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  1. Well, recently something happend in regards to my settlement, and I am uncertain if I will be able to finish it. I gave it my last try at attempting to start something good for the Dayzrp community by creating a trading hub for activities other than highway banditeering and the constant clusterfucks of the usual group-related firefights that happen in the uncivilized areas of South Zarigoria. So much for that. I set my goals to aim for the stars but I landed short. Perhaps the project was to large for just two people. Ohwell. Onto other things to try to improve my own roleplay in the very least, instead of the self-less actions I attempted for us all.

  2. Camokid95

    Nature and Doctor

    Oh i know where this is!
  3. Camokid95


    That's disturbing...
  4. Shoutout to our new settlement security contractors and our future gun running Irishmen. Thanks for the roleplay!
  5. Camokid95

    Mr Trent [Open Freq]

    *Trent presses down on his PTT* "Howdy. What'cha'can I do for you sir? I at my current homestead of Chernogorosk. I reck'on I can do yah a meet'n'greet if you're lookin' for a subtle dialogue." *Trent releases his PTT*
  6. Camokid95

    The Real Train!

    Oh. Lmao. I was hearing a lot of anti-infected gunfire going on earlier.
  7. Camokid95

    The Real Train!

    So that was you who was shooting a few minutes ago.
  8. *Trent presses down his PTT to acknowledge Jayden's radio message* "Good evening Jayden, I can't make promises that I will be able to attend any meetings for the rest of the week, I am a busy man and traveling arrangements are rather difficult right now." *Trent releases the PTT*
  9. Hopefully this isn't too lewd for the forums, but apparently the citywide Public Address System works now as of the most recent patch update... I was on a public server and one of my friends was playing lewd sounds over their microphone. So if anyone has any ideas... well..now you know.. just make sure they are DayZRP appropriate of course... don't go blasting Pop music and trolling players.
  10. Thank you. I have been wondering what had happend to it for over a month now and just recently remembered to ask about it.
  11. Yes please, a flashlight would be nice. I died in the dark earlier, because some reason nightime without full moon is pitchblack for me, and I am unable to adjust the gamma/brightiness through Monitor Hardware settings, or NVIDIA Graphic Settings, or Windows OS settings, or INGAME settings without the screen getting extremely fuzzy.