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"You count sheep. I count cows."

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  1. Camo


    I spend only a couple hours with the RP boys, and I find myself doing things I have never done before...

    1. Had sex with a prostitute known as "Around-The-Town Natasha". Praying I don't contract something.
    2. Did a few lines of coke and smoked the biggest blunt I have ever done. The details are hazy.
    3. Pursued another car in a "Hot Pursuit" in order to rob'em. Didn't work out, the next thing happend.
    4. Watched a man get ran over with my own car. Just glad I wasn't the one driving.
    5. Acted as a get-away driver for a kidnapping of a religious fanatic for a drug called "Pixie Dust".
    6. Witnessed a Mexican gun down four armed men in a stand-off, and live to tell the tale, despite the odds.
    7. Nearly had my head blown off by a sniper. I am glad they missed.
    8. Actually shot at someone for the first time in months. So that's why people prefer fully-automatic weapons!
    9. Jumped out of a moving car and hit the ground without a scratch. DayZ devs accomplished something that works. About time.
    10. And finally...found myself eating catfood (can of tuna). Who the hell eats this shit? Yuck!

    Oh boy... 

    1. Horse


      You sir, rock! 

    2. Mia


      Anna from Kovar’s Market, God rest her soul, would be turning in her grave if she knew what you’ve been up to lately. 😉

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