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  1. Rattray Corp. Media Thread

    I seriously need to work on my german accent.... New characters take a crap ton of work before getting use to them.... I'll take your (@Loscham) advice and tips we talked about from earlier... ----or i'll try harder
  2. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    @Darra @warmr @Ruan @Mr.Panda @[email protected]@[email protected] My Doctor character just killed his first patient; a 10-year old girl who was fatally-ill due to food-borne illiness created by human-meat (cannabilism); which lead to a malpractice by defibrillation.. (Please don't use this OOC information to metagame, please.) "House M.D." Gif
  3. Axel Vansteuden

    =One-Liner Intro= Doctor Vansteuden, is a medical professional who continues on, despite the environmental circumstances to help save lives and to make the world a better place. =Pre-epidemic Background= Doctor Vansteuden grew up in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. From the age of ten; he was riding his bicycle, when a car accident happened right infront of him. Being the good person he was growing up to be, he went to rescue an old man trapped inside the vehicle. The man was bleeding and appeared to have a concussion. Axel didn't know what to do other than to call for an ambulance. As the ambulance arrived, the man thanked the him, before falling into a coma, in-which later passed away at the hospital. Despite how helpless he felt in the situation given the time, he was just a kid; who could only begin to understand the world. At that moment Axel knew that he wanted to help people, and vowed to do everything in his power to prevent any more human life die at his hands. Axel went onto private schooling provided by his parents, with perfect grades, which then led unto success in college. He graduated at the top of his class at the University of Frankfurt. Then later marrying his high-school sweetheart Elif Eienberg in 1991. Axel and Elif settled down, and had a compassionate life into helpping others who were in need. During 1997, Elif was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away after two years with attempts to treat it. During this Axel has troubles with this grievances and couldn't go on with his day to day activities. After his many accomplishments through-out his schooling, and the many jobs he went through, Axel has once again felt the same the day the old man died in his arms when he was a child. Axel wasn't happy with his life at the local hospitals anymore. He went on work for Red Cross, to be a doctor working the field in hazardous environments, war-zones, and locations throughout the continent of Eastern Europe, in-which one day found himself located in Chernarus in 2017.
  4. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Me after shooting the VDV soldiers forcing me to hand over my automatic weapon.....Yeah....there was more of them.... bastards....
  5. Mars Corporation [Recruitment Open]

    I'm actually lookin' into exploring my Civilian character; he's finding new jobs and learning new experiences... Not really the military type, but definitely qualified to work a mercenary or civilian security job... I may consider applying... Cool lore background!
  6. You are banned

    This is gold..... pure god damn gold....
  7. Ricky Joy

    ********************CHARACTER NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE (NOT UNTIL FINISHED)******************** ********************WORK IN PROGRESS - STILL WORKING ON THE BACKSTORY******************** -Story Key Notes (rough draft)- *Mother raped at the age of 15 in an alleyway by older man. *Biological father was never caught and is unknown. *Mother gives birth at age of 16. *Mother dies (cardiac arrest) due to birth complications. *Baby was thrown into fostercare system *Multiple fosterhomes before being adopted *Ricky joined the Vipers gang at the age of 7. *Ricky understood the gang life. *At the age of 11 is adopted by a poverty-ridden woman by the name of Josie Joy, in the nearby neighborhood. *As Ricky grew up through his adolescence years (teen), Josie Joy, she received several domestic abuse occasions from her alcoholic drunken boyfriend Butch Hennesie, which also caused inflictions on Ricky. *Ricky receives many scars from Butch, mental and physical --- example, Butch beated Ricky with random objects nearby when drunk & angry. *Ricky due to all the abuse and the mental reality of his foster years, along with the enviromental factors Ricky was diagnosed as a sociopath by doctors. *Ricky at the age of 16, Ricky mixed rat poison into Butch's liquor and caused Butch to puke blood and lead to physical factors & weakness, leading to a heart attack; this was the first person Ricky murdered. However Ricky wasn't suspected or convicted of the cause of death. *Josie Joy & Ricky moved in with her grandfather in Berezino, Chernarus in 2008 after Butch's death. *Ricky continued to cause problems in school, and society as he grew into his 20s. *In 2017 Ricky's true purpose finally came through and was ready for the new world of reality.
  8. Oh, I am sure if you're meant to be here, you'll answer them correctly. I actually took me three attempts before I finally managed to answer them all correctly. During the past couple weeks alone, I have managed to play 93 hours in this community's new lore story. It's definitely a different dayz experience... And today was the first time I killed someone... which was actually by accident... just meant to punch them once, for stealing my stuff and running off with it... Well... I mean... after I shot them , handcuffed, and revived them... but... i mean... i mean.. that's not the point... You'll love this community if roleplaying and seeking a new dayz experience is what you are looking for.
  9. DayZRP Community Memes

  10. Any Civilian Roleplayers? O.o

    My character is a civilian... a bit of a lone wanderer, but decided to pick up work at Kovar's Market (trading dynamic group)...
  11. Unable to connect to TS3 or S1?

    Since about three to four hours ago I haven't been able to connect to the TS3 & the S1 server.... and I have tried direct connections, as well as searching the server list.... and I tried using the gametracker & other website access to get ahold of both the game and communication software, but nothing has worked... I am aware there's still people connected to both the TS3 & S1 server still...so I don't know what the hell is happening..? I was able to connect to S2, but I started playing on S1 due to all the constant (30+ minute waits) queue waiting periods... --- I had to wait in a queue of 24 people earlier.... that's how full the server was... Note: I am in the USA... so I don't know if that may affect my access to the EU server... EDIT: It took six or so hours, but I was finally able to connect to S1 & TS3 again...
  12. S1 and S2 lagging and changing the game graphics?

    I was having similar issues... Then suddenly I lost connection after an hour or so.... Problem is... now I can't even find S1 under server list, or direct ip connection.... nor can I connect to the teamspeak... (I am in the USA, i don't know if that has something to do with it.) I can see the server is up... too...
  13. Night time on the server

    I say bring back the night (more night).... it makes RP sense for it to be 50/50 like actual day/night... If people can't see, then they can light a torch, or carry a lantern, or flashlight... That's what I do when it's night time... it's manageable... I mean... why come to an RP community if you can't handle your RP experience?
  14. Okay, can someone explain the difference between the VDV and the CDF? I read the main lore over, and I am also aware VDV appears to be it's own separate lore (since it's a dynamic group of it's own). I lately had a dozen or so RP conversations and it confuses others when I get the two mixed up. My character tends to bitch about the military group with the red berets,etc that always appears to arrest him for either trespassing in military concentrated zones, or random weapon searches for military/illegal firearms or gear , as they pass him by. From my understanding VDV, are a russian military group with red berets that steal from those with military grade equipment. --- And CDF are the military group wearing green berets & gorka helmets, with yellow arm bands. But maybe I am completely confused and no idea what I am talking about. But it's throwing my RP off.... or people are impersonating a certain lore and confusing there as well...
  15. Too early for bandit groups?

    See...now that's the very problem players have with the actual vanilla dayz (public servers)... Say you're a new player, completely new to Arma & DayZ all together. You're probably friendly as first, sure you'll have your suspicions when you start gathering supplies and some other fella comes walking by.... suddenly, without even a word they just start swinging their axe at you like a psychotic mad-man. --- or even when you finally meet a friendly player, the second you find an item (or vehicle) that's better than what they have, they'll get greedy and want it for themselves, and if they have to knock you unconscious or stab you in the back when you're eating or standing still admiring the view of the city.... they'll do it... And that's where the community when from being a "Hero" "Bandits" "Civillian/Neutral" humanity... to a PvP Only, Let's KOS everyone type of game, and the community of the DayZ Mod went to shit... which went on to the Standalone... It sucks... and honestly that's why I came here... that plus I get to roleplay, and community rules to prevent constant grief...so I say it's a win-win to be accepted here... Sorry to get off-topic again, but that's just the way I feel about it...