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  1. Am I the only one who think's this isn't griefing?

    From my understanding, the weapons were destroyed in order to keep them from easily arming themselves so they could pursue their captors, after being let go.

    Also looks like they had the rest of their stuff taken (from the photos), and were left with food and water so they could survive. Seems fair enough to me. Sucks to be them though. It's a cruel world. Never know who's gonna rob'yah next!


    1. duxpredator


      Thats just part of the report, the report isnt just griefing.

      Also to answer your question there are plenty of ways around it: You could say if anyone leaves the building before 5 minutes they get shot (everyone was inside one house and we had no clue the guns were even shot at this point) and they could leave a sniper or two to watch it. You could also take all the ammo and unload them which they did anyway because I had a rig full of ammo and when I got it back it was empty.

    2. FalkRP


      I've watched more or less the whole stream, read a report, saw what happened, and yeah its not griefing, its a smart move. I would do the same thing. 

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