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  1. Camo


      Okay, seriously. Am I able to shoot on sight when someone steals my stuff and runs away or not? I don't get it. Seems to me the current rules are rather bias. Someone abruptly walk up to you, without saying a word, point their gun at you, and demand you to give them your sole item, a plate carrier, because their buddy needs one. But you can't shoot someone for running away with your stuff? Also, don't get I can't execute hostages for stealing either. I'd shoot thieves, why would I let them go where they can just KOS me during the next 1-2 hours?

    Are all these responses from Roland this past year all invalid now due to the rule changes in late-2018?





    1. Camo


      This server has turned more and more PvP-orientated the last 6 months, but hasn't improved the understanding or sat down for a logical discussion of what exactly is considered a "hostile act", and what grants rights. I'm not talking about what's currently written in stone. I am talking about the balance of it all.

      GearRP is okay now apparently as long as its more than 10 seconds highway robberies, but shooting thieves without roleplay isn't allowed. Okay then...

      ....And yes, this is another ranty status update. It's how I vent. 😛

    2. Rover


      My understanding was no, because the rules state you gain defense when subjected to a hostile action that threatens your life.


      However the message has been mixed and.... yeah. Who knows how it would actually be applied. Personally even if I was playing a character prone to murdering, I'd initiate properly with a 'STOP OR DIE' then shoot them.

    3. Camo


      @Rover That just gives them the chance to turn around and shoot you after they already committed the hostile act against you. I don't believe this community strictly deals with "self-defense" situations only. It needs to be discussed.

    4. APositivePara



      If the person knows the stuff they're taking belongs to somebody else and is identifiable, they should know they're actively stealing. If somebody drops a bag and i pick it up and run away, knowing it is his, i have comitted a hostile action against him and would therefore toss aside my safety.

      As @Zanaan has very elegantly put here, stealing grants kill rights. 

      Regarding hostages, it's supposed to a deal of proportionality. Stealing, relatively speaking, isn't that big an action against somebody so to kill them for it, effectively ending all progression and story for that character, is excessive. If he killed somebody you know, shot them etc. It's more reasonable and justified to gas a hostage. 

      So in short, none of @Roland's responses in those threads have been invalidated. If you're curious about a rule update, see the announcements etc. 

    5. Camo


      @Para If I release a hostage who stole from me, I am simply placing myself at risk by letting them go, I don't see how that's valuing my own life? All they need is to have a buddy nearby to hand them another gun, and to chase after me. Instead of just shooting the guy on the spot, grabbing what was stolen, and leaving the area.

      Anyways, what brought this status up was because I keep on finding myself spectating situations where someone steals from another person and the person can't do jack shit, because said person is already booked it 300m out into a field. No way you're catching up with that person. Better to pull out your AWM and blow their head off.

    6. Rover


      @Para I see that Zanaan put it there, however the actual rules state under defense rights that they are only gained from hostile actions that threaten your life. I know a good amount of the community never goes on the forums (for that matter, they probably don't even really do more then skim the rules given some reports I've seen) so there are going to be people running under the assumption of the rules as written, not as intended. (EDIT: Not meaning that to come across as a shot at Zanaan, mostly just that noting a discrepancy)


      @CamoRP Yes, it would give them the chance to shoot me first. But I would still do it just that way, because that is what I would be most comfortable doing; giving them a chance to explain themselves and stop before killing me. If they do steal from me then immediately gun me down when I initiate on them, that would probably fall under baiting. I haven't seen many reports that handle baiting, so I can't say for sure.

    7. Camo


      Also noticed staff in KOS reports the last three months, siding with the victim who died, but not the person who simply stood up for themselves, and shot the bastard that stole from him. I find it irritating, we have all this GearRP that is socially acceptable, but technically against the rules, but I can't do jack shit without risking a report that staff will likely automatically side with the victim who died.

      @Rover If I am shoveling some posts into the ground, and some guy walks behind me and grabs the bag at my feet full of nails and planks, and they just start booking it down the road, I am just gonna yank my gun out and gas them. They are thieves, what potential roleplay could possibly be developed in that situation? None.

    8. Rover


      @CamoRP Based on what Zanaan and others have said, you would be 100% in the right to do that. I wouldn't knock someone that did, I just personally would at least give a courtesy 'Stop or Die' shout first.

    9. Camo


      @Para Thanks for the answer, it helps some. Just wish a current staff member would answer these questions in the thread you and I discussed on about settlement defense last month.

    10. APositivePara


      @CamoRP it's not NVFL based on what might happen. He stole from you, you took your shit back (and potentially stole from him, fucked him up a bit depending on the scenario.) Just because he might come back and shoot you with a friend, it doesn't mean you now have the rights to gas anybody because of what might happen. That'd lead to a whole clusterfuck of abuse. With proper hostage care and coordination, it can be nearly impossible for said hostage to actually find you again with your friend. You've also got to take into account the baiting rule could potentially apply depending on the circumstances.

      Rover as you will find with Rolands response in this thread, he has clarified that stealing is a hostile action. If you feel the wording isn't clear enough make a suggestion thread idk. Or PM an admin about it. It'd just be a hotfix to the rules to make them what they already are.


    11. Camo


      @Rover If I yell "Stop or Die', I just automatically lose my security. His buddy can shoot me, or people nearby might get confused I am initiating on them. Also, it's possible they'll claim the victim card because they couldn't hear it. 

      @Para With the amount of metagaming, and third-party clients being used. As well as the loose leniency on it the new rules regarding "telepathic communication"...  I am not in favor of not being able to execute my hostage for "past hostile actions", like the old rules use state. That's all I am saying. 

      As for the baiting rules, I think those are pretty straightforward, it would be really stretching the rules if someone used that kind of defense.

    12. APositivePara


      @CamoRP that's another issue, which means we should not make one area harder for hostages simply because of that. And i didn't mean baiting as a defence. I meant depending on the circumstances you could slap somebody with baiting for just looking to get kill rights for themselves or a friend. 

    13. Camo


      @Para You seem like an intelligent person with a great understanding of the rules, why aren't you staff? Lmao.

    14. APositivePara


      @CamoRP I was GM for about a year total. People are capable of doing the job to the same standard that I did, I'm just the one answering your thoughts now 😄

    15. Camo


      @Para I knew you were staff, I am just wishing you were now is all. 😭

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