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  1. I voted to keep both, although if I had to choose of the two, I would definitely choose Chernarus for sure.
  2. I too miss the ability to do leather-working in the game. It gave me a better purpose as a hunter to go out of my way to gather pelts and craft leather items that I could trade with players. What was nice about 0.62 regarding the clothes, is that it had more slots and was a bit more customizeable (dyes, etc) than what it appears as currently. It seems to be equal to a UK Vest now if you pull it from the game files. I hope to see 46 slot Leather Vests. 42 slot Jackets, 36 slot pants, etc. Leather canteens that are equal size and belt-attachable like the canteen. Same goes to the leather knife sheath. I like if you place all that effort to craft leather gear, it should allow for more space to store items. Of course it won't be as equally durable/protective as a plate carrier w/ pouches.
  3. Oh I feel the same way. I think we have a fantastic staff team. I worked along a few them at one point. Sure, there's always room for improvement but over-all great. I think right now what they need is a new direction to focus on, and that being some of what I stated earlier (above).
  4. Well, if we're strictly talking about the forums rules and interactions. Then I can understand the argument. I found it annoying I had to appeal a status I made last year about something that was a factual statement about how there was shitty players on the server. Yet somehow it was flagged by a newly promoted moderator as flaming yet it did not even remotely fall into the context of the rule. Thankfully Roland saw my appeal an agreed with what I had to say and removed it. Everyone deserves the chance to release a rant or two from time to time if it's productive or not directly pointed towards individuals. I have been reviewing appeals from time to time, and I feel like 5 warning points for comments made in a jokingly manner is rather petty. Granting moderators the power to decide what's right or wrong on a forum thread at their discretion without much of an understanding of the forum rules or what is considered the social norm of the time, said individuals may need to be reviewed before continued any further promotions in staff. I swear I have seen a view status updates or off-topic threads (designed for shitposting memes, etc) have gotten flagged for "not contributing to thread discussion". Which is just stupid from the circumstances I have seen. Those should be handed out in threads involved in debate, not simply for shits and giggles between buddies, etc. I have a bit of a mixture of thoughts and opinions about forum rules. We try to keep a certain etiquette here, yet it becoming a bit unrealistic to what one would expect on the internet.
  5. I am truly saddened to see players that have been around for a while now; to be smacked with the ban hammer or given warning points over a rule violation such as NLR. They should have known better. A rule is a rule. There's no lesser penalty between them all, and I do not appreciate the "socially acceptable" mentality that I perceive from players in this community thinking it's okay for them abide by the rules when it suits them. I say follow ALL the god damn rules or get the fuck out of here. Seriously go somewhere else, we don't want you here!

    1. Eagle


      I should just nuked myself then...

    2. Camo


      @Eagle I wrote this status update when I was agitated. I kinda just blew up onto a rant rampage.

      The point to be made is, that I am just frustrated about the many players that get away with crap and thinks okay to keep doing what they do and not eventually expect consequences. I've also been tired of hearing different groups bitching left and right about what the other is doing when they do the same shit as the other group does, which is completely hypocritical. Worse part is, the said shit starts involving harassment on a group pages' feed, or malicious reports just out of spite.

    3. Eagle


      We're not a police state people do dumb shit that could be considered a rule break but if it doesn't effect anyone who cares.
      Posting stuff like this makes yourself look like a hypocrite because it can be seen as you going after certain people with some weird moral high ground.
      Next time take a breather and keep your thoughts to yourself since stirring the pot never helps.

  6. To be honest, I think the current staff team has been too lenient; they need to enforce and hand punishments out more harshly than they currently do! To many bad eggs out there ruining the roleplay for everyone. For example, it still mind-boggles me how the hell I keep on seeing players with a history of dozens of warning points and multiple "final warnings" somehow returning to the community and then breaking rules within a month after returning. Generally players with really shitty attitudes that come here just to shit on community members with hostilities and relentless PvP on the verge of ruleplay. I feel like once you hit a threshold of warning points, any further warning points received should no longer expire, and I am not talking about our current "Final Warning" appeals process. I am talking like, if you have (for example) 100 warning points, no matter the circumstances, you should have never been able to return here. Absolutely absurd. I can still remember when the "Hall of Infamous" players list was accessible to the public. They should publish that again so we can see who the bad eggs are and avoid them. To add: I don't understand why I continue to see more reports being closed after the parties agree to it, without any further repercussions to the offender despite them obviously admitting (or evidence) of them breaking the rules. Why the hell do we have a choice of "dropping charges" in this community? Staff step in once in a while, but they should really step in a majority of these reports and lay down the law, especially those who are newly whitelisted. If you file a report, it's set in stone. If you need to discuss an issue with the offending party, it should be handled seperately. Once it's written it should be handled. If there isn't enough staff to handle that many reports, then hire more.
  7. I miss hosting a proper trade shop...


    1. FalkRP


      I miss running my big trade shops to.

    2. Camo


      @FalkRP Same, I miss stealing all those free guns & ammo and then stashing them around the map... 🤣

    3. Camo


      We had a lot of good times in Tortuga back in '17... I miss those players too..




    4. PhoenyxxRP


      Miss things like that too, to bad the mentality of the community has dwindled and gone into the dark depths. 

    5. Camo


      @PhoenyxxRP Yeah, even if I had the manpower to set one up, it may very well end up like how @YAKMOUTH did these days. Most of the players I had OOC agreements with to protect or not harass it with their groups have left or been banned from the community; so no one reliable.

  8. I don't consider myself a player who plays on DayZRP for the sole purpose of PvP encounters. My personal opinion on the matter really depends on the circumstances. If you can roleplay out a scenario with minor or no risk, then I don't see any reason to act upon any Kill Rights you may gain. I think Kill Rights should only be used when they make sense, just like how it's stated in the rules. I think a great example of this is portrayed in one of my videos (Nov. 03 2018) of when two gangs of players entered my shop and began to shit talk, it eventually lead to a brawl, and eventually an all out shoot out. Someone could have pulled out a gun from the very beginning, however the "yellow raincoat" gang pulled first, because they were out-numbered, and were geniunely being attacked beyond a simple brawl. They feared for their life and started shooting. I believe it was @KennethRP that began the brawl. Perhaps he can provide furthr insight.
  9. I am happy to hear that this rule is being looked over and finally being cracked down on. The server has been plagued with the mentality that it's okay to return to the area shortly after respawning. Thank you!
  10. This guide is about a year old but still works.
  11. Hey, I understand the game can be buggy at times. I get it. I've forgiven and had previous reports closed when a bug occurs. But I do not see how your initiation in the first video from my POV would be considered plausible. My counter-point is, even If I had received that text message on my screen and could acknowledge it, you gave me no time to slow down and comply to it. You shot at me one second after I passed you. That alone would fall under a "No time to comply" rule violation if I had been killed. The road-block initiation in the second video was a great way to initiate on a vehicle. It was clear it was a road block, and there was were armed men standing on and beside the road to forcing any incoming vehicles to stop. It was clear and unambiguous to me what was to occur before the initiation even dropped in the second video. I complied.
  12. I don't understand the logic to your argument to blaming the game mechanics. Let's bring this down to real life physics and psychology. How is a person who traveling 23m per second suppose to hear and acknowledge an initiation when the VOIP/Text range is 20m-40m? That gives you about a 1 second window of opportunity to press the Enter key to submit the text message, and maybe a 2 second window of opportunity to VOIP an initiation that would likely take a minimum of 3 seconds to say "STOP THE CAR AND TURN OFF THE ENGINE, DO NOT GET OUT OR YOU WILL BE SHOT!"... or something similar. Not to mention the fact you immediately shot your gun at me just a few meters after I passed you; I wouldn't have even had a chance to slow down at that speed, and that's all assuming I consciously noticed you were initiating or aiming your weapon at me. You didn't even aim your weapon to shoot until I had already driven by (just look at the damn video), this is assuming a driver could assess what he is looking at as he is traveling by that fast.
  13. I truly do appreciate this guide and happy that you do this on your streams. I am sure there's been numerous times where I have had personal conversations in the Discord or said things I may regret later, without realizing you are streaming.
  14. @Wendigo Okay, so Conor added the text initiation to the log to confirm your POV of that. I'm reviewing 3:48 to 3:50 of Video #1. There's no text initiation shown on my screen. As I drove by, you can hear a very brief distorted "hey" and then a shotgun shot. I had ear-plugs on, so hearing VOIP is much easier. It doesn't help your case that I was driving 83 km/hr in 3rd gear when you dropped the initiation. The point to be made is that I was driving by way to fast to hear an fully valid initiation by VOIP.
  15. If what you say is true, either way it still comes down to the bare-bones of understanding the Hostilities and Fair-play rules. If you did initiate on me, I did not hear it, and it's clear that if you did state a text initiation as I drove by you, I was not within 20-40m of me to see it. Source: https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Mod:Communication I think this rule alone reflects upon the mistakes that occurred by you, and lead to this whole unfortunate incident. There was nothing clear or unambigious of who was targeting me, all that can be seen in the video evidence as I turn my camera towards the front of the car a player points his shotgun at my car and fires it. I think initiating on a car that is speeding away and can be perceived by you as fleeing from your allies deserves a more so appropriate initiation that what you're claiming. ---------- To add: You can understand my reaction in the video and my written POV (OP) that I realized someone had started shooting at my direction, and it wasn't clear to me of who it was or where it was coming from, I presumed someone was shooting at me with a large caliber rifle from the inner-edge of town. I genuinely did not even consciously notice you standing by that tree until I reviewed the video an hour later. I posted my POV before I even re-watched the videos. Which is why my "-These are the potential rulebreaks that I am seeking out: -" section of the OP, doesn't entirely match up with what I said in my POV as this was later edited, my "Description of events" of my POV remained unedited.
  16. Just trying to get the facts straight here... At what point did @Wendigo initiate on me and granted any of you kill rights upon me?
  17. I posted that message as evidence so that it would help clarify who the individuals are because I am having trouble placing all four of your POVs together regarding the roadblock in the second video.
  18. Hold on everyone, let's stay on topic! The firefight that occurred between the opposition and Milo & Atrix, I absolutely had nothing to do with! I wasn't even within the vicinity! This report is focused upon whether or not there was an initiation upon me and whether or not the opposition had kill rights on me. I want to get to the bottom of this because I feel I was treated unfairly and deserve an explanation on why I was executed. I want to provide this message that I received 16 hours ago from @Fenrir stating that he and his friends were the individuals that the opposition's POVs above are mentioning about the individuals showing up in distance during the second video as the "rescuers" just before I was executed.
  19. I've had a pretty bad day playing DayZRP today. Hopefully it will get better...

  20. Server and location: S1- Livonia, somewhere between near Khelmbrody and Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time (UTC): 2020-01-07, 21:59 Your in game name: John Billings Names of allies involved: @[email protected] Name of suspect/s: @thicdickdaddy27 (confirmed), @Wendigo (confirmed), @choccymilkboy27 (unconfirmed), and one other individual. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): My vehicle as I drove towards a roadblock that contained four men and a red Sarka. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Video #1 Video #2 Detailed description of the events: I logged on today, to hang around camp. I hear on the radio one the camp residents was robbed of his gun by a group of guys in a red Sarka. (They promised to give him a lift in return for placing his gun in the car. They immediately drove off after he did.) Milo and Atrix (camp owners) decided to looking for those fitting the description. About 15-20 minutes later I decided to go hunting and as I pulled out of the camp I see 3-4 guys in a red sarka drive right by me, I begin to relay the information on my radio of their description as I pull away, knowing they may attempt to rob me. At no point during this time, did they walk towards my direction, aim their guns, or relay any form of VOIP chat, nor were they close enough to do so. As I began to exit the outer-edge of the town, someone began to fire their weapon, I believed they were shooting at me, so I decided to serpentine to save myself. I drive to the next town north of Sitnik, and pulled over by the Police Station to see if they were following me. I reported this to Milo and Atrix. They were about 500m away and I decided to drive west towards Tarnow to evade them. They didn't follow me, as I lost their tail. They turn around and headed back to Sitnik. I decided to circle back to about 1km out of town as I heard they arrived at the compound I visit regularly attempting to break in. I didn't want to get involved, so I stayed away. I hear a firefight, and presumed Milo and Atrix were dead, so I never returned. I decided to then drive north, and stopped at a couple military locations for the next 10 minutes. Milo tells me on the radio he's in Brena (so I assumed he died and respawned), I go over to pick him up since I was heading that direction anyways. As I drive back towards Sitnik. I noticed a roadblock by those who chased me. I thought to myself I could just do a U-turn, but I wanted to roleplay. As I began to slow down pull over I received 2 text initiations. I complied, did everything they asked, after a discussion with me, they ask me if I was the red sedan they shot at, all I say was that I pulled out of town someone shot at me. The other says to the other, "yeah that's the guy we yelled at", and the other guy says "oh really?" he raised his gun and shot me dead. - These are the potential rulebreaks that I am seeking out: - Invalid Kill & Ruleplay - The person who shot me dead, a complying hostage, after being told I did something that I did not. I am claiming Ruleplay in this instance, because he did not engage in roleplay with me directly before going straight to killing me. He prioritized killing me over roleplaying with me. (Occurred around 4:35-4:45 of Video #2) Attempted Invalid Kill - By the individual who pointed his shotgun at my car and shot at me. At around 3:48 of Video #1, likely the same individual (red/gray hoodie) who appears to be visibly seen in the second video, and his friend claiming they shot at me. Invalid Initiation - By three of the four individuals (who never initiated at any point), back at the Gas Station in Sitnik around 2:51-3:05 of Video #1 as they admitted to doing so at around 4:20-4:35 of Video #2. BadRP - I am claiming BadRP, simply for the fact they did not engage in any roleplay after pulling me over and telling me to drop my stuff. I was essentially initiated on and then shot within a couple minutes. Aggravated Verdict??? - At least three of the individuals I tagged have hundreds of hours on the server, and have been registered since 2014/2015/2016. They should have known better, and frankly I am rather surprised these players with this much experience in the community would have acted in the way they did. - Important Timestamps - Around 2:51-3:05 of Video #1 Around 3:48 of Video #1 Around 4:20-4:35 of Video #2 Around 4:35-4:45 of Video #2 - Side Notes - Just for the record, I noticed my Discord doesn't record my microphone unless I talking in-game... But around 1:20-2:00 of Video #2 , Milo was talking about breaking NLR, I wanted to state that I was protesting against the idea, and what he was laughing about was the fact, that I would have him drop me off because I did not want to implicate myself into breaking the rules. In the end it doesn't matter because he didn't do so as we were both initiated on and lost the car in the second video. I forgot to double-mic at 1:52-2:01 of Video #2 when I was radioing in the individuals were setting up a roadblock infront of us. I apologize for this.
  21. Camo

    DayZRP 20.1.1

    @Roland @Ducky Any chance you fixed the conflict of the Fish Net Traps (crafting)? Also, are the official Fishing Poles replacing the mod's Fishing Poles for good? Also, good job! Thanks for the update!
  22. Encountered my first bear attack on Livonia. I think my heart skipped a few beats...






    1. Rover


      It took me two shots from a blazer, then 13 from a Saiga shotgun to drop one. Mind you I spammed the other 7 from the drum mag into its corpse, and probably missed more then a few out of the panic of that wall of angry fur and teeth bearing down on me.

      adult swim crying GIF by Rick and Morty

  23. I think it was 15 minutes, and was reduced to 5 minutes + Tool Destroyed... I haven't hack-sawed in a while, but I can confidently say it doesn't take 10 minutes.
  24. Route 66? How about something easy to remember? I personally would call it the east highway that runs north and south, but I wouldn't say that IC...
  25. I'll support anything that introduces more MedicalRP in the community.
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