S1 is FULL, is due to all the ghosting and abuse of game mechanics... And honestly I am fed up with players hopping over to S2 to avoid roleplay, or to simply get on it to just loot, then stashing their loot on S2, since it has less players on to come across their stashes.
  5. Creating a rule to force a player to permadeath, is a no from me. Not changing my mind on the matter. Too many variables.
  6. I agree with this concept. If my character's death had a legitimate meaning to the death, and made roleplay sense. I would likely agree to PK.
  7. If I am a "higher class" of roleplayer, because I give a shit about my character, and spend the time to write a damn good story background. Then sure. If that's how you define that. You're missing the point.
  8. Camokid95

    Here's a cookie for being my favorite person of the day.


    1. Mademoiselle



  9. The problem is, you have too many "roleplayers", who create supersoldier character, with a 200-character background story, on the server, who then join a pvp group, go pvp, and then die hundreds of times a month. Don't kill off their characters, if they do, then they'd just make another "supersoldier" character with the same joke of a background story.
  10. Nope. As I said in many threads similar to this one. My character, my death. I don't care if I was placed in-front of a firing squad and was riddled by 2000 bullets. All it would take is for one group to walk into my shop, say they don't like me, drag me out of my shop, and execute me in-front of dozens of locals and witnesses. Fuck no.
  11. Generally, a player may experience issues with desync when driving a vehicle after about 45+ players on the server. The best way to avoid other similar bugs, is to do the following: Have a stable internet connection, of at least 10 mbits download. Have a ping of 150 or less, the lower the better. Don't have a potato for a computer, try to have 60fps or more. Always shift to Neutral before turning off and exiting a car. Always drive slow off-road, and around curves, this game uses real, sensitive physics. You wouldn't go 60 km/hr around a 75 degree turn unless you're a madman. Avoid cities when you can, stick to smaller towns. It will also help avoid HostileRP, working vehicles are a scarce resource.
  12. Honestly, when it comes down to it... When killing another player, it needs to make roleplay sense. Why would Billy give a shit what happens to Phil? It's John's traveling companion, not Billy's. To add on, if it's okay for Billy to intervene without initiating. Then I think the staff would need to revise the rules for alliances. Because it would turn into a clusterfuck, really quick. I could only agree with the concept, in your scenario, that alliances may share defensive-rights, but not kill rights. But even then, that could be tricky.
  13. This is a very good question. I would think dynamic group rules would only apply to the individuals who have an immediate relationship or history with someone. For example, John and Billy are in a group. John goes off traveling and meets Phil. They decide to be traveling companions. Phil is held up by highwaymen on the road, while John is looting a house nearby. John hears the initiation, and sees Phil with his hands raised and guns pointed at him. John radios in Billy to tell him, that his traveling companion is being held up. Billy can not intervene without first being involved by initiating on the highwaymen first.. However, John may intervene as he has a dynamic connection with Phil, as a traveling companion. John does not need to initiate. John may gun the highwaymen down on-sight (KOS). Feel free to correct me if I am wrong here...
  14. Camokid95

    Unable to pick up items?

    I swear, it's probably a simple little modifier for item-to-player distance the devs forgot to fix after throwing out the latest patch.
  15. Every time Rolle brings out the big guns on the forums, I am just like...



    1. Camokid95


      Rolle got'em good... 😂

    2. Griffin


      Same lol