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  1. *Trent presses down the PTT to respond* "Ah, hell... Looks like I will have to setup my trading in Severograd then... Over and Out." *Trent turns to Radimir in the passenger seat* "Well you heard him buddy, looks like we're hitting the road again."
  2. *Trent drives into town, just as the sun begins to set. As he looks around he notices trash in the street, and what looks like the remnants of a settlement remaining behind.* "What in tarnation? Where the hell is everyone?" Trent says to Radimir while looking around. *Trent reaches for his radio and presses down on the PTT* "Hello, Trent here, I arrived in Pulkovo with a cargohold of cattle meat, pelts and leather. Where y'all at?" *Releases PTT and awaits a response*
  3. Camokid95

    The Sea Men

    Ayyy! Nice! Finally approved! Can't wait to see you all! Let Trent know if you need matching fishing vests!
  4. *Trent leers at the deer through his scope's crosshair, then suddenly hears voices on the radio, loud enough to scare the 12-point buck from it's position* "Aah! God damn it! Right when I was about to make my shot!" *Trent mutters to himself as he reaches to press his PTT* "Hello, this is Trent, I hear your message loud and clear!" *Pauses a moment and then continues to speak* "Radimir and I are still working on your requested list of miscellaneous items, booze, and themed clothing. We shall have it ready before the party commences. Over and Out!" *Releases PTT*
  5. Camokid95

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

    136 ?
  6. Wow. 600+ hours now on Trent Jaegar... 5.56 Collector? I ain't no military jockey! 🤨

  7. Camokid95

    Unique Faces (22nd July 2018)

    I'm very tempted to attend this as Axel Vansteuden. I haven't played him for months! I will have to think about it. If I choose to join, I shall edit this post and PM the event manager/starter.
  8. Damn, that's a long time... You missed the most fun part of the lore wipe! Ohwell, you can always make new memories of the present.
  9. Yes, Vehicle Persistence has been re-enabled/fixed, for about 36+ hours now, I can confirm this as I own a couple vehicles and there has been several restarts.
  10. I voted yes. I honestly did prefer the dynamic group rules before as well. I feel the pros out-weigh the cons, versus the current system. I find it rather silly, if I want to play with a dynamic group of friends or fellow travelers I just met, and suddenly someone robs one of them, while I am standing nearby and I can't do nothing about it, unless I re-initiate, when I simply rather snipe them while I have the advantage --- all of this trouble because I am not part of an official group. In regards to kill rights, everyone should be wary and 100% of who their target is by validly ID-ing them before killing them... Without metagaming over the radio as well... Last thing we need is someone being killed, then that victim tells his buddies telepathically (aka ts3 voicechat), and those buddies metagame and kill someone they never saw commit the initiation or shoot the victim.
  11. I feel like this change needs to be announced bit better on the website, I didn't realize it was a thing until just recently. Also there's still players with characters who haven't chosen a setting, should we consider those players as Normal Mode for now?
  12. Camokid95

    Bring Back The Salt Meter

    What...? I think we need less "memes" and immaturity in the community...
  13. *Trent continues to drive as he overhears voices on the radio* *After hearing the voice of two different men he presses the PTT* "Helllloo! I'm in the vicinity of Zelenogorsk. I may be able to lend a hand!" *Releases the PTT and Awaits a response*
  14. Camokid95

    The Sea Men

    I'm picturing in my head, that a dozen guys are in need of boonie hats and tanned-leather vests... and fish hooks, lots and lots of fish hooks...
  15. Camokid95

    Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "God damn boy! Brush yourself up and lick your wounds, because nobody likes a pussy!" ~Trent Jaegar , responding to someone's bitching about the infected nearly killing them. No actual quotes came to mind so I decided to post one of my character's quoted role-play interactions.