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"You count sheep. ‎‎‎‎⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I count cows."

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  1. Camo


    Fuck me... my luck this week... ?

    Note: I was not KOS'd in this video, it was purely an edit for the sake of comedic purpose. 

    1. Frequency


      But we didn't shoot you.. also why did you delete the comment on the youtube video were we said we didn't. A few people contacted me thinking that we RDM'd you... I hope you understand taht it's a bit bad to have this on the outside with no context to those viewing it. Maybe I am lacking context

    2. Dookie


      Funny thing is, we never shot you, as far as I remember you invited us to get a drink? Seems a little scummy. But like I said on the Youtube comment you deleted, good edit +1

    3. Camo


      @McLeranth & @DookieCS - I apologize, I didn't realize I edited the video so well. The video was meant to be a "Curb Your Enthusiasm (Ending Credits)" meme. I went ahead and edited the status to reflect that I was not KOS'd. 

      In regards to Youtube comment, I am unaware of any Youtube comment, I have been sleeping for the last few hours, not sure how I could of deleted it. Also, the video is unlisted, so I am not even sure if you're able to leave comments, or they may need approval? Not sure how that works.

    4. Dookie


      As long as things are cleared up I'm fine with it, I was 100% sure the the comment was deleted, it turns out Unlisted videos work differently. Still, atleast make it obvious that it's a joke next time. ?

    5. Camo


      @DookieCS I thought the "Curb Your Enthusiasm (Ending Credits)"  meme, was what indicated it as a joke, I apologize for the confusion. I also did another video earlier that day, you may find amusing... 



      Again, no idea what happend to your Youtube comment, I just opened up my 9+ notifications, and I see it, but it doesn't appear on the video. Not sure what happend. I swear I never even saw it until now. Nor did I delete it. 




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