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  1. Camo

    East/Northeast get no love?

    To my knowledge most of the playerbase has been concentrated in the southern sector of the map as indicated by Roland in his recent stream. I rather not say more. But yeah, it would be nice if people spread out more. I have considered taking a trip to that sector of the map sometime this week once I get bored of where I am now.
  2. Oh my god, yes.... Please... I have been wanting Leather crafting back since 0.62 ... I have been dreading for it so long.. this will be a great substitute! +1 I'm not sure how I feel about not requiring a barrel to tan the leather, but it's the right step in the direction to re-adding a survival mechanic that was removed during the 0.63 launch.
  3. Camo

    Upcoming new mods

    None of the plugins stated in this thread were added, and many people spoke strongly against the idea of a trader, because it would conflict with roleplay. However, many people also like the idea of a safezone or a designated area to trade in would be nice.
  4. I setup a little road-stop in 5 minutes. I was surprised by how many people showed up as they passed by.




    1. Eagles


      Gotta get that dank campfire RP from you Trent, you know this. Nothing people like more then a nice campfire 😂

    2. Camo


      @Eagles Yeah, I need that "Master CampfireRPer" forum title. 😉 

  5. @Thrynn I have my doubts, it's been less than 2 months since I brought up the idea. But to be honest, even with my suggestion post, I actually favored with the side to "=Never=" require them to be worn. When you find yourself involved in firefights, you try to make the best of it, and think tactically and have good communication with your companions. Frankly, I find it easier to not get myself in a situation that will cause a firefight, because there's always the likely chance you'll die. I try everything in my power, not to die.
  6. Just want to start this suggestion by saying... This thread has nothing to do regarding the recent changes that improved military guns and gear spawns. I will however be focusing on the topic, of the other recent changes that were made in the thread below: There has been several reports on the thread above, as well as discord, and even @RiZ himself on his Twitch stream. All of which are generally stating that basic items are simply not spawning at a regular rate anymore. It's been very difficult to find the bare essentials needed for survival, such as knives, sewing kits, matches, water-bottles, etc. Mostly all of which are in Residential areas. In Roland's response during RiZ's stream, he stated that the spawn rate for items is now set to 50% of what it was prior to the changes. Here's my response, in hopes to enlighten the community, and perhaps persuade Roland to look into alternative means. @Roland , I understand your focus was to improve server performance as stated in your thread, but this update was probably one of the most disagreeable ones (in my opinion) I have ever seen you done. I generally like your updates, but I think these were a bit of a drastic measure. The changes in the update were rather beneficial, and I am sure it is noticed that server performance has improved, along with the obvious changes to military guns rarity. However, I along with many others think the smack down of 50% reduction in item spawn-rates all across the map has made everything more repetitive and more difficult than ever before. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy hardcore survival gameplay, but with the vast amount of items (mostly useless) flooding the loot-tables by mods and the amount of players running around the map looting places, it just is downright an annoyance now. I truly do feel like I am playing 2.5 years into the lore now, where loot is more of a rarity. To get a better understanding of the complaints. Before 1.00, the vanilla spawns were great, but for the sake of server perfomance, I believe you reduced it to the likely odds of only 1 item spawning per place, however you took it a step further, and now a player would be lucky to find 1 item spawn in the 10 sheds they just searched in town. TL;DR - If military weapons are easier to find than a knife or a sewing kit, then that just needs to be fixed. There has to be something else we can sacrifice for the greater good of the server, than reducing item spawns (to 50%) even further than it was before.
  7. Camo

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    @Roland Please read! Finding weapons, and military gear has been easier than ever. However, now with whatever you did with items spawning per building, and items despawning after one hour. I think something broke, because it seems to me, no matter where I am in the world. Every town I come across, every building, shed, or anywhere you'd expect to spawn loot, it seems to me it went from being AT LEAST ONE ITEM spawning per place, to NOTHING spawning at all. I figured maybe I was having bad luck this week, but I noticed even when I explored areas of the map that players generally don't explore through, the places in those areas still don't appear to be spawning much of anything. It's like playing 0.59 all over again, when items aren't spawning at all. Someone made a joke on the Discord earlier saying that they can find 3 guns, before they can find a sewing kit. It's seriously true now. I consider myself well-experienced and understanding of the game loot-tables that we have on this server, so I know where to scavenge for certain items easily. Now, I will search a dozen barns, before I can find anything of use. By use I mean, like practically anything at all, ranging from tools, sharpening stones, burlap sacks, nails, civillian clothes, etc. Now there's like nothing. What's upsetting me right now is that the bare-essential loot to survive and thrive in this game is extremely difficult to encounter to a point where it feels game-breaking. You'd think after exploring a dozen barns you would find a single sharpening stone. Before I could find at least 3 or 4, now, I might be lucky to find 1. To be honest, I could not frankly give a shit about military guns and military gear spawning as regularly as it does now. It was fine the way it was before. I understand the player-base is always complaining about gear, but frankly I think the limitations of the game always made sense. I would focus on hoarding versus the spawning of unlimited guns. Limitations forced robberies, base raids, trades, and actual roleplay involved with hostile characters. It's makes more sense to witness highway robberies, than for every person I meet having military weapons rendering the weapons less valueable. TL;DR - Something is broken with the changes. I just want the regular loot-system to work so I can find survival equipment without spending 6 hours finding a damn sharpening stone or anything bare-essential.
  8. Suggestion #1: Implement Zeroy's Fishing Mod gear into the Itemshop! Add Fishing Raincoat to Raincoat Category of Itemshop Add Fishing Pants to NBC Pants Category (or it's own Category) of Itemshop Add Fishing Boonie Hat to Boonie Hat Category of Itemshop Add Fishing Bandana to Bandana Category of Itemshop Add Fishing Baseball Cap to Baseball Cap Category of Itemshop Add Fishing Wellies (multiple variations) to Wellies Category of Itemshop Add Fishing Hunting Jacket to Hunting Jacket Category of Itemshop Add Fishing T-Shirt to T-Shirt Category of Itemshop Any other Fishing Clothing Items I missed to the Itemshop Suggestion #2: Add Fishing Supplies to Expected Loot-Tables! I would like to see Fishing Supplies spawn in the following areas, instead of simply tool-sheds. Summer Camp (Cabins) Hunting Stands Civilian Cargo Containers (Red) At Docks, such as Cherno or Berezino Rowboats Fishing Supplies such as: Fishing Backpacks Fishing Poles Fishing Tackle-boxes Fishing Clothes Fishing Net Traps (Wire) An extension to this suggestion, perhaps increase Fishing Backpack spawn-rate? It seems difficult to find. Suggestion #3: Add a E-Tool/Trench-Shovel to the game! Just a small shovel that can be carried in a backpack, the same slot-space the Hatchet takes up (2x4). Perhaps use the same animation as regular Shovel? For the primary purpose of those who need a compact shovel for traveling purposes, to dig up worms for fishing, or to create a farming plot.
  9. Camo

    Turn down night time duration

    No. Just no. It's a survival game for a reason. Roleplay as you would if you were an individual in an post-apocalyptic scenario at night. You'd hunker down in a secure location with reliable people, or you'd have the appropriate gear and willing to take the risk to travel around. Frankly, I find it immersion breaking when I see players running around at night without a lightsource (or NVGs). I almost wish the night-cycle were longer.
  10. This is kind of cool, but I thought Roland is trying to reduce the amount of crap is persistent on the server? This wouldn't help.
  11. Camo

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    I went to Tisy twice in a 24 hour period, and found quite a selection of AK74s, PPKSH41s, B52s, Cheytac408, UMP-45, Glock18, Kivarri338. I'd say from those two tests, it appears to be working fine. Then again, I generally found that amount of stuff, before your loot update. Not as much, but just about. Especially with the ToxicZone mod preventing constant looting. What I am not seeing is, large magazines for NATO/Kalashnikov weapons an abundance of rail/grip/sight attachments vanilla weapons such as M4A1, AKM, AK101 which use to be riddled all over the place on some days. as many backpacks a larger selection of vests, i use to find all sorts of high capacity vests/smersh vests, i never see any now. EDIT: Finally started seeing M4A1, AKMs spawning again at Tisy.
  12. Camo

    Weapon spawning mechanics change

    @Roland Since this game mechanic has been changed, and was primarily the reason to why buried stashes were reduced to 24 hour despawn times, and why Assault Rifles were unable to be stored in most containers (except Tents), could we have these vanilla features returned to the way they were before? For example: Buried stashes despawn time return to 14-30 days, instead of the current 24 hours?
  13. tumblr_mv2ynqMV7a1rsyukao1_500.gif.225c194a87b49a8642c3860807dc0328.gif

    Hey everyone,

    I am resigning from staff, and taking a long break from DayZ. I know I make these statuses from time to time stating I am taking a break and then shortly seen a week later. But I am decided I am taking a break for a good while. I doubt I will, but I might pop on during the weekends briefly, but that's about it. We'll see. 😉 

    I need to focus on school, and frankly need to get my life in order. I mean I have played 100+ hours in the last two weeks, like holy shit. But to be honest, I have slowly been losing my heart into playing the game lately, as well as attending to my position in staff.  It's time for me to move onto other things for now because there's more to life than playing video games and bantering on the forums all the time. So, I have decided to do said "other things".  🙂 

    I appreciated the support and feedback from the community while I was in staff. I've always had positive feedback, so my decision to join back then definitely made an impression on people and that was enough to have kept me wanting to remain on-staff for the time that I was. I should say, that if I have plans to stick around long-term again, that I may consider returning to staff at a later time. Perhaps next year. 🤔

    To my fellow staff members: 

    I wanted to thank everyone who accepted me into staff, and it was a honor to work with you all! It's truly amazing to connect with individuals from all over the world, and work along beside them. To me it doesn't matter that it's a video game community, I see it as more than that. I genuinely think we have a good team. Now, it goes without saying, there's room for improvements, but there's no such thing as a perfect staff team. That being said, it's fair to me to say, that this is one of the best staff teams I have seen since I joined this community in 2017. Thanks for that, keep striving forward and work together, push the bad blood aside. We can't all be 100% right, and it wouldn't be human if we all agreed on something. In the end, we should always treat our fellow human beings with respect, by setting emotions aside, and coming to logical conclusions. I haven't encountered any issues, while I was in staff like that, but it's just my word of advice. I wish you all the best of luck! 😛 

    I'll stop editing my status now. 😉 Peace out ya'll! 🤠✌️


    1. ZeroRP


      Yeah this place can be pretty fun but addicting. I know where you are coming from. I've decided to only play on days I have off (Friday night and Saturday night).

    2. Ruan


      you do what you got to do cowboy...

    3. Scarlett


      You go out there and enjoy yourself and take your break and enjoy it, but yeah dayz is addicting and sometimes you don't realize how much lol, enjoy yourself sad to see you go but will msg you for a chat every now and then 😊

    4. Hofer


      Enjoy Camo. Sad I didn't get to know you better, but glad we had that talk the other night 🙂

    5. Rover


      o7 I'll see on the roads again good buddy. Have a good one, Trent will be a name remembered for a while.

    6. Saunders


      Enjoy your break and thank you for all your time, work and effort put into the community as a staff member. It's a shame you have to go so soon.. But real life comes before anything. Best of luck with your future endeavours mate.

  14. Camo

    Combat Logging addendum

    Roland's response is pretty straight forward when it's regarding official group members who login to assist in a firefight. Whether it's aggressor or defenders. Speaking upon official group members; not dynamics. My personal opinion is kinda mixed. I think you should be allowed to login and defend your base, as your character was technically "sleeping". However, I don't think it should be allowed once the enemy has breached the first layer of defense and begins to seek and destroy any opposition. Why? Strictly due to "fair play". A defender shouldn't be logging after the aggressors have cleared a room of potential threats. The issue here is, it would be rolling the dice anytime you login, because unless there's OOC communication to notify your teammates the enemies are inside. You're risking a potential rule violation for shooting them in the back, after they just checked the area. Another risk is the fact that your enemy may straight up KOS you as you're loading in. I don't believe it would fall under "AOGM", since you took that risk. It's not like "AOGM" as if the server crashed and it's a contest on who logs in first mid-situation. In regards to aggressors, I am strictly against any idea of aggressors logging into a defender's base during the firefight. If they wish to login, they must be outside the compound. If they fall into that criteria they can join into the fight. Though in all honesty, I kinda liked the old rules, where you could only involve yourself in a fight without re-initiation, if you were logged in, and within 500m-800m of the area. Right now the current rules are (from my unofficial interpretation), "AOGM" If you're an aggressor, and you login into the defender's base when a firefight is occurring, you're in violation of the AOGM rules. If you're a defender, you may login at any time, to defend your base. "Meta-gaming" You may not communicate to anyone OOC, unless it's also stated or known In-Character. So don't be telling your buds OOC you're being held up at your base, if you're incapable of speaking through your radio normally, as if they were logged in.
  15. Camo


    @Crimson_Tiger Oof. @Milo Did you initiate on this poor guy today?
  16. Oh dear god! I have played 90 hours of DayZ in the last 2 weeks and the weekend isn't even over! 😱


  17. Might want to note that Saiga-12k Buttstocks are still spawning all around the map.
  18. I drove the hell out of dodge when I heard that 17 armed people were jogging towards the checkpoint from Stary Sobor. I tell'yah it sounded like the Fourth of July fireworks for a good hour there... Just in time for the toxic gas cloud to start hovering over in that direction.


    Sounded like everyone had a fun time. Glad to see that players can get along within the community. It's what we need here...

  19. Hey, um, @BandsRP ... 

    I guess that man didn't want to get a gun license...


    Longer Video



  20. "Back in my day sonny, groups traveled to settlements to dispute a conflict or to trade within them. 

    Nowadays, they mostly just remain behind their own set of walls.

    It was a time to live in, my dear boy!"


    "New Grishno"

    October 25th, 2018

    Notable Groups within the Photo: Kamenchi, The Saviors, The House, A New Moon, District, Free Medics

    Check out my contest submission!

  21. Camo

    NorwayRP's garbage Watermarks.

    That had to be a bunch of whitenames by the gas station. Nice kills... Hahaha! Love how the guy casually walks up and tries to kill you with the shotgun. Jesus...
  22. Camo

    G19's Even Shittier Edits

    Gawd dayum, they all dun gotten "oof'ed" as the Roblox gamers say. Another nice vid by muh boi g19 y'all!
  23. That guy's reaction time is as slow as a snail. I'm surprised he pulled the trigger at all. Lmao.
  24. Camo


    Well hello there! Are you back from the land of the living?
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