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    This took longer to edit than I thought, managed to cut 2 hour video into less than 20 minutes.

    Here's the public Roleplay Story video of Trent's endeavors yesterday.


    What started as a normal day for Trent Jaegar, became quite interesting. Why? Because when you pickup hitchhikers on the road, you never know who you'll meet next, and for that Trent met a couple troublemakers that may just take him out of his quiet life for good.

    Trent picks up a hitchhiker who happens to be religious fanatic in need of a ride to Gorka, they spoke of "The Prophet" and a white powder that brings One into "enlightenment". On his way to Gorka, Trent picks up another couple strangers named Javier and Billy who took an interest in the trip. One thing lead to another, they meet a few people, get involved in a car chase, ran over a man, and then eventually drove to Gorka to seek out "The Prophet" for his powder. After they gather additional intel from the local religious fanatics in the town of Gorka, they knew where to go next. As they left the town of Gorka, they planned the demise of their opposer, who would soon be kidnapped. However, at the moment of spotting "The Prophet" it may be soon that their vile acts will have lead them into a quite the dilemia, a stand-off. Trent had thought his trip had finally ended as he surrendered. But Javier wasn't having it. He crawls and picks up the AK47 from his unconscious friend Billy and turns around and gasses every last one of the religious fanatics. He lived! Despite the odds! Trent stood there in awe and shock, but not for long, as a sniper began to shoot at them. Javier & Trent in-turn, began to hunt the last opposer, wondering what will happen next... Will they find the sniper? Or will they have to forever continue to watch their back? I guess we'll see where this roleplay story leads Trent next.

    -Date Recorded-
    DayZ 2019 04 01 @ 16 29 21 06



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      That 4 piece tho...oof

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