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  1. I swear, every time a new game feature gets added, it seems to me half of the community is always in favor of having it removed or rapidly changed. Like come on... 😕 Why?

    1. Rutkiy


      Because some features are annoying

    2. Mademoiselle


      Because I don’t wanna focus on loot RP. I wanna focus on storyline.

    3. Eagle


      Because it's a trash feature.

    4. Camo


      @Rutkiy I have liked almost every game mechanic produced by the official dayz devs, because they bring a whole new meaning to realism regarding the "survival" aspect of the game, but I will say in this particular recent instance, I find it odd how quickly shoes deteriorate. I do however like that they require maintenance now as almost every other clothing item or tool does... 

      @Mademoiselle We're roleplaying in an apocalypse though, there should always be a welcoming change of immersion in the gaming atmosphere. Not just simply walking around in circles bantering with friends in an Open World environment ignoring the fact we're out here to survive. I consider what I do during my day-to-day tasks in-game as part of the storyline, it's what gives a reason for certain ventures. Seeking supplies for the camp, or an hour-long hunting trip in the woods. Otherwise we'd be sitting around a campfire all day. Never encounter potential story progression by running into HostileRP amongst said ventures.

      @Eagle I disagree with your opinion.

    5. Malet


      I mean, come on. 1000 steps until shoes go from pristine to ruined? Thats just silly. Even in the Apocalypse.

    6. Camo


      @MaletYeah, fair. I voted for 10,000... The devs probably forgot to add a zero... 😏

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