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  1. Camo


    Well, the town of Tombstone, went to shit ever since D7, the Green Dragons, and the Jackals bailed on us.

    Now The Mexicans took over, which I was fine but a couple of them are assholes. 

    One of them shot up my generator "because it was too loud", and another one just stole a bunch of crap from the trading shop from the trader causing a town comotion, which no one could do shit about without bullets flying around. 

    I figured if I had some sort of agreement with The Mexicans I could tolerate it. But the roleplay is mediocre and I am rather disappointed how far downhill shit has gone.

    Unfortunately, most of the civilians that came through regularly aren't coming here anymore, ever since the shit-show of firefights that have been happening much more often than your usual expected triangle-Kabanino. Most of them rather random, and unexpected with little to no roleplay. Just straight out initiations. At least from my POV that's how I see it as. I was shot twice in crossfire when people were casually gunned down in the street, due to KOS rights or something.

    So I abandoned that project and moving on elsewhere. I am seriously considering create a new character, despite everyone's love for Trent Jaegar. But maybe it's time, I play more aggressively and focus on other activities. CampRP-type "passive" characters don't work as well as they use too anymore.

    Sorry to sound like drama queen, just sayin' what is on my mind since people were PMing me why I left.

    1. Camo


      FYI. I can separate OOC and IC... I'm not upset at anyone. Shit has gotten stale is all. See you all around, I am still playing Trent Jaegar for the time-being, traveling as a lone-wanderer like I tend to do when I am not working on any projects on the server.

    2. Chernon


      An admin should just sit at Kabanino all day, their hands would be full.

    3. Vor Lollar

      Vor Lollar

      Yea i see no RP with those mexicans.

    4. JimRP


      Since you wanna rant, there was nothing special about your character or anything that made your character stand out except for the fact that he put up a few walls and turned Kabanino into a fort. Maybe that's the other people's fault or maybe that's your fault or maybe you just don't have fun on DayZ anymore. When you decide to build a base in the biggest hotspot of DayZRP and get shot in "crossfire", I dunno what you expect honestly. Yeah, a lot of things will go wrong according to the rules but most people understand that with the mechanics of DayZ that this type of shit will happen. If you can't handle it then you need to back off and stay away from the -HOT-spots. 

    5. Vor Lollar

      Vor Lollar

      His Character does more RP in 1 hour than the whole Mexican gang has their whole life.

    6. Camo


      @JimRP Thanks for the advice, I'll keep that in mind.

    7. JimRP


      Dunno about that @Vor Lollar, I saw him build some walls and fertilize some plants. That's about it. 

      People are letting the negative get to their head and are not seeing all the positive groups are doing, people are just needing another reason to rant and this is honestly sad. We're here to have fun and at the same time roleplay, it's not that hard.

    8. Vor Lollar

      Vor Lollar

      Yea what do the mexicans do Rob people and shoot people. its not even rp buddy. Btw Trent does more than that bud.

    9. JimRP


      Alright, I get it @Vor Lollar, you can stop trying to swing Trent's dick around now. I get it, he RPs more. DayZ is a game that is heavily swayed around PVP and most encounters end up with bullets flying. Some are good at RP, some are good at PvP but we can only test your RP skills on the site with the quiz buddy.

    10. Camo


      @Vor Lollar I take pride in my character and my roleplay, and what I do to contribute to the server, to keep it active and fun to play on. JimRP can share his opinions if he wants, and honestly there's a lot of truth in what he has to say. Won't hear any arguments from me, because I was aware of the consequences before I start building in hotspots. I build in hotspots with the expectation of receiving roleplay, and to see some action to spice things up. I love seeing battles and brawls in the streets if there's just cause. I feel like I built something of a bit of a "paintball field" for players to play in. Which is why there's such high defenses and towers everywhere. Literally the town has been a conquest of various groups, and it's entertaining. Just shit got stale, and I just don't have as much fun anymore I guess, JimRP might be right about that. 

    11. JimRP


      I haven't had fun either in a long time, then my friends came back and I've had fun since then. My friends have fun by shooting at people, we RP hostile characters and we sincerely enjoy bullying people's characters, robbing people and getting people to do what we want like any other hostile group does. We're not going out of our way trying to shit on people's parade(s). Before trying to vent about this game try to cool off, look at it from a 3rd perspective and then share your feedback and opinion(s). 

    12. Camo


      @JimRP I've never really roleplayed as a hostile character, which is why I may have certain biases when it comes to community threads regarding those individuals who hop on the forums to rant, or to post new suggestions because they didn't like what's affecting their gameplay, preventing them to PvP. However, I always willing listen to what both sides have to say and then compromise. I have never dismissed what a community member has to say, or politely antagonize them, even if they're being egotistical (like I sometimes can be).

      I think Vor Lollar has spoken out (resulting in flaming, which was wrong of them to do) due to their frustrating encounters with various individuals, and I would find it respectful if you could acknowledge it rather than brush it off as another rant on a status update. You're a co-owner, and a leader of the community. People look up to you and should be able to trust you and your decisions.

      I spoke out to state my encounters have been stale and was rather irritated groups create social contracts with my character and then bail on Trent when they're need.  I accept what you had to say, and again, can't argue with it. You have a few valid points. I think you could of said it better without directly attacking what I personally believe of what my character is, by stating Trent is "nothing special", or that he "build some walls and fertilized some plants. That's about it." as it's quite frankly a bit insulting. 

      You know, I find very few individuals in this community who are genuinely out "to get" people, or to cause grief. At the end of the day, just like you said, we're all here to play and have fun.

      I truly do appreciate your initial reply and will be taking your advice. Thanks.

    13. JimRP
    14. Eagle


      @JimRP I think he's having issue with the fact that the RP that was done in town was fine for some time then when the Vatos started there fights it was fine also for a time being, but then the bois started doing an attack every hour for their NLR timer to be up and the circle continued for days until people got bored and moved out.
      Let's be honest though RP has hit a brick wall it's boring all around not much has changed in 6 months only thing really left is shooting.

    15. Camo


      @Eagle I feel like that's the reason why mostly everyone left, including the civillians; no one wants to be attacked every hour after just killing the same of group every time. I don't blame you all for leaving.

    16. Vor Lollar

      Vor Lollar



    17. Cherryfeather


      The problem is that once again, roleplayers try to set up a spot to roleplay and children come and destroy it. And since we have someone in such a high place of power who subscribes to this pvprp mentality, all the actual roleplayers just have to suck it up. This is what the face of DayZRP is now. Someone of JimRP's status trashing on another person's character. It's disgraceful.

      And please don't give up on good roleplay, @CamoRP...you're one of the last ones left who makes that effort and if you go, it's over.. It will just be people raiding eachother bases offline and military loot circuits and shootouts with some extra rules getting in the way..

    18. Griffin


      You do good work Camokid, its always a pleasure running into you.

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